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Fan Fiction Author Year Rating
The Legend of Zelda Series Fan Fiction
The Legend of Zelda Complete (V.1.0) The Avardancer 1997 PG
Triforce Awakening The Avardancer 1998 PG
Assorted Tales from the Mudora The Avardancer 1998 PG
Pokémon Series Fan Fiction
The PokéMan (Book 1) Mountain Dew Guy 1998 G
The PokéMan (Book 2) Mountain Dew Guy 1998 G
The PokéMan (Book 3) Mountain Dew Guy 1999 G
The Gang Wars"  (Chapters 1 - 9)Stick your tongue here! Mountain Dew Guy 1999 G
Pokémon Adventures (Chapters 1-7) Dra-jon-nair 1999 G
*Untitled* (Book 1) The Phantom Gamer 1998 G
Pokéstory (Chaps. 1-18) Alexander the 
Master Pokémon 
1998 G
Team Redline: "Stand-Off" Episode 001 Philip Andrew Wesley 1999 PG-13
Team Redline: "Nine" Episode 002 Philip Andrew Wesley 1999 PG
Team Redline: "Trail of Bones" Episode 003 Philip Andrew Wesley 1999 PG-13
Editorials/Opinions/Rants Author Year
The Death of Video Game Quality. The Avardancer 1997
Free Speech and Video Games. The Avardancer 1999
Is Color REALLY good? The Avardancer 1998
The Gameboy Eddie Soper 1998
Why Gameboy is the world's best system. The Avardancer 1999
Why I like The Legend of Zelda The Avardancer 1998
Hey you! Click here!! Participate! The Avardancer 1998
Defending Pokémon Dan 1998
Nintendo's Duty Fred the Mew 1998
Gameboy Remixes Sacha 1998
Virtual Boy: "Gumpei's Last Stand" Adrock 1999
Ban this from school Adrock 1999
Specials/Articles Author Year
Link's Awakening is incomplete! (V.1.0) The Avardancer 1997
100 Reasons to buy a Gameboy (V.1.0) The Avardancer 1998
100 Signs of Gameboy Obsession. (V.1.0) The Avardancer 1998
The TOP 100 (and then some) Games never made! The Avardancer 1998
The "Idiot's Guide" to ESRB Ratings. The Avardancer 1998
Like a Version. The Avardancer 1998
Nintendos Standards Examined The Avardancer 1998
Dmg Ice Interviews Date/Year
Praxcelis (Webmaster of Gameboy Oh, Boy!) August 31st, 1998
Neils T. Hoft (Webmaster of ZHQ) July 26th, 1998
Bowza (Webmaster of Z64) July 27th, 1998
Toadwarrior (Webmaster of Gameboy HDQ) September 21st, 1998
 T.S. Eliot. He dead.A penny for the old guy.I likes comix books!!

Do YOU have an opinion? How about a story you made up for your favorite video game series? Do you dig poetry? We at Dmg Ice feel there is a need for your voice to be heard; your ideas to be expressed, and your haiku's to be read. Let's face it. If you are on the internet; you probably like to write and you probably have an opinion. EXPRESS yourself. Send your good stuff as a TEXT attachment to "" to submit it; than the file will be viewed for content, any last minute spell checking will be done and a rating will be assigned to the work. The rating system is the exact same system used on movies. Please do not submit "X" or "NC-17" material as it WILL not be posted. Individual literature works are © of their respective authors. Ask permission from an author before posting their work. Thank you. Some of the editorials, specials, and rants may contain out-dated information. This is unfortunate; but they are very good despite any minor flaws. The opinions expressed in the editorials, etc. are NOT necessarily the opinion of Dmg Ice as a whole or part. New items are denoted by a "Stick your tongue here!". 

-Philip Wesley (Webmaster of Dmg Ice)- 


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