Dmg Ice sneak peeks:

There are times when owning a popular video game system can be bad. If you own a Playstation.. you have already been exposed to "Spawn: The Eternal". Well, Gameboy isn't safe either. Konami brings you Spawn! Here are the two known screenshots of the game... Scary. They speak volumes. It looks to be a fighting game of sorts? Go figure. I know next to nothing about this game... although... I wonder if I want to know more. Well, it seems that Spawn escaped from Hell to bring us a little bit of it. I am seeing  a game that may sell only by name alone. Konami needs to do some work to make this game good. If it plays good... we can forgive it's look. Please... Konami... don't let this play the way it looks. Sorry for the unforgivable short preview. But, not much is known about this game. Sorry.
Umm... yeah.Spawn does the MK...
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