Pokémon GOLD and SILVER

Game By Nintendo/Game Freak. Release- Sometime next millenium, hopefully.
Look familiar?
How about these?
  Marichu. NOT Pikablu

No? Well, they will be. Game Freak and Nintendo have been working on creating a wet dream game for gamers everywhere. That game is the sequel to the smahs hit title Pokémon. Whatis it called? Pokémon 2 of course. The game has several new features. Such as a time option. When you play the game; time passes like it would in Legend of Zelda 5: "Ocarina of Time"; but this isn't a cosmetic feature. Certain Pokémon only come out at night. And some of your Pokémon will sleep during the night time. Or sleep during the day. You can not find some pokémon during the day or during the night. (This makes it pretty interesting...) An example would be a Zubat that only comes out at night. Or a lazy Snorlax that won't fight during the night time.

Other unique innovations are an updated Pokédex, and some new items. For example; Ash (Satoshi) rides a skateboard instead of a bicycle. Gary is also NOT your prominent rival in the game! Your rival is female. No, I do not have a picture of her yet. As well as new items, Technical machines, new moves for your Pokémon, and some new hidden machines. The game also allows you to trade your old Pokémon to Gold and/or Silver; but doesn't allow you to trade any of the new pokémon to your game. A "Buru" traded to the old versions (Red, Blue, and Yellow) becomes something else. Like a Ryhdon or a Riachu.

You can also "breed" some of your Pokémon as well. This creates a duel-element "Pokébaby" that aquires the statistics of it's parents. Some types of Pokémon are not compatible with others. The "breeding" option has to do with a machine actually. There is no "stuff" involved. The game features 250 different types of Pokémon. You need the Red and Blue versions to catch all 250 though. The game comes out in Japan in June; and a US release date is not set yet.

Some Game Boy Color/Super Game Boy screenshots.

The Following Pictures are taken directly from a Game Boy Color; so they appear to be "washed-out". The actual game will look a little better. Just stare here for a while. :) The graphics are pretty detailed as it is. A bit flush; but that will change.