By Nintendo - Availble May 24th - Game Boy COLOR Only!
Pictures from Nintendo Power Source.
We will be seeing the long-awaited followup to Ken Griffey Jr. GB next month! And boy, what a great month it will be. Look at the rich color of the grass. While the specs of the Game Boy Color say that only 52 colors can be displayed onscreen at once, the Software Creations developers have found a way to display tons of colors on the screen at once. Must be some pixel-blending or something. (RE GBC must be using this method as well.) In the game, all the MLB teams will be there, and the real MLBPA players are there as well! This is good, compared to the made-up names of the SNES series, which got annoying after a while. You can play a 2 player simultaneous field game, or you can play with 4 friends during an alternating Home Run Derby. In addition to the derby, there are stat sheets, season games, play-off games, and exhibition games.
Batter slides for base... and he's safe! The game will feature short FMV scenes as well.
While the AI can be tough, you can trade any tired player with the CPU for an extremely good player and get away with it. (You scoundrel.) Some players don't play ball as well as other players. Lots of the characters have their own characteristics and, depending on them, they may not run as fast or jump as high. Some batters even have their own batting stances. In-built in the game are short FMV sequences like the ones found in MIB and MK4 for Game Boy Color.
While not too much is known about the rest of the game, you can be sure that DMG Ice will post it here as soon as it becomes available.
Previewed by Adrock, 1999