Lucky Girl!-Hello! I'm Lucky Girl!
Yes, it's Lucky Girl! Another of Philip's estranged Pokémon pals. She knows how to beat EVERY boss in the game! (Mainly, because she helped me beat them. Atta grrl, Lucky Girl!) She put the "grr" in "grrl". She's one tough cookie and she can tell you from experience how to waste those bad bosses that threaten you in Pokémon! 

Bosses (Gym Leaders) Thier Pokémon
(And how to beat them.)
Brock 3 16
Name: Brock (1st Gym Leader.) 
He lives in: Pewter City. 
He gives you: TM34 
Badge: Boulder Badge 

Boulder Badge increases your Pokémon's power a little and let's you use FLASH outside of battle.
He has a stone cold combo of a Level 12 Geodude and a Level 14 Onix. Although they seem tough, a Water Pokémon or Grass Pokémon will wipe the floor with Brock's bad boulder buddies. Fire Pokémon will barely singe Brock's boys; but can put the hurt on them when it gets to at least Level 20.
Misty! No. She is not naked...
Name: Misty (2nd Gym Leader.) 
She lives in: Cerulean City. 
She gives you: TM11 
Badge: Cascade Badge 

Cascade Badge lets you use CUT outside of battle; it also makes any Pokémon up to level 30 obey you.
This aquatic aphrodite adores water Pokémon! She has a Level 18 Staryu and a Level 21 Starmie. A precious Pikachu or other electric-type Pokémon can really sizzle this aquarian amateur. Grass type Pokémon can dry up her defenses. However, Fire type Pokémon may have a little trouble tanking the terrible two.
LT. SURGE!!! Like in the commercials...
Name: Lt. Surge (3rd Gym Leader.) 
He lives in: Vermillion City 
He gives you: TM24 
Badge: Thunder Badge 

Thunder Badge lets you use FLY outside of battle and ups your Pokémon's speed.
10-4 Pokémon soldier! The extremely exhuberant Lt. Surge has three five-star Pokémon! A Level 21 Voltorb, a Level 18 Pikachu, and a level 24 Raichu! give Mr. G.I. Jolt a good kick in the barracks by deploying Ground type and Grass type Pokémon! Dragon and Electric Pokémon work too; but where can you  get a Dratini this early? Water types should be AWOL for this battle as should any flying types you have. Bugs have a fair chance here.
Erika.... Not a blushing rose...
Name: Erika (4th Gym Leader) 
She lives in: Celadon City 
She gives you: TM21 
Badge: Rainbow Badge 

Rainbow Badge lets you use Strength outside of battle and makes Pokémon up to Level 50 obey you!
The pretty plant princess is truly a patch of perilous poison ivy! Her three grass-type Pokémon: A Level 29 Victreebel, a Level 24 Tangela, and a Level 29 Vileplume are hard to pluck. But Bug type Pokémon can munch away her flower power. Fire type Pokémon will, well, let's say that plants get pretty "toasty" in a fire. Heh. Heh. Heh.
Sabrina loves Harvey. Umm. Wrong Sabrina.
Name: Sabrina (5th Gym Leader) 
She lives in: Saffron City 
She gives you: TM46 
Badge: Marsh Badge 

Marsh Badge makes Pokémon up to Level 70 obey you!
Sabrina's a teenage witch with powerful spells. Her mystic myriad of Pokémon includes: A level 38 Kadabra, a Level 37 Mr. Mime, a Level 38 Venomoth, and a Level 43 Alakazam. Her Hocus Pocus can be halted by a vicious assault from another Psychic Pokémon. I have discovered that Ice, Fire, and Ghosts can all do some bad karma on Psychics. So why not catch a Haunter to give Sabrina nightmares! Poison and Fighting Pokémon should stay far away from this battle. A victory for those types is NOT in the cards.
Koga looks a little like Vegeta.. does he not?
Name: Koga (6th Gym Leader) 
He lives in: Fuchsia City 
He gives you: TM06 
Badge: Soul Badge 

Soul Badge lets you use SURF outside of battle and ups your Pokémon's defense.
Koga talks trash and his Pokémon are trash! All of his Pokémon are poison. Look at his dirty line-up o: A level 37 Koffing, a Level 39 Muk, another Level 37 Koffing, and a Level 43 Weezing! Stop his new pollution down by using Rock-type Pokémon, or Ghosts. Ground Pokémon will nail this loser fast and give him a bottle of blues. Odelay!
Blaine and Rogaine. A perfect match?
Name: Blaine (7th Gym Leader) 
He lives in: Cinnabar Island 
He gives you: TM38 
Badge: Volcano Badge 

Volcano Badge ups your Pokémon's special attacks.
This guy may think he's hot stuff; but he barely smolders. His hot fire Pokémon include a Level 42 Growlithe, a Level 40 Ponyta, a Level 42 Rapidash, and a Level 47 Arcanine. If you caught Articuno, you can beat this hot-headed bald guy faster than you can say: "Propecia". Water and Rock Pokémon can also put out this old flame.
Giovanni. The Rocket Guy. Not the composer.
Name: Giovanni (8th Gym Leader) 
He lives in: Viridian City 
He gives you: TM27 
Badge: Earth Badge 

Earth Badge makes ALL Pokémon obey you!
The Rocket Kingpin has some very mean fugitive Pokémon! Behold: A level 45 Ryhorn, a Level 42 Dugtrio, a Level 43 Nidoqueen, a Level 45 Nidoking, and a Level 50 Rydon. Give this guy a hand for having cool looking Pokémon and than kick his butt with  any type of Pokémon except Fire, Electric, Poison, or Rock types. Anything else will defeat him fairly easily. Grass and Bug Pokémon walk all over this guy. Even Fighting Pokémon can squash him.
The Elite Four Member Data
How to beat them.
(The Ice Queen.) 

Her Pokémon. 
Dewgong - Level 54 
Cloyster - Level 53 
Slowbro - Level 54 
Jynx - Level 56 
Lapras - Level 56
Does she always spend her time on her knees? Before you start your league challenge; make sure you have at least one Ghost (Or a Pokémon that knows PSYCHIC.), one of the Rare Birds, and at least One Fire Based Pokémon. Lorelei is pretty girl; but she has a heart of ice. Seer her with burning Fire. She's such a cold biddy; but you can quickly melt her resolve with Fire. Fighting Types and Rock types can work too. Although, some of her Pokémon are also water types. So maybe you should leave your Onix at home. If you beat her; maybe she'll go back to being a librarian or something. I dislike her.
(The Master Fighter.) 

His Pokémon. 
Onix - Level 53 
Hitmonchan - Level 55 
Hitmonlee - Level 55 
Onix - Level 56 
Machamp - Level 58
He may be stupid. But Lucky Girl says that Bruno is babe-o-licious! This big buff guy is a complete dork! What type of dummy builds an all fighting squad? Why not take out your Ghost or Psychic Pokémon and stomp him! Oh, if you have a water type Pokémon; why not use it to take down his two Rock type Pokémon? Bruno is the case against in-breeding. Ha ha ha. He's one of the weakest of the Elite Four! He should take up a different hobby or put on a shirt. Oh, a word of caution... if you don't take down his Machamp in one move.. it WILL use FISSURE. If FISSURE hits your Pokémon.. they are instantly fainted.
(Queen of Ghosts and Oak's ex-girlfriend. Huh?!) 

Her Pokémon. 
Gengar - Level 56 
Golbat - Level 56 
Haunter - Level 55 
Arbok - Level 58 
Gengar - Level 60
Quick! Hide your Ruby Slippers! Watch out for her confusion moves! She seems to have some pretty nasty Pokémon! She also likes to use items and switch her Pokémon a lot. Take out an Articuno, Zapdos, or Moltres and show her some Legendary power! She's a wicked old woman and she can end your League Challenge quickly if you are not careful! Water and Fire are good ways to bust her ghosts!
(The Dragon Trainer.) 

His Pokémon. 
Gyarados - Level 58 
Dragonair - Level 56 
Dragonair - Level 56 
Aerodactyl - Level 60 
Dragonite - Level 62
And for his next trick. He will make his hair disappear!
This guy has some funky hair... Well, he can get in your hair too; unless you use the superior power of PSYCHIC, or an Ice-type Pokémon on him. Careful! His Pokémon know Hyper-Beam, Recover, and some other nasty moves! I suggest repairing all your Pokémon before facing this punk. He can talk the talk and walk the walk. Trip him up good with an Articuno. (Or borrow a Mewtwo from a friend. Chansey's can kick booty here too!) The weakest part of Lance's team is his two Dragonairs. Hit them with an Ice Beam or PSYCHIC to take them out quick. When Aerodactyl shows up; take it down as quick as you can. His Aerodactyl is one of the nastier guys as it has a nasty Bite and can take a huge chunk out of your Pokémon team.
YOUR RIVAL! How to beat him!
Your Rival's team differs depending on which Pokémon you choose at the beginning of the game. 

The first three Pokémon in the his team are always the same: 
A level 61 Pidgeot 
A Level 59 Alakazam 
A Level 61 Rhydon. 

If you chose Squirtle; his last three Pokémon are: 
A Level 61 Gyrados 
A Level 63 Arcanine 
A Level 65 Venusaur! 

If you chose Charmander; his last three will be: 
A Level 61 Arcanine 
A Level 63 Exeggutor 
A Level 65 Blastoise! 

If you chose Bulbasaur, his last three are: 
A Level 61 Exeggutor 
A Level 63 Gyarados 
A Level 65 Charizard!

The team you have used to beat the Elite Four should be able to beat your Rival. Carry some antidote, revive and the Poké Flute. Just attack without mercy and do your best. This could be the most difficult fight in the game. But, to qoute some movie with Adam Sandler that no one saw, "You can do it!". Beat him back! Fight! Fight! Fight! You have come too far to be beaten by this loser! You want strategy? Hmm. Psychics and Ice prevail! The first three are easy for a Ice based Pokémon like Articuno or Jynx. (Dewgong is good too.) A Gyarados is easily defeated by a Psychic Pokémon or a Plant Pokémon. Arcanine can be beaten by Ice, Water, or Rock. Exeggutor? Hmm. Start a brush fire and crispy-size it. A Butterfree, or Venomoth can EASILY chew up the Exeggutor to palatable toothpicks. As for the last one? Hmm. That's up to you to beat. I don't suggest using whatever you left Dr. Oak's place with to battle this last one. (Unless... you want a tough battle.)

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