Rage against the machines.
(Technical and Hidden machines, that is.)  
Here is a list of ALL the Technical Machines, Hidden Macines, and thier names.
Also included is where they are. :)
Special thanks to  Jake Mastin  (myahoo@yahoo.com), and Raquia.
TM #  Attack Where Found Element
TM01 Mega Punch Mt. Moon Normal
TM02 Razor Wind Celadon Dept. Store Normal
TM03 Sword's Dance Silph Co. Normal
TM04 Whirlwind Route 4 Normal
TM05 Mega Kick Victory Road Normal
TM06 Toxic Fuchsia City Gym Poison
TM07 Horn Drill Celadon City Normal
TM08 Body Slam S.S. Anne Normal
TM09 Take Down Saffron City Normal
TM10 Double Edge  Game Corner Normal
TM11 Bubble Beam Cerulean Gym Water
TM12 Water Gun Mt. Moon Water
TM13 Ice Beam Celadon Dept. Store Ice
TM14 Blizzard Cinnabar Island Ice
TM15 Hyper Beam Celadon City Normal
TM16 Pay Day Route 12 Normal
TM17 Submission Victory Road Fighting
TM18 Counter Celadon Dept. Store Fighting
TM19 Seismic Toss Route 25 Fighting
TM20 Rage Route 15 Normal
TM21 Mega Drain Celadon Gym Grass
TM22 Solar Beam Cinnabar Island Grass
TM23 Dragon Rage Celadon City Dragon
TM24 Thunderbolt Vermilion Gym Electric
TM25 Thunder Power Plant Electric
TM26 Earthquake Silph Co. Ground
TM27 Fissure Viridian City Ground
TM28 Dig Cerulean City Ground
TM29 Psychic Saffron City Psychic
TM30 Teleport Route 9 Psychic
TM31 Mimic Saffron City Normal
TM32 Double Team Fuchsia City Normal
TM33 Reflect Power Plant Psychic
TM34 Bide Pewter City Gym Normal
TM35 Metronome Cinnabar Island Normal
TM36 Self Destruct Silph Co. Normal
TM37 Egg Bomb Fuchsia City Normal
TM38 Fire Blast Cinnabar Gym Fire
TM39 Swift Route 12 Lookout Normal
TM40 Skull Bash Safari Zone Normal
TM41 Soft Boiled Celadon City Normal
TM42 Dream Eater Viridian City Psychic
TM43 Sky Attack Victory Road Flying
TM44 Rest S.S. Anne Psychic
TM45 Thunder Wave Route 24 Electric
TM46 Psywave Saffron Gym Psychic
TM47 Explosion Victory Road Normal
TM48 Rock Slide Celadon Dept. Store Roof Rock
TM49 Tri Attack Celadon Dept. Store Roof Normal
TM50 Substitute Celadon City Normal

HM #

Special Power

Where Found

What is does.
HM01 Cut S.S. Anne Cuts down bushes, Normal element.
HM02 Fly Route 16 Warps you to place you have been, Flying element.
HM03 Surf Safari Zone Lets you swim in the water, Water element.
HM04 Strength Fuchsia City Lets you push boulders, Normal element.
HM05 Flash Route 2 Lookout Lights up "Rock Tunnel", normal element.