Animal Village
(Where we keep the goooood stuff.)
Umm. Whatever. Okay. This is sad. Yup. It actually stems from a joke one of my friends said. He said that people don't go on-line to see Gameboy; they go to see scantily clad women. So I thought: "Hey, it can only help." Yup. I'm all male.
Look me in the eye. See Charlotte? She is cool. Check out that eye. This was the first picture I made that I thought was, well, pretty tight. It is STILL the bomb.
Fight to the death! This picture stems from the use of a new graphic tool I downloaded called Ultimate Paint. I downloaded this excellent Freeware program and instantly started to practice implementing the new features it had into my art. The characters here are Kyo and Iori from King of the Fighters. The character sprites are from the game "King of the Fighter's 1996". The backgrounds are a test of Ultimate Paint's "Skills". The picture became very sharp and looks excellent. I wish to thank the "Snappy" device from Play Incorporated for all the nice image captures.

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