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Super Mario Bros.
Released May 10th
Originally Released August 1985
The Hot boogers of death shall defeat thee, Odiferous Fish! The Hot Boogers of Death shall defeat thee, Vicious Turtle!

Super Mario Bros. was the first game released for the Nintendo Entertainment System. Mario had starred in games before; Donkey Kong, Mario. Bros Arcade. But this is the first time he was actually declared "Super".

Now, this game is planned to be ported to Game Boy Color. It is moderately easy to port NES games to Game Boy Color. What basically needs to be regulated is the resolution of the Game Boy screen.

Nostalgia... is that the chick in the new James Bond flick?How creepy... I swear I have seen this somewhere before...
Left: NES Version Right: Game Boy Color Version.
Shown above are the different resolutions for both systems. This is the reason that a lot of the game has to be reprogrammed. Also, the color palette has to be tweaked a bit. Also, all the data is on one row instead of two. Other than that, nothing as changed from game to game. Even though Nintendo's statistics say it is one player, you should be able to alternate between Mario and Luigi.
Swing your arms from side to side! Come on! Do the Mario! Bowser. He is green and his breath smells like toenails.

Super Mario Bros. was an awesome game. In a tromp through 32 levels of hop-stomp-swim-shoot goodness, you could sit and play for hours. There are extra lives and coins to find, plus several warp zones. Goombas and Koopa-Troopas to stomp. You can power up to Big Mario with a mushroom, or shoot fire with a flower. In every 4th level you can fight an evil dragon/turtle combo Bowser (a.k.a. Koopa) who throws fire at you from his big mouth full of sharp molars.

Mario saved Video Gaming. America was under the impression that Atari was the forefront of gaming, and quite frankly, I don't think such a sucky company should represent such a great pastime. The nation was about to move to computers, but Nintendo, along with this plumber, taught otherwise. Nintendo declared this game the 14th greatest game of all time. (Vol. 100 Nintendo Power)

The game has been slated for release on May 10th, along with some other great GBC releases. Nintendo will have us set for the summer, trust me.

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