The Demon Slayer
By Atlus - Available July 15
Looking for a great RPG to play on Game Boy Color? All pokémoned out? This July, there will be a new firecracker in town; Revelations: The Demon Slayer. The game is part of a series called "Last Bible" in Japan. Instead of capturing monsters like in Pokémon, the point is to talk with the monsters and convince them to join you on your quest. There are over 100 monsters. From there you can make brand new, more aggresive monsters, and use an arsenal of over 100 different kinds of spells, weapons, and special armor to customize them. Also, similar to Pokémon, you can have fights with friends via game link. So if you have been trying to find something different, the wait is over. On July 15th, that is.
Previewed by Adrock, 1999