Beware the Pikachu!
The Picture Gallery 
Welcome to my Gallery! This is a collection of my favorite drawings and Gameboy art that I created. :) It is meant to inspire and make you happy! Okay; it's also a showcase of cool stuff I made. :) The Gallery has a few different "rooms". The pictures are contained in the "rooms". Click on a "room" to see the pictures contained in that room. Each picture has a description of it by me. The gallery rooms are named after places from the Legend of Zelda games. All the images contained in this gallery are my works and you need my permission to post them anywhere else. 

-Philip Andrew Wesley- 
(Webmaster of Dmg Ice) 

Lost Woods
Face Shrine
I of dreams and I of reality. Together. I am all and nothing but.
Maybe Village
Animal Village

Face it.