Pokémon Pinball
Game Copyright of Nintendo/Gamefreak 1999
Scheduled Release Date: June 28th, 1999
Look! Meowth is Edger!

UPDATE!! - April 15th, 1999!
Pokémon Pinball is Infrared!. A startling development... Nintendo released Pokémon Pinball in Japan and the game features Infrared Data Port support. This means that two GB Colors can be relay information, like Pokédex data back and forth WITHOUT the Game Link cable! They can add the data by aligning the systems and aiming the infrared ports on the tops of the GBCs at each other. Cool. The game also supports the Game Boy Printer. ;) Drool at the screenshots! And some nice new stuff. :) Some of the screenshots show off amazing Game Play spoilers... beware. ;)
Aaauggh! Living zits!
You need to knock the money out of Meowth!
Another Bonus round. You get to "Mug Meowth".
Look at the corner...
The NEW Pokédex... I'm jealous.... 151? MEW!!!
A special Pokémon Pinball Game Boy Color... Lucky Japanese.....
Mr. Beanie is in the house!
More of the Pokédex.... :) Mr. Beanie is large and in charge.
Hmm... interesting...
Yes, you can evolve your Pokémon in Pokémon Pinball.... scary...
Oh, the game takes place in various stages that represent forests, coasts, etc. You can only catch certain types of Pokémon in certain spots... where do you find Mew????!!!!!!!

UPDATE!! - March 03rd, 1999!
Rumbleness Rocked by Rigid Release Date Relay. After that stupid opening line; I'm here to announce that Nintendo has DELAYED Pokémon Pinball. :( JUNE 28th is the day your world gets umm... "rocked". Here's some nice pictures of the game. Apparently there are more playing fields. :) Anyways, I'll show the picture and give you commentary.

That Slowmo does NOT look happy...That Slowmo does NOT look happy...

My take on these pictures? Hmm. Pikachu is a ball save that prevents your ball from falling down the left or right side pockets. Each area has a different "element" scheme. The Blue looks to be about Water and Ice based Pokémon. The score counters are fairly real looking this time. The point tally looks to always be in the 100 region. So, I can only guess that the game is in a playable form.To get the game out quicker, the game may feature minimal text or a language option. The screen in the middle is where you are in the game. (Usually.) Pokémon you encounter appear there in "shadowed" form. They can be caught by hitting the target above the picture. It might open up. Anyways, the balls below the picture are targets you runover and light. Why? They might activate the "Saver/Again" option. The game will hopefully have a good bit of variety. The left screenshot. (Blue) has two Pokémon captured and 15 extra Pokéballs. (??!!!!) That's it for now...

January 19th, 1999

The Boy gets busy! Nintendo has truly created a "unique" device for Game Boy. What is that device? It's a RUMBLE cartridge. Huh? Well, it's a device that rumbles. Umm. It takes one AAA battery and it shakes like a Rumble Pak in response to on-screen action. Pretty.. umm... interesting. Here's pictures of that. (Eek!) Well, I can hardly wait for this pocket vibrator. Umm. Darn... I can't think of anything remotely non-ecchi to say about the thing. It can add great depth to some games. Imagine a Contra game that responds as you shoot. (Bullets...) The device's vibration level is not known. Maybe it can be controlled inside the game itsself. Go figure. I can imagine that this type of device could be used for cool purposes like it was in Legend of Zelda 5. (I can imagine Metroid 2 DX with this. Not only can you hear the Metroid's attack... you could feel it.....) If the normal Pokémon game was a rumble cartridge; you could finally feel what Hyper Beam feels like. (Of course.... what response does "Lick" cause?) The "Rumble" cartridge adds a little bit of "overhead" to your Game Boy. (Kind of like what the Game Boy Camera does.) This could be a qualm; but it does not look like it adds much overhead. The battery goes in the compartment in the front. That can add a little bit of weight to your Game Boy Color. Not much though. This game is NOT backwards compatible.

Nice looking. It adds size and it is stylish.Ooooo. Scary. 
Game? What game? - As if the thought of portable force-feedback was not enough. Nintendo has thrown in a game too! (Wow. What genius!) Anyways, here's the skinny on the game that Nintendo has included with your Pocket Vibrator. The game is Pinball. (Hence the name: Pokémon Pinball.) You play to catch them all. How do you catch them? Well, by hitting certain areas of the board; you make the little screen near the bottom change. It has a shadowed picture of a Pokémon. Once that picture is lighted up... you catch that Pokémon! There is said to be 150 Pokémon in this game. Although I will personally look for Mew and Togepy. (Who knows? Maybe I'll catch MissingNo. as well...) What do you DO with the Pokémon you catch? I have no idea. Maybe we can print them out or trade them to the normal game? Hmm. The game could be a regular sticker factory! One current qualm. All the publicity screenshots, etc. Show only ONE playing field. I hope that there are more. Come on, Kirby's Pinball Land had three playing fields! The ball is a Pokéball. (Ha. Ha.) Anyways, here's a screenshot. Enjoy people. This game debuts May 10th. Get ready to rumble...
The game board. Look at that score.

1,234,567,890! - Look at the bottom of the screen. That is a tester score. (As in, not really what someone achieved.) The icon that looks like Pikachu on the left is probably a meter of how many Pokémon you have caught. (This guy playing it must suck..) The Ball icon is the remaining Pokéballs. The screen which shows a house is the screen you move about to catch the Pokémon! Their shadows show up there. Pikachu will save your ball sometimes. 

The Boy will rock you! - One more shot of the unit.
Shake it baby!