Chat Rules.
Sailor Mercury

Listen up! Here are the rules for Chatting!  
    • Before entering the chat room you will be asked to register at "". Please do so. This takes only a few seconds and you end up at the verification screen of the chat page after you have signed up.
    • You only need three block votes to block someone from Chat, and if you are blocked you can't return for 30 minutes. (Ouch.)
    • Obscene comments, racial slurs, and "cyber-sex" are not allowed in this chat room.
    • If you give out any personal information, it is at your own risk.
    • You must wear all blue when you are in the chat room. (Wait a second... WHO'S been messing with the Html?)
    • YOU will have fun or you will die. (Umm. Why is that here? I didn't say that. Really.)
    • If you have a complaint or want to report a chat room abuse contact us at ""

Cold one!Hurl it. 
Sailor Mercury is pretty and she tastes like vanilla.
Sailor Mercury forever!

Isn't she pretty?Sailor Mercury forever!
I guess I must be pretty strange to think an animated character is pretty sexy. Actually, I think that the reason lies in my mild obsession with Janna C. Clore. Because I can see a little bit of Janna in the animated character. In fact, if I see any girl; I think of Janna. Sad ain't it? Oh, this is invisible text; if you read this; don't tell anyone. It's a bit embarassing being a hopeless romantically inclined fool.
-Philip Wesley-