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            Welcome to DMG Ice's "Sneak Peek" section. This is a place to find information on the latest up-coming Game Boy games. This is a different type of "preview" page. On most preview pages. at other sites, game previews stay up even after the game is reviewed and old news. EVEN after a year. That seems kinda silly. Sure, people care about Tetris DX a month or so before it is released; but after it has been released, reviewed, etc. A preview ends up staying on the server.. collecting dust. Previews are not something to be taken lightly.. eventually they eat the space that could be used for more reviews! And they are flashy things that get old quickly. Anyways, the previewed games in this section STAY previewed in this section.. until they get reviewed. Once they have an Offical Dmg Ice review by The Avardancer or at least two reader reviews; they get removed from here. :) A few of the Previews do not provide a link back to this page. Just hit "Back" on your browser. :) I'm working on them. 
Previews are written by Philip Wesley, Adrock, and Ice Blue.
Game Name Expected Release Date Preview last updated.
Barbie: "Ocean Discovery" May 7th, 1999 April 19th, 1999
Carmaggedon TBA April 19th, 1999
Conker's Pocket Tales June 7th, 1999 April 15th, 1999
Crystalis TBA April 26th, 1999
Duke Nuke 'Em June 17th, 1999 April 15th, 1999
Game & watch Gallery 3 TBA April 22nd, 1999
Harvest Moon GBC TBA April 22nd, 1999
Ken Griffey Jr's Slugfest TBA April 20th, 1999
Metroid 2 DX TBA April 15th, 1999
NHL Blades of Steel 1999 May 4th, 1999 February 10th, 1999
Pokémon 2 TBA April 29th, 1999
Pokémon Pinball June 28th, 1999 April 15th, 1999
Pokémon Yellow September 6th, 1999 April 19th, 1999
Rainbow Six TBA April 19th, 1999
Resident Evil GBC October 22nd, 1999 April 16th, 1999
Revelations: "Demon Slayer" July 15th, 1999 April 20th, 1999
R-Type DX June 28th, 1999 April 15th, 1999
Spawn July 15th, 1999 February 09th, 1999
Super Mario Bros. DX May 10th, 1999 March 02nd, 1999
Survival Kids August 1999 April 23rd, 1999