Harvest Moon GBC!

Shots from Import version. Release Date TBA. Game By Natsume.

            What are are looking at is the color version of Harvest Moon. When will we see it here in the states? Not until it is near impossible to find in stores. The games play exactly the same. You can choose a boy or a girl farmer, and a cat or dog as a pet. You must manage livestock, plant crops, and other various farming tasks. There is a church, a tool shop, a juice bar, a livestock shop, and other different buildings. There are more elements of play... you can read more about the game in these reviews (The original is about the same) and also there is an import review of the color version online as well.

Harvest Moon GB
Harvest Moon GB - Robby Cox
Harvest Moon GBC (Import Version) - RJ Macks
Previewed by Adrock - 1999