Messageboard Rules.

To denounce the evils of normality and passive love! 
To extend our reach to the stars above! 
To protect the web from moderation! 
To unite all peoples within our nation! 
The Infinite Veggie!JERRY!
Team Dmg!
Blast off at the Speed of Light!
Surrender now! (C'mon, it's alright.) 

I am Frenchy!! I'm popular with the girls!FRENCHY!!
Well, they are your hosts.
They moderate the posts.
I know they are geeky.
So, please don't be cheeky.
They aren't really any rules.
Just don't be too mad at the fools.
You are completely in luck.
Just don't say "Chi-k", "B-t-h", or "F-ck".
And make sure you use taste.
Or your post will be removed post-haste.
Don't talk politics, religion, or porn.
Or I'll remove your post before the next morn'.
Keep to the topics to play it all great.
Don't give out personal data here on the slate.
You gotta a site? Gee, buddy, that's fine.
Just don't put the address in the subject line.
Anti-Gameboy posts will be ignored.
Anti-Nintendo posters will be gored.
Don't be trying to impersonate me.
Face it people; we can see your IP.
And that's it. It's over. Goodbye and enjoy.
The BBS is for every creature, girl, and boy!


Cold one!Hurl it.
Eat some Brotchen.