Maybe Village
(Where we keep stuff that may be cool or may be not.)
Grapple with this... A cool picture of the hero in Bionic Commando for Gameboy. Bionic Commando is a cool game. I gave the man with the bionic arm a really cool looking "Dmg Ice" ring. (Complete with the Blue Triforces that used to signify Dmg Ice so long ago.) The blast line in the back is supposed to look like fire. It's the only section of this picture; I'm not too happy about. That Bionic Commando guy looks like a Dragon Ball Z extra. Die you Saiyens!
Take it to the max. Hmm. The characters and the logo are from the game. The background is from a free-domain picture of an old building of some sort. I thought it looked cool. Notice that it says: "Hardcore Gameboy". I changed the site's slogan to "Serious Gameboy"; because "Hardcore Gameboy" sounded too much like a porno site. Ah, well. Cool picture though.
Sofia is well equipped to handle any fighting situation. Well, I have now officially set the Sufferage back a few years. Anyways, this was the begining of the end of my "Web-G" rating. It's a cool picture though. I have never recieved any compliants about it and I don't think I really will. Battle Arena Toshiden for Gameboy was a funny game. I had to add the color and arrangements in pixel by pixel; so I had to use the zoom option and.... oh.... never mind.
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