STAFF (Stáf) = Unwilling slaves to the executive. Also known as those I control. (Noun) IE. "The Staff gave thier Supremely Amazing Leader money in large unmarked bills. One Syllable. Derived from various Germanic terms for upright poles made out of wood that are used to beat kids in Singapore for spray-painting cars. Also a name for an infection in the lymph nodes that can lead to hoarse whispering and tacky jokes about lymph nodes. 
The Dmg Ice In-House staff.
(Most of them, anyways.)
Be one with us! 
The Staff members from left to right. Back Row of pictures: Sailor Mercury, Lucky Girl. Middle Row: Frenchy, The Infinite Veggie, The Avardancer (That shadowy thing.) Piky, Philip Andrew Wesley, Random Blue Viruses, Sephiroth, Ice Blue. Front Row: Plymouth the Ice Beetle, Random Blue Viruses, Jerry the Yellow Virus, Vuefire the Apathic Red Virus.

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All descriptions have been written by Philip Wesley. (Fair enough warning..)
§»Philip Wesley«§
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The POKéMON The Viruses
Everything else


Piky - This rambunctious little Pikachu used to do so much for the site; but now he just sits around watching Jane Fonda exercise tapes. He's cute though and I take him around with me when I pick up chicks. You see, the little yellow mouse/rabbit thing is too cute for his own good. When he's not sitting around being lazy; he's stalking cute girls. Piky is the man.

Frenchy - This pink, perky, Likitong handles some of the jobs here. He monitors the General BBS and the RPG/Puzzle BBS. He's cool. I don't like to travel with him; because he's always trying to mack on the girls and gets in the way. He has an odd fascination with those automatic hand dryers in some bathrooms. But he does make good coffee, bread, and gives useless romantic advice.

Sephiroth - A fairly new Staff Member; this Mewtwo runs a huge list of Pokémon Links. He's grumpy, secretive, and is always talking about some "Promised Land". He told me that he was looking for some girl named Aeris. I have decided to start slipping Nyquil into his cereal.

Lucky Girl - One of my favorite staff members. This Chansey knows her stuff and contributes aid and helps with the Pokédex 2.0. She can also make some killer Softboiled Eggs. Sometimes she worries me though. She has been reading a lot of Cosmopoliton lately and wants to redecorate the site with "Passion Pink" sidebars.

The Avardancer - This shadowy Gengar has a bad habit of possessing people; but he is an invaluable help on the site. He writes reviews. and a WHOLE bunch of them too. He's cool and writes stuff. He's a very cool Gengar. All hail the Avardancer. (Get outta my head!)

The Infinite Veggie - This Oddish also helps run the General BBS. He also runs the "Polls" section. What a strange plant. He is our residential dietician. (Thou shalt eat meat!) He's cool. He also can whip up one heck of a barbecue. He gives us Salisbury Steak, Pork Chops, Venison. He insists that we eat meat. (I just slip the meat to Frenchy and go out for salad later on..)


Jerry The Shy Yellow Virus - He's cool and just a little wierd. But he has good advice, a gentle nature, cool stuff, and he's good at games as well. My favorite of the viruses; and he always has an opinion. He co-runs AREA DMG and does cool stuff. He finds all those neat midi files. He also helps with the HTML and design.

Random Blue Viruses - There's a ton of these things. I have no idea where they came from; but they are everywhere. I tried to chill some of them; but it didn't work. The strange creatures are starting to worry me. I heard they want to take over the world...

Vuefire The Apathic Red Virus - Vuefire says he's apathic; but he's pretty cool actually. He runs the AREA DMG. Vuefire is a member of the NRA, NAACP, FDA, SADD, ISDA, NEA, and ACLU. He is also a rampant opponent of NOW, the UN, and GREENPEACE. He's pro-life; and against the death penalty. He also believes that people who shoot abortion doctors are just as big a murderer as those who actually commit paid abortions. He says that two wrongs do not make a right. He thinks that our government has been downgraded to "gang warfare"; with republicans and democrats acting like crips and bloods. He also says that the media is trying to make us it's willing slaves and we are losing our freedoms with out acknowledging that fact. He also believes in the right to carry; but with limitations. Believes that people who are allowed to carry firearms should be governed by "No weapon" signs; just like smokers. He also says that taxes need to be cut and many government funded programs should be ditched. He believes that NASA is a waste of money; and believes that they shouldn't be spending billions to collect space dust; they should be down here or underwater looking for a cure for Cancer. We ignore him. You can e-mail him @ ""

Everything Else.

Ice Blue - The master annihilator of bad BBS posts; he moderates and controls the Pokémon BBS with an iron fist and is quite capable of crushing pitiful IPs in his cold steel hands. Why is stuff deleted? Because Stone Cold Ice Blue said so. He has power.... scary... oooo..... fear him. Or don't. He also has offered to help with the artwork on the website. (I'll let him do something... sooner or later..) He can get "grumpy; but no one cares about that. E-mail him @ ""

Sailor Mercury - She's cool. Although.. I really can't stand some of her friends. (What's with all that whining Sailor Moon?) She's cool and helps mostly behind the scenes here at Dmg Ice. Okay, so I'm not sure what her job is; but whatever it is... I think she does it well.

Plymouth the Ice Beetle - Plymouth is quiet and nice. He basically, runs around the website and throws blocks of ice. Why? No one knows. But people like him. So, he'll always have a job here.

ADROCK - Adrock runs Funtography Hut. He's one of the hardest working individuals on this site. Very interesting kid. Kinda quiet in person. Aside from his taste in music. (Popular stuff that is cool and artistically sound. Bleah.. Yucky.) This Beastie Boy has even gotten some of his artwork posted on Excellent. Anyways, he does have a tendency to eat your all of your snacks. Oh, well. He kicks it and resides in most excellent Kansas. And has been seen running around with some chick named Dorthy Gale. (Go figure..) We refer to him as "The King Adrock". (Because he asked nicely.)

PHILIP ANDREW WESLEY - Some people wonder about me and my site. Why? Because... umm. the site is... well... the way it is. I was born August 12, 1980. Dmg Ice was born around January of 1998; but I forgot the original date; so I basically decided to start counting it's days when it got on Fortune City and then Tripod. Dmg Ice has had it's Geocities account, and even an Xoom account. (Eek...) Anyways, I'm me. I like all sorts of things. I read a lot. Mainly; because there isn't really that much good stuff on TV and even the internet. Dmg Ice was originally Philip's Game Boy page. I decided on the Dmg ICE name when the Ice Blue Game Boy was announced. (Dang... this site IS old.) I have been playing video games of all sorts for a very long time. I basically run stuff and things like that around here. You want a picture of me? Why? Oh, never mind. Here's a run-through of my so-called-life-so-far.

I was born in Alaska, near Elmendorf. I'm a military brat. We stayed in Alaska for two years and then moved to the land of mosquitos called North Dakota. After spending EIGHT years in North Dakota; we got stationed in Rhein Mein, Germany. My family and I spent 4 years in Germany. I got to go to tons of places, France, Holland, Denmark, Switzerland, and tons of locales in those countries. I have gone on a lot of volksmarches; so I can run pretty fast. (What, I'm supposed to walk? Naw, why walk? If I get there quicker I can get that cooler looking Beer Stein! Check point!) Did a ton of walking. We lived in "Gateway Gardens". Gateway Gardens was one side of the base; the BX, Commissary, Stars and Stripes, etc. was on the other side. I would walk the equiv. of 3 miles back and forth to the BX from our "house" almost everyday. It was loads of fun. The best part about Germany? The heated swimming pools. :)

Anyways, we spent four years there. I got my Game Boy in Germany. I went to all sorts of stuff. I sold Christmas trees with the scout troop, skiied the alps, and seen tons of places. After our time in Germany; we moved to Whiteman Air Force Base in Missourri. (Home of the B-2!) Anyways, that's where I am today. I've done a lot of stuff; in fact, too much to write here. :) Anyways, you now have a faint idea of what I'm like. You want pictures? Why? 

The Dmg Ice Staff would like to thank: God, Family, Nintendo, and all three of the people who actually read this site. :)