I used to be pretty cool.
Hello there! Welcome to the world of POKéMON! 
My name is OAK! 
People call me the POKéMON PROF!
This world is inhabited by creatures called POKéMON! For some people, POKéMON are pets. Others use them for fights. Myself... I study POKéMON as a profession. A Pokemon
I have asked some talented young POKéMON trainers like ASH KETCHUM and my Grandson GARY OAK to catch POKéMON and chronicle them in a POKéDEX. A POKéDEX is a special encyclopedia of POKéMON!
This is really my SECOND POKéDEX. My first one had many "flaws". This will be a perfect one. With extra help beyond just POKéMON data. There are several NEW items like a list of "HMS" and "TMS" and what the "Badges" do. As well as a Weakness chart for POKéMON battles and a list of fellow POKéMON Trainer's sites.
Even with ASH and GARY working on the POKéDEX; some POKéMON may not have complete data. if you can fill in that data; PLEASE e-mail me at "dmgice@yahoo.com" with the stats and information or if you see an error. Well, I must resume my studies. 
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