Dmg Ice Sneak Peeks at
NHL Blades of Steel 1999
By Konami 
Blades of Steel is a hockey game. Now that this information is out of the way.. I'll show you some really cool screenshots and give you some info on it. The screenshots are from Konami and where taken from an actual Gameboy Color unit. So they are a bit fuzzy. But that won't matter. As you know.. Blade's of Steel 1999 is a remake of the old NES game "Blades of Steel". The game appeared on Gameboy once before and this new version is, in a way, a remake of that old game. The original game was released for Gameboy in 1991. About time for a remix and revision... don't you think? I'm not sure that the original had actual teams. But this remake might. Which would be interesting. Here look at some of the gameplay shots. :) Oh, you can fight in this game as well. That should be cool. The first game had a ton of options and play modes as well. This could be shaping up as a must-have Gameboy title. You know I want it and I'm not really a big hockey fan. Check out the shots. ;) 

Screen shots.
Blatant advertisement..
AAUGH! Jason!
We do not really give a puck.
They just discovered that they have the same girlfriend.
Mighty Duck. Duck. Goose!

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