(Here we keep the immature stuff.)
Clean the pipes...
This is the brain child of too much free time and a twisted sense of humour. It was created with rom capture sprites from the game. Although the detail is not very easy to see in the picture. There are post-it-notes on that thing that looks like a file cabinet. Marin has a barret in her hair. I made her hair short just for this picture. That is pretty bad. :)
Merry Christmas! Okay; so this isn't the most cheery picture; but it is pretty funny. It's a parody of the picture Nintendo had on their Japanese website in 1997-1998. It has to do with that Pikachu/Pokémon seizure epidemic. :)
My heart will go on and on and on and on.
Another pretty weird idea with Link and Marin. :) Gee, I'm pretty twisted. I altered their sprites to more closely resemble the characters in the movies.
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