Sneak Peek

Konami has announced "Survival Kids". Survival Kids is set for release in August and I say that YOU should buy it. Why? I will explain. Okay... it's a bit different.. I have screenshots to show you. I'll tell you about the game as I show you the screenshots.. this is a game similar to Harvest Moon; but it's on a desert island as you wait to be rescued. The screenshots are NOT thumbnailed; but they are not very big. They are nice though. :)

My heart will go on and on!
This is from the opening sequence... it shows the Ocean Liner that you are on. This is a cinema scene. Please refrain from singing. Resist the temptaion! Resist!! RESIST! Oh, darn it... I can't resist. "Every night in my dreams.."
Now. THIS is a knife.
"I see you, I feel you. In my heart, you'll always go on... near.. far.... where ever yooooooouuuu are!" Okay, that's out of my system... this is the main character. It isn't Jack. Wait a second... Chichi? Do you know where your son is? More cinema. The main character fancies himself to be a little Macgyver.

My heart will go on and on!
Umm... the boat sank... bummer. Now we will have to swim for it.. This is still part of the opening sequence.

The main characters statistic screen. This shows your health, stamina, happiness, etc.

Where is the owl?
This is a Game Play shot. You are on a beach. All the current screenshots are on this beach. You can see some of the items you have and you also see the main characters "emotion" box from time to time. The idea is to make yourself a little home on the island and stay safe until a rescue ship finds you. You can find items washed ashore on the beach; but you can't leave the island without waking the windfish... umm. Sorry, wrong RPG. This is a "provide for yourself and stay alive" game that is in the same vein as Harvest Moon. :) Harvest Moon is EXCELLENT; so I have high hopes for this game. I can not wait to get stranded! Out of sheer laziness and because the remaining screenshots are of the beach.. I have thumbnailed the remaining images.