We got some Awards!
Let us do our Happy Dance of Joy!

Like most websites; Dmg Ice gets awards. And here's our acceptance speech for those awards: "Wow. We kick butt." Now, I will let the awards and the critics do the talking. Unless you feel like reading through a bunch of complimants and looking at a bunch of awards.. this page is kinda boring. 
Awards we won!
We own them.
A diamond in the rough!
Ooh. A shiny trophy for me and stars. I do love stars.
Gotta be ELITE!
We have critical mass; pass the forks!!!
Cool. It swings.

What the Critics think. 
Actual E-Mail and praises. 
PLUS mindless MSTing by Philip Wesley 

From Eric Mattei of Nintendojo:  
"Hmmm.... A militant Game Boy fan.  I like!  Good stuff Wesley, you seem to know your stuff. And I was most definately looking for a great game boy site and yours is certainly worth bookmarking." ERIC :) 
(Editor's Note: Vote YES on Proposition Z. The right to carry concealed Game Boys.) 

From  Sara Margaret Dillon 
"You rock gameboy man,.,.,.,." 
(Editor's Note: I dig this comment. I still have the original e-mail too.) 

From James D. Lambert of Gameboy Monolith 
Surely not a GameBoy site with.... content? [Gasp!]  Hmm... Your site is definitely one of the weirdest (and best!) Game Boy sites on the web! Keep up the good work and I'll sure keep coming back! 
 (Editor's Note: We have content? Shh. Don't tell anyone; they might start putting up content too...) 

From Monica of GBC DOJO 
It's THE ONLY site worth actually READING. 
A genuine mecca for the literate GB masses. DMGICE is nice! 
(Editor's Note: Hey. We're mecca. That explains the line of muslims at my door. Aww, man. Now they want cookies.) 

From PhilDAWG 
This is a pretty cool website. 
(Editor's Note: Were you in that Sublime video?) 

From Dan Owsen of NOA 
Umm. This is a weird site you have here. 
(Editor's Note: I raps for the goombas.) 

From Bowza of Z64: The Zelda 64 Page. 
Nice Site you have here, Phil. I'll definately add a link. 
(Editor's Note: Thanks.) 

From Neils of  (And now 
Nice work on your site, Phil. 
(Editor's Note: Thanks.) 

From Gruntilda of, well, I'm not really sure where this came from.  
Your site is filled with lots of words; 
It has more cheek then stupid red birds. 
Lots of pretty pictures too; and I'm afraid. 
That that's the fatal flaw you made. 
You site will wither and waste away; 
Unless you upload a picture of me today! 
As I'm much prettier than that Sailor Mercury chick; 
Than maybe your site will become the best quick! 
(Editor's Note: You never return my calls....) 

From the Staff of Gameboy Monolith  
An excellent site with its own alternative style, Dmg-Ice provides no-nonsense reviews and intelligently written articles for GameBoy gamers who demand just that little bit more from a site. Good stuff! 
(Editor's Note: DMG Ice! Now with that little bit more!) 

From Dr. No of Gameboy Camer@  
"quite good" 
(Editor's Note: Wow. Well. Okay.) 

From Bmano (The Supreme Mascot of The N64 Underground.) 
I just want to say that your site is THE BEST gameboy site out there. 
Usually, I don't like to bookmark sites where the little pop-up ad 
comes up, but your site is so awesome that I make regular visits here, and I bookmarked it. 
(Editor's Note: Please don't touch me anymore...) 

Nigel Awde 
Your Site kicks ass! I give it 4 stars! "****" 
(Editor's Note: You will respect my au--tho-ri-ty!) 

From "Andy" (????? 
We explored your site, and we really like it.  We have just added a 
separate category for Gameboy links, and your URL is definitely going to be included.  DMG Ice is a cool place for DMG fans to get reviews and info. Keep up the good work! 
(Editor's Note: Hmm... is DMG a rap artist? Oh, wait.. that's DMX.) 

From Ice Blue 
This site is cool! HAHA! 
(Editor's Note: Hey. Don't you work here?) 

From B. J. Sherffius ( 
KICK ASS SITE! I've been looking around for a worthy GameBoy site, and i must say......KICK ASS! Every other GameBoy site has reviews of games that say: 9.5/10 and 8/10, but when I go buy the damn game (for around $30), IT SUCKS! But wait! I went to Yahoo a couple days ago and typed in FaceBall 2000 cuz i need codes for it (by the way, do you have any?). The GameBoy Monolith came up, and I clicked on Links. This was the first one I clicked on, and I thought, "KICK ASS! If this is only the first one, then all the rest are gonna be better!" Well, the other ones aren't 0.1 times as good as this one. That was a big dissapointment, but at least I have this site! KEEP UPDATING IT! KEEP UPDATING IT! KEEP UPDATING IT! :) 
(Editor's Note: 0.1? Hmm... I'm not going to touch that golden "smack" opportunity.. it would be too easy. Btw.. if the game you buy sucks.. why not review it before you send it back, please?) 

From Mike Gaal ( 
Your page is great, I really like the layout and the constant updating kicks it all off. 
(Editor's Note: What does it kick it off of?) 

An outstanding Game Boy Color site with numerous reviews even for color games. 
(Editor's Note: Color games? Why would we review them?) 

From ICE Burn ( 
The holy relic of GameBoy pages. 
(Editor's Note: Well, we were until that Indiana guy stole us.) 

From Game Boy Monolith's "GB QUEST" 
You're in Dmg Ice.   
Viruses and veggies  
dance round your feet.   
Oh! What a bizarre,  
twisted place this is! 
(Editor's note: That's my favorite description of the site. I love that quote. I want to tatoo it forever on my arm.) 

From EAGB 
A site filled with schizophrenic monologues, and egotistical editorials. If you can wade through the ramblings of the narcistic webmaster; there is some fairly decent content in this site.
(Editor's Note: They love me like a father.)

Cold one!Butt kissing for sale! 

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