Barbie Ocean Discovery
By Mattel Media and Realtime Associates - Available May 7th
Sometimes, a game comes along that you don't really want to preview. Oh, well. Someone had to do this game. Really, I don't mind. The game looks like a good call for girls and young audiences, and perhaps it will attract people to the Game Boy Color that wouldn't usually play it. And that is important to me.
Anyways, let's get down to it. You play as Barbie, the popular doll with many sets of themed clothing, in the bedrooms of girls everywhere. Unfortunately, unlike the toys, you won't be able to strip Barbie nude in this game. (I'm kidding!) You play in three areas, such as sunken cities and coral reefs (shown above) looking for treasure. Each time you beat one of the challenges, you get part of one of the keys that will guide you to the next level.
Most of the play in B:OT is consisted of mini-games. Shown here are (in order) the clam, puzzle, and memory games. Once a mini-game is completed, you can replay it again and again to get special charms for Barbie. In one of the mini-games, you have to save Sandy the Dolphin from a maze. The memory and puzzle games are different each time so that you'll want to play them over.
You can play Barbie on your Game Boy Color, and the original Game Boy as well. If you are a young female, then you might want to try it out. If you are an older female, then you might still have some fun, but the game will be extremely easy. If you are a guy and want to play this game, then... um... seek help. Shame on you!
Previewed by Adrock, 1999