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Listed on this chart is a list of Gameboy games released in the USA and the "manual codes" for each game. The manual code can be used to order an instruction booklet for that game. The "company" is the name of who is currently distributing the instruction booklets. If you know a game not listed here and have the manual number (Which is listed on the front of the instruction booklet.); please send in this information. Also make sure you know the distributing company. Send this information to us. Thank you. (If you send in a game name, manual code, and company; your name will be mentioned in the footnotes along with your e-mail address.)  
 The Games are listed like so.
Game Name Manual Code Company
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* F-L

# - E
4-In-1 Funpack Volume 1 DMG-F4-USA-1 Interplay
4-In-1 Funpack Volume 2 DMG-F9-USA Interplay
Alleyway DMG-AW-USA-1 Nintendo
Balloon Kid DMG-BT-USA Nintendo
Bart vs. The Juggernauts DMG-JU-USA Acclaim
Battle Arena Toshinden DMG-ATDE-USA Takara
Battleship (Color) DMG-AIPE-USA Majesco
Boggle Plus DMG-GL-USA Parker Brothers
Bomberman GB DMG-AB2E-USA Nintendo
Brain Drain DMG-ABRE-USA Acclaim
Bubble Bobble DMG-B2-USA-1 Natsume
Bubble Bobble Part 2 DMG-LX-USA-1 Natsume
Bug Bunny's Crazy Castle 3 DMG-AB6E-USA Kemco
Castlevania Legends DMG-ADNE-USA Konami
Centipede/Millipede DMG-ACPE-USA Nintendo
Contra: The Alien Wars DMG-ACSE-USA Konami
Darkwing Duck DMG-DC-USA Sunsoft
Defender/Joust DMG-ADJE-USA Nintendo
Donkey Kong 1994 DMG-QD-USA Nintendo
Donkey Kong Land DMG-YT-USA Nintendo
Donkey Kong Land 2 DMG-ADDE-USA-1 Nintendo
Donkey Kong Land 3 DMG-AD3E-USA Nintendo
Dr. Mario DMG-VU-USA-1 Nintendo
Ducktales DMG-DT-USA Nintendo
Ducktales 2 DMG-D7-USA-1 Nintendo
Exodus Call 1 (800) 77-BIBLE for info. Wisedom Tree
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F - L
Face Ball 2000 DMG-FA-USA Nintendo
Final Fantasy Adventure DMG-FF-USA-1 Sunsoft
Final Fantasy Legend DMG-SA-USA-1 Sunsoft
Final Fantasy Legend 2 DMG-S2-USA-1 Sunsoft
Final Fantasy Legend 3 DMG-OS-USA-1 Sunsoft
Frogger DMG-AFRE-USA Majesco
Galaga/Galaxian DMG-AGCE-USA Nintendo
Game and Watch Gallery 1997 DMG-AGAE-USA Nintendo
Game and Watch Gallery 2 DMG-AGLE-USA Nintendo
Gameboy Camera U/GBD-USA Nintendo
Gameboy Color CGB-USA NIntendo
Gameboy Pocket GA-MGB-USA-3 Nintendo
Gameboy Printer U-GBP-S-GB-USA Nintendo
Game Shark (V2.0) D290498V2.0 Interact
Gex: "Enter the Gecko" DMG-AEXE-USA Crave
Golf DMG-GO-USA-3 Nintendo
Harvest Moon GB DMG-AYWE-USA Natsume
Hexcite DMG-AICE-USA Ubi Soft
James Bond 007 DMG-AW7E-USA Nintendo
Jeopardy Teen Tournament DMG-AJQE-USA GameTek
Ken Griffey Jr. Presents: "Major League Baseball"  
Gameboy Edition
Killer Instinct DMG-AKLE-USA Nintendo
King James Bible Call 1 (800) 77-BIBLE for info. Wisedom Tree
Kirby's Blockball DMG-AKXE-USA Nintendo
Kirby's Dream Land DMG-KY-USA-1 Nintendo
Kirby's Dream Land 2 DMG-AKBE-USA Nintendo
Kirby's Pinball Land DMG-K9-USA Nintendo
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M - Q
Mario's Picross DMG-APCE-USA Nintendo
Mega Man in Dr. Wily's Revenge DMG-RW-USA-1 Nintendo
Mega Man 2 DMG-W2-USA-1 Nintendo
Mega Man 3 DMG-W3-USA-1 Capcom
Men in Black The Series DMG-AMNE-USA Crave
Metroid 2: "Return of Samus" DMG-ME-USA-2 Nintendo
Mickey's Dangerous Chase DMG-MC-USA-3 Nintendo
Mole Mania DMG-AMOE-USA Nintendo
Monezuma's Return DMG-AZME-USA Take 2
Mortal Kombat 4 DMG-A4KE-USA Midway
Ms. Pac-Man DMG-N4 USA Namco
Operation C DMG-CN-USA Konami
Pac-Man DMG-PC-USA Namco
Pifall: "Beyond the Jungle" DMG-AFLE-USA Crave
Pocket Bomberman DMG-AKQE-USA Nintendo
Pokémon Blue Edition U/DMG-APEE-USA Nintendo
Pokémon Pikachu Digital Pet U/MPG-U-YPKE Nintendo
Pokémon Red Edition U/DMG-APAE-USA Nintendo
Power Quest DMG-APQE-USA Sunsoft
Quarth DMG-QR-USA Ultragames
Quest for Camelot U/DMG-ACNE-USA Nintendo
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R - T
Radar Mission DMG-RM-USA Nintendo
Shadowgate Classic DMG-ASWE-USA Kemco
Solitare Funpack DMG-UX-USA-1 Interplay
Space Invaders 1994 DMG-SP-USA-1 Nintendo
Spell Checker/Caculator DMG-SL-USA Infogenius
Stargate DMG-AGTE-USA Acclaim
Star Wars DMG-WS-USA-2 Nintendo
Street Fighter 2 DMG-ASFE-USA-2 Nintendo
Super Gameboy SNS-A-SG(USA) Nintendo
Super Mario Land DMG-ML-USA-3 Nintendo
Super Mario Land 2 "6 Golden Coins" DMG-MQ-USA Nintendo
Super Mario Land 3 "Wario Land" DMG-WJ-USA Nintendo
Talespin DMG-LS-USA-1 Sunsoft
Tamagotchi DMG-ATAE-USA Nintendo
The King of Fighters 1995 DMG-AKFE-USA Takara
The Legend of the Mystical Ninja DMG-AGDE-USA Konami
The Legend of Zelda "Link's Awakening" DMG-ZL-USA Nintendo
The Legend of Zelda "Link's Awakening" DX U/DMG-AZLE-USA Nintendo
The Lion King DMG-ALNE-USA-1 TH-Q
The Little Mermaid DMG-LD-USA Nintendo
Tetris DMG-TR-USA-2 Nintendo
Tetris Attack DMG-AYLE-USA Nintendo
Tetris DX DMG-ATEA-USA Nintendo
Tetris Plus DMG-ATRE-USA Nintendo
Turok: Battle of the Bionosaurs DMG-ATUE-USA Acclaim
Turok 2: Seeds of Evil DMG-A2TE-USA Acclaim
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U - Z
Wario Blast Featuring Bomberman DMG-EE-USA-1 Nintendo
Wario Land 2 DMG-AW2E-USA Nintendo
Wario Land 2 (Color) DMG-AWLE-USA Nintendo
Wave Race DMG-WA-USA-2 Nintendo
Yoshi DMG-YO-USA-2 Nintendo
Yoshi's Cookie DMG-CI-USA Nintendo
Zoop DMG-AZPE-USA Viacom

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