Pokémon Yellow cancelled! - Just kidding. The game has been completely rehauled and will come out September 6th with Game Boy Color enchancement. :) Dream of it. :)

I am King of the World!Admit it. You LOVE Pikachu! Who doesn't? Okay, don't answer that. Well, the wildly successful Red and Blue versions of Pokémon will be joined by the brand new: "POKéMON YELLOW"! Is this just a rehash of the Red and Blue? No. It's MUCH more than that. The game is refered to as the "TV Pokémon" in Japan. Okay, so they call it "TV Pocket Monsters" in Japan. The game features the little electric mouse in all his glory! The game features some new features which I will describe in detail to give you an idea of WHY this game outsold Metal Gear Solid. (Yup, Pikachu is that powerful in Japan. Fear him. Pikachu owns you.) 
Ghetto Supastar... that is what you are.IN THE BEGINNING. For starters, the game has a new opening cinema which has Pikachu running toward the screen and it occasionally breaks to show him surfing, floating on balloons, etc. He then "thundershocks" the screen. Very cool. You will also discover that instead of a Nidorino; Professor Oak shows you a Pikachu in his speech. The game starts normally, you can name your character, name your rival, and you start the game playing your SNES. However, the appearence of Gary Oak is changed slightly to more accurately emulate the series. You will notice that the game features characters from the series as well. Jesse and James make an appearence a few times. They look like they do in the series and their Pokémon are the same; but I don't think I'll ruin the surprise by showing you a screenshot. ;P Btw, the game's graphics are changed and improved slightly! 

Stay out of the grass! The game really starts when you try to leave Pallet. You actually go two spaces into the grass before Dr. Oak catches up to you. Dr. Oak is then attacked by a Pikachu! He pulls out a Pokéball and catches it! Dr. Oak is pretty good at this stuff. Anyways, he takes you back to the lab and there's ONE Pokéball on the table. (You must have been late.) My guess is that you can catch a Squirtle, Bulbasaur, or Charmander later. Anyways, Dr. Oak tells you to take it and that he'll give Gary the Pikachu. You walk up to the Pokéball and then Gary pushes you out of the way and takes the Pokéball! (That dirty Rattata.) Anyways....  Dr. Oak gives you the Pikachu. Then as you leave Gary challenges you. Gary has an Eevee. It will become either a Jolteon, Vaporeon, or Flareon at the end of the game. (It's form may be a random thing.) Anyways; once you beat him or lose against him... Pikachu DOESN'T want to go back into the Pokéball. Ah, well. He wants to follow you around! Face Pikachu and press A to check his mood. If you lose... Pikachu will be mad at you. If you win, Pikachu will be "okay" with you.Pikachu is in a good mood. 

Pikachu is the lost Teletubbie. Naw, he isn't really. He's cool though. This game features brand new graphics, Pikachu follows you around, and it feels more like the TV show! Oh, Keep Pikachu happy and he'll be nice and listen to you. Don't deposit Pikachu in the PC or let him faint. He hates that. Other neat extras are extra animation, the ability to print out the POKéDEX and enchanced sound. The game is NOT Gameboy Color enchanced though. But the Gameboy Color gives it a good pallette to make it look "Almost optimized". There are a ton of neat little details. For example; Pikachu responds to his surroundings. You can also see your favorite Pokémon just looking good. :) The game also features different monster ratios. How different? Hmm. I ran into a Mankey in Viridian. I also ran into a Nidoran Male in the forest. Yup. This game will be pretty cool. Oh, check out what happens when you talk to the Jigglypuff in Pewter City. Okay, I won't show you what Pikachu does; but it's funny. Here's some nice screenshots to drool at. Hmm. Nintendo is almost done with the translation of this game. Let's hope they get it out on the shelves by Spring. 
Look! Lucky Girl! A Jigglypuff! 
Brock FINALLY put on a shirt. 
Aww. He is SOOOO CUTE!!