By Philip Andrew Wesley, April 17th, 1999
May he rest in peace.

What scares you? Are you the type of person who is scared of the dark? Maybe you fear being in small areas? Heights? Blood? Things that go bump in the night? Well, Capcom hears your fears and laughs at you! Yes, Capcom... after years of holding various Disney liscenses, Ghouls and Ghosts, Street Fighter, Final Fight, and Mega Man games... They snapped and released the survival horror game: "Resident Evil". The game is refered to as "Bio Hazard" in Japan. Anyways, the game is coming to Game Boy Color. Huh? You may ask: "How?". My answer... carefully, in semi 3-D with rumble, in a GBC dedicated game. Okay, that sounds cool.. but can Game Boy be scary?

Monsters in your pocket. Yes, the game can be scary. The game can have the makings of a scary game, much easier than the PSX/N64 versions.. why? Because Game Boy Color has a few things that other systems don't have. It's a portable. With a night light, you can play it in complete darkness with the stereo headphones. And the music will probably be nice and sparse.. in fact, I'm hoping that the music is sparse. Metroid 2 still frightens me in some spots. :) I will be so happy to get the living daylights scared out of me again. Not many games can do this. :) Anyways, here are some screenshots to make you cower in fear or drool on your keyboard. I'm going to pick this one up when it shows up in the US. :) No US or Japanese release date has been given yet. :(

This is beautiful. Stark. But Beautiful.
Here is a picture of a statue and your character. He seems to look a lot like a character from "Ghost Busters". Note the dark lighting, subtle rendering, and nice angle. :)

Actually. He is looking for Meryl.
Look! A toilet! I wonder what could pop out! A demonic Mr. Hankey? Anyways, more of those unusual angles, creepy color schemes, and nice rendering. :) The character now looks like a "Metal Gear" regect... or a toy from "Small Soldiers".

Deception 2 springs to mind.
More of that strange color scheme.... some nice halls... I haven't seen any zombies yet... but you know that they could be anywhere... anywhere. The shadows are creative enough to make me a little jittery. Just unnatural... I want this game. The hero looks like a "Ghost-Busters" guy again.... but I guess we won't see any zombies or weapons in the game yet.. as it is still fairly early. I think it would be cool... if there were NO guns in the game and you had to use your fists and other hand held objects to kill the enemies. It would be awesome to step into a room, pick up a fireplace poker and beat the daylights out of a Zombie with it. Or take a knife to a Tyrant Zombie... oh, never mind..