By Interplay - Availble 2nd Quarter 99 (Sometime April-June)
This game is ready to rock your world. Ever wanted to crush little men under the tires of a big 4x4? Carmageddon will let you do just that. A port of the PC and Console games, Carmageddon GBC is an overhead car combat game. It's being developed by a company called Aqua Pacific. The object of the game is to race around and kill those little green men. Are they zombies? Aliens? Who knows. We do know, that you'll be able to get behind the wheel of over 20 different cars. There will be a total of 40 tracks over 10 areas, and there will be different modes of A.I. for the game, such as Attack, Explore, and 3 others. Sounding good? Well, well. Don't forget you can also link up to your friends for a multi-player match. This game sounds like a lot of fun. Rumble support hasn't been announced... But who needs it? Crushing little green men is worth the price. Expect to see this game come out sometime this Spring.
Peep some of the areas.
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Previewed by Adrock, 1999.