Then you expect me to be nice?
Beyond the threshold of the imagined lies a place where upon there is the Great Wellspring of Ideas that flow forth. The Sacred Books of Gaming have this to say of this incarnation. 

"The truth is known and believed by those who create it. It must be complete. The Creator must smile upon thier creation and new life must be formed from the non-existent." - The Sacred Books of Gaming. 

Every currently known Gameboy rumor is listed below. Some of these are actually true but are listed here; because they are not "Official" yet. This is sacred ground. The creation and final breaths of life and death are gathered here. But, as we at Dmg Ice are not omnipotent. (Okay, some of us are not.) We would also like to hear any juicy rumors you, our readers, hear. Send your rumor to the "Contact" link on the Index Page with the words: "Ex Nihlo" in the subject line. For those wanting to know: "Ex Nihlo" means "From Nothing" in Latin. Click on the picture below to see the rumors...

Everything Zen..