By Rare - Release: June 7th

Squirrel boy!

Everyone loves a squirrel! Um... Ok. Ever since Conker's appearance on Diddy Kong Racing for N64, everyone's been anticipating Conker 64, and this game. It looks awesome so far. The screenshots show an RPG game, with brilliant palettes, and detail expected only by a company such as Rare.
If this pic doesn't prove Conker is evil...
According to Rare, this game has "huge levels, inventive subgames, stampeding bad guys and masses of secrets to hunt out". It will be based on the 64-bit version in some ways. He has to get back his birthday presents and rescue Berri. OK, it may sound like a childish excuse from an RPG, but give Rare a chance. If you are looking for an estimated 20 hours of play on your Game Boy Color, you found it.

GBC Conker Screens!

Previewed by Adrock, 1999.