Face Shrine
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Dmg Ice. Going Bucolic. This lovely picture was made with colorized sprites from Harvest Moon and some Public Domain pictures of the "Winnie the Pooh 100 Acre Wood memorial". In the back is part of the 100 Acre Wood. Pretty neat huh? It was originally planned to look like a parody of "Whistlestop Junction". (TV Land.) But, I would have to hide them from the neck down. And it didn't look as good. Are ALL farm girls this cute? I may need to move to Windsor and become Amish.
Party with the ape!
One of my faves. It was on the front for the first month of 1999. I was originally going to make it a Christmas card; but I decided not to. See that thing that says: "Dmg Ice"? It's our logo. I integrated that and the slogan into the picture at the last minute. But hey... it looks good. Party with the Ape.
Castlevania is calling... One of the OLDEST pictures on the site. This dates back to our Fortune City days. Very cool. Still very cool. Kinda goth.. kinda not goth. Well, it's good and that's all we need to know. Ain't she cute? I think she could beat up that Buffy girl.
Feliz Navidad! A better Christmas picture than the one in the Lost Woods. One of my best in my opinion. I'm quite proud of it. It's a Christmas card from the Belmonts. Oh, this is also part of the special ending to Castlevania Legends. Very cool. It was edited to make it look more realistic.
The Doctor is in!
The OLDEST picture on the site. This was the FIRST picture I made for Dmg Ice. Sniff. And I still have it too. (Gets nostalgic.) You are staring at the genuine article. One of my favorite pictures. :) 
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