Ever wonder what those percentages mean?
Do they seem a bit harsh?
Well, here's a CHART to put your mind at ease about the percentages!
100% = It is a sin not to own this game. Thou shalt own this game! It is perfect. Only a few games are perfect.
90% to 99% = Very good game; only a few minor quibbles prevent it from being perfect. You might like it. Yup. It's pretty cool.
80% to 89% = Good game. Worth checking out. You may even want to buy it.
70% to 79% = Decent game; not a bad purchase actually. It's a sleeper hit. A game that is pretty cool in it's own special way.
60% to 69% = Nice game; but it's lacking in one or more areas. (Like the music, graphics, sound, or some other  aspect.)
50% to 59% = Average game. Worth a look. Not a shabby addition to your game library.
40% to 49% = Not too bad. Not too good either. A game made only for those people who like it's theme.
30% to 39% = This game had potential to be pretty good; but something went horribly wrong. Sniff. It's too bad. It coulda been a contender.
20% to 29% = This game is badly made. Avoid it and any games below it in scores. This game was most likely programmed by sleeping monkeys. Naw. They could do a better job.
10% to 19% = This game has fatal flaws and was most likely rushed. It will sit in the annuals of games and any thing above it will laugh at it and throw peanuts in to it's cage.
00% to 09% = The game is so bad; you could walk outside and step in something that's more fun to play with. (And probably better designed.)