Triforce Awakening.
By The Avardancer
(This is a completely new Legend of Zelda story and takes little from the previous games.)

        It has been Two hundred years since the last Triforce Knight passed away. The Triforce Knights were formed by the King and The Hero of Legend more than a thousand years ago to protect the most treasured and fabled object of Hyrulean/Hylean Culture: The Triforce. The Triforce has been regarded as a myth or Old Wives Tale for the last fifty years. Over the centuries rulers have risen and fallen, kingdoms have flourished and flickered out. Steam technology has replaced the old ways. Hyrule is ruled by a Council of Elders; many of whom are the descendants of past kings, cardinals, and tyrants. The Council has ruled fairly for a hundred years; but rumors of maniacal experiments and abuses of power have become more common as of lately..........

Chapter one: (The Discovery.)

        "Dash it all, can't this bloody machine dig any faster?" Yelled the Foreman. "We've just begun to penetrate the crust of this old waste of stone." Replied the Drill hand. "Garon Dragmire will pay us through his nose if this is the right temple!" Thought the Foreman. They had been working on this dig for two months; but always at night as part of the contract. "I wish we could do this during the day; when we could see better." Grumbled one of the workers. "We can't 'cause this is supposed to be some type of National Monument." "Of course; I can't understand why anyone would want to see a stupid rock shaped like a turtle." "We've broken through!" The Foreman, a man by the name of Tabin, pushed through the workers. "We have haven't we; go fetch my son; he might want to see this." Tabin's son was a lanky sixteen year old by the name of Link. This name was given to him as part of a long standing tradition in Tabin's family. "Dad, do you think the legends are true?" Link asked. "Legends or facts; I don't care for as much if it brings us food for the table." Tabin Replied. "Fetch me a lantern; 'cause me an' my boy are going in." "Do you suppose that's a safe thing to do sir?" Said one of the workers. "We'll be all right; besides what could possibly be in here that could hurt us?" Tabin replied as smug as he could; but he silently slipped a small dagger into his pocket just to be safe. As they walked into the cavernous rock; they saw what the skeletons of strange creatures lined upon the floors. There were strange inscriptions on the rocks and statues with eyes that pierced your very soul. Suddenly they heard a strange howling sound. "Jest the wind, Link." Said Tabin. "Jest the wind." They came to a door with a giant skull engraved upon it. "That's one of them 'Stalfo' figures" "Legend says that they were undead warriors of evil." Said Tabin Factually. "Sounds like something out of a cheesy horror novel to me." Said Link. They pushed the door open and a wondrous glow began to fill the room. "Is that the Triforce?" said Link. "It seems to be." Said Tabin. The Triforce loomed in a huge glass container above a small altar with the names of many knights inscribed into it. "Hey, dad!" Link yelled. "My name is engraved in this stone, pretty keen isn't it." Suddenly the strange howl started again. A strange figure started to rise from the shadows of the doorway. "I'm pleased with your progress, Tabin." The figure said. "Garon?" "Yes, Tabin; I've been keeping track of your progress very closely." "The rest of your workers have been relieved of their duty and this job has been erased from their memory." Said Garon. "Why?" Asked Tabin. "Because, Tabin, it makes my quest complete if no one knows about this little liaison." Garon unstrapped a large pitchfork that was strapped to his back. "It's a pity that I must kill your son as well; but I mustn't let anyone know of this." "NO!" Yelled Tabin. Tabin pulled out his dagger and lunged toward Garon only to meet the business end of Garon's pitchfork. "Fool." Muttered Garon. "The Triforce is mine." "Murderer!" Screamed Link and he dove at Garon. Garon pushed him aside and lifted up the glass surrounding the Triforce. An eerie voiced echoed across the caverns. "Touch the Triforce with a wish in your heart." Garon reached to touch the Triforce and it vanished. "What trickery!" Said Garon in disgust. "This isn't even the real thing!" He then turned toward Link. "I'm most sorry about your father, boy; but I can't let you live either!" Garon lunged at Link. Link moved quickly out of the way and tripped over a strange tile. Link felt the ground open up beneath him and he started falling. "Pity, what a waste of youth." Said Garon zealously as he walked out of the chamber.

Chapter two: (Hero's Tale.)

            Link felt his body falling down the chasm and he blacked out. Suddenly he was awakened by a girls voice. "Are you okay now?" said the voice. "I think so.." Link replied. "We are in our dream." She said. "This is a dream?" "Yes, and I must tell you something, you are the Legendary Hero and you must stop Ganon." "Ganon?" "Yes, you must find the three crystals of Courage, Power, and Might." "Crystals?" "Yes, for they unlock the sword and the sword unlocks the Triforce and the Triforce will stop Ganon." "Why the Triforce?" "Because it is destined.." Then the girl vanished. "Miss?" "Where are you?" Link yelled. Then he heard a strange noise. Link turned around to face a huge creature with fiery red eyes. You cannot defeat me young boy; I am Ganon." The creature hurled a huge pitchfork at Link and pinned him to the floor. "You are the Legendary Hero and I must destroy you...." Link awoke with a start and discovered that he had fallen into a large room full of hay, and skeletons. "Outsssssider." "Huh?" Link turned with a start to see a strange worm looming over him. "Delicoussssss Outsssssider." It lunged at Link and Link leapt out of the way of it's massive jaws. Link saw a sword next to one of the skeletons and picked it up to defend himself. Tabin had taught Link how to use a sword when Link was twelve. Link leaped at the worm and hit it between the eyes. The blade of the sword bounced off. "No weapon formed ssssshall pierccce my flesssssh." Hissed the worm. Link moved quickly away. Then Link remembered an old tale his father had told him about a creature called "The Moldorm" and how it's heart was exposed on it's tail. Link dove past the jaws of the creature and quickly moved toward it's tail. Link was right! Link noticed a small patch of exposed flesh on it's tail and he dug the sword into it. The creature gave an ear piercing screech and slumped to the ground dead. Link looked over the creature he had killed and found a strange object embedded in it's back. It was a crystal. Remembering his dream; Link plucked the crystal from the creatures spine and he heard a strange noise. It was the sound of running water. Then Link realized that he was in an old sewer! He went toward the sound of the water and he found an old door, he flipped a switch in the wall next to it and suddenly water started pouring into the cavern. Link was caught in the current and blacked out again.

Chapter three: (Zelda.)

            The current carried Link further down the sewers. "Well, then young lady, how do you like my new 'steam carriage'?" Said Alundran to his pretty young daughter. "It's fine, father." She said. She was about 15 with blond hair and eyes as vast as the universe. Her name was Zelda, a name passed down through the generations by her family. She hated it; to her "Zelda" sounded like some type of vegetable. "Father?" Zelda said. "I've been having this strange dream lately." "Tell me all about it." Replied Alundran. "I dream that I'm flying over the hills and plains of the land." "Then I tumble to the ground and I end up in a hall of mirrors." "In the mirrors are images of people, places, creatures, and things." "I hear someone else in the hall as well." "There is a deep moan and a book appears before me." "I start reading the words printed in the book and I hear a reply from beyond the mirrors." "Then I turn to find my self trapped inside a strange triangle of gold and then... I wake up." "Hmmm." Thought Alundran. "I think, Zelda, that you must stay far away from the chefs rum cake!" They stopped by a river and Zelda picked some flowers by the bank of the river. "Alundran!" Said a harsh voice. "Garon, my friend!" Replied Alundran. "How goes the Council?" Garon just leered at Alundran for a while than replied in a kurt manner. "They have sent me with a letter of your removal." "My removal?" "Why?" Garon sneered slightly, then answered. "You have been charged with plotting treason against the council and the murder of Tabin, former head of the Council Militia." "Oh my gods." "You must either abdicate your position, or be formally prosecuted." "This will break my daughter's heart, Garon." "We'll have no more fine things, and no more of the life we have grown so close too." Garon turned his back to Alundran and said. "Such is the way of power absolute." Garon got upon his horse and rode off. "Oh, what to tell Zelda." Thought Alundran. Suddenly Zelda screamed. "Father!"

Chapter four: (Fate bound.)

            "Zelda!" Alundran yelled. "What is it?" Alundran came to the shore where Zelda standing. A young man had washed onto the shore of the river. He was obviously still alive; just unconscious. Alundran and Zelda placed him into the steam carriage and headed home. "Awaken hero." Link heard a voice. "You aren't dead yet." said the voice. Link was pinned to the ground by the pitchfork and a hand reached out of the darkness and took the pitchfork away. "Link, now you must get up." Said the voice. Link looked up to see his father. "I thought you were dead?" Link said. "No, Link." "I live; but only in your dreams and memories." "Father, I have one of the crystals; I'll avenge you." "Well, done Link." Then Links father vanished. Then the darkness around Link swelled and started spinning slowly becoming vapor. Suddenly all Link saw was a blur. "Father, he's waking up." "Well, boy." "Welcome back to the land of the living!" "Where am I?" Asked Link. "You are in Koholint Manor, I am Alundran of the Council and this is my daughter Zelda." "Pleased to meet you, Zelda and Alundran." Replied Link. "What happened?" "We found you on the shore of the river with this sword." "I must have washed out of Moldorm's pit through the sewers." "Moldorm?" Said Alundran. "You must still be a bit rattled from whatever happened to you; because EVERYONE knows that Moldorms don't exist." "Well, we have introduced ourselves; but we don't have a clue who you are." "My name is Link, and my father is Tabin." "Well, he was..." "And what do you mean by 'was'?" Asked Zelda. "He was killed by Garon." Said Link. "That my boy, is a very serious accusation." Stated Alundran. "Very serious and depraved." Said a voice. "I thought I told you to leave this place, Alundran." "Garon!" "What are you doing here, Garon?" "I have come for the boy, Alundran; you see he is quite insane and needs to be dealt with properly." Link sprung out of the bed and grabbed his sword. He held the sword menacingly and then noticed some thing strange about the sword. The sword had three holes in its hilt. Link took the crystal from his pocket and placed it in the hilt of the sword. The sword began to glow an eerie blue. "What is that, boy?" Said Garon. "Alundran, can't you see that this boy is dangerous; and he practices witchcraft!" "You must detain him." Alundran stepped toward Link and took out a small crossbow. "It's a tranquilizer boy; just put down the sword." Alundran shot the crossbow at Link. Link blocked the arrow with his sword and leapt up onto the ledge of the window. Garon pulled out a pitch fork and threw it at Link. Link jumped out of the window into the bushes. Link picked himself up and started to run, thankful that the house was only one floor high. Garon ran to door and called some of the guards to catch Link. Link ducked into an alleyway and lost his pursuers. "I have one of the crystals." Thought Link. "Now where is the other two?" Suddenly his sword began to glow again and an image appeared in the sword. Link saw what looked like a castle on a hill; but upon closer inspection, he realized that it was a picture of Trudo Castle. Trudo Castle was the oldest prison in Hyrule. He saw Alundran and Zelda being escorted toward it. The sword could tell the future! Link decided that he should save them. Back at the manor, Garon placed Alundran under arrest.

Chapter five: (Past reasons.)

            Link slowly peeked around the corner of the alley. Slowly checking for intruders. Suddenly, Link felt a cold hand on his shoulder. "You!" Link heard a voice say. Link turned with a start to see an old, decrepit man standing behind him dressed in a long robe. "Who are you?" Link said. Drawing his sword, Link back away from the strange figure. "I am Treshalan; I have been looking for you, Link." "How do you know my name?" "I am a spirit of the ancients." "Spirit of the ancients?" "Yes" The odd man explained. "The ancients guide the world and keep the Triforce." "Now, Link, you must follow me to the Temple of Time." Link looked in awe as the odd man disappeared in a blue light. Then Link felt himself being lifted off the ground and suddenly the alleyway shown of bright blue and vanished. Link found himself standing on a slab of stone in the middle of a great pool of water. Link looked around and saw strange symbols inscribed in to the stone slab. Suddenly a huge dragon head arose from the water. "You have come here through our guidance; I must test your worthiness." "Hey, I'm worthy all right!" Link said harshly. "Now, will someone PLEASE tell me what the HELL is going on and where I am?" "Impudent worm!" Scoffed the Dragon. "I am Life Brood; the great guardian of the second crystal and gatekeeper of the Temple of Time." "So what." Link said. "I just want to go rescue Alundran and that Zelda chick." "In time; but first I must teach you some respect!" Link felt the stone slab sinking. Life Brood melted back into the water and a giant hand appeared and lunged at Link. Link swung his sword at the hand; but it grabbed him slammed him against the stone slab. "Oww, why'd you do that?" Link said. Then Life Brood's head appeared again. "To punish you for your attitude." "Okay, I'm sorry." Said Link. "Good, now I can tell you." Said Life Brood. "You face a much deeper threat than you realize." Life Brood told Link about the Triforce.

Chapter six: (Life Brood's Tale)
            "You see Link, the world is based on balances and alignments. Not of the stars, or of the seasons; but of souls. I have seen that life on the planet is becoming more evil; and this will be the undoing of it. For I fear that the Triforce grows restless; it has been so long without an owner. And without use the Triforce loses its power. Soon the Triforce may vanish into dust. If the Triforce vanishes; the triune gods will  destroy this world and all in it!" "So, I get it." Said Link. "If I don't find the Triforce; the world will be doomed." "Yes, that is correct." "Why don't you get it, Life Brood?" "I cannot; for I am an element of life and therefore have no alignment." "Oh." "Now, young Link; we must battle!!" "Do I have to kill you, Life Brood?" "No, that isn't the point of the test." Life Brood suddenly disappeared into the water. The stone slab stretched wider and wider. Then suddenly a strange figure of water dropped from the sky. It looked exactly like Link. "I am your test of wisdom; prepare to die." Link drew his sword and swung it at the doppleganger. The clone parried his every swing. Link tried harder and harder; but the doppleganger matched his every move. Then Link knew what to do. Link dropped his sword and turned his back to the doppleganger. The clone did the same. "Now," said Link. "I will defeat you." The doppleganger turned quickly and saw Link kneeling in front of him. The doppleganger quickly did the same. Link picked up his sword and placed it into a crevice in the rock. The doppleganger did the same. Then Link pretended to jump onto the sword. The doppleganger seeing Link jump copied and landed on it's sword impaling itself. Link smiled and picked up his sword. "Copy cat." Link muttered. 
Chapter seven: (Life Brood's Test)

            "That was easy, Life Brood!" Link challenged. "Well, then." Said Life Brood. "Let us see how you handle this!" Link saw an eerie image appear before him. It was his father! "Father?" Link said. "No." Said the image. "I am your test of Power!" "You must kill me!" "This is just sick, Life Brood!" Said Link. Suddenly the image lunged at Link and stabbed him in the side. Link backed away and felt his side. Blood! The image was going to kill him. Link reared back his sword; the blue energy from the hilt of the sword started surging again! Link swung the mighty sword with all his strength sending a huge bolt of blue energy searing toward the image. Link stood and gazed at the ashes of the image. And shed a tear for his father's death. "I don't want to do this anymore." Link said. "I want to leave." "Well done!" Life Brood's voice echoed. "You had the power to do away with the image; even when your heart said otherwise." "For true power comes not from physical strength; but from emotional strength." "In life there is a time and a place for things; knowing the time to mourn and to move on is the greatest power known." "If you give up now; before the final test!" "All I have told you and tested you for is lost." Link looked up at the now towering wall of water that is Life Brood. "Well, what else have you got?" Life Brood stretched a huge watery wing toward the sky and revealed a crystal in his aquatic talons. "Fetch the stone, young warrior." Said Life Brood. Link leaped up to edge of the wing and slid right through into onto the slab. "You're not solid!" "True courage boy, can make you walk on even water!" Life Brood said. Link reared back and jumped again; this time; he landed on the water; Link slowly took a few steps. His feet started to sink. Link stopped walking and started to sprint toward the stone; his feet getting deeper into the water. Link leaped at the stone and grabbed it from Life Brood's talon's and suddenly was transported back to the stone slab. "Huh?" Link said. "You have done well, young warrior." Said Life Brood. "You may continue to Trudo Castle; where you will meet both death, life, love, and the third crystal..." Link looked up at Life Brood and the Temple faded in a brilliant red.

Chapter eight: (Rescue?)

            "I trust that you will find your new home; quite 'plush', Alundran?" Sneered Garon. Garon locked the door to Alundran's cell and chuckled as we went away. Garon made his way up to the gates of the prison. "What do we do with the girl?" Said one of the guards to Garon. "Hmm." Garon chuckled. "With her father in prison and her reputation and power dissipated." "I guess... I could use a new worker in my estate." He loomed over Zelda. "Well, little girl, are you any good at laundry?" Zelda just stared at Garon, speechless. Almost as if she was in a trance. Link made his way through the underbrush and thick hedges of vines, dormant deku plants, and other things. Link saw the tower; and the moat around it. Hiding in the bushes; he saw Zelda and Garon. Counting the guards; Link held tightly to his sword. The sword started glowing blue, then a red. "What's that!" One of the guards yelled. Garon, seeing the blue light; immediately knew who was there. In sheer fear; Garon went back into the prison's gates. The Guards; abandoning Zelda went to investigate the light. Link heard them and grew nervous. The Sword started getting hot in his hands and was hurting Link. The guards suddenly discovered Link. Paralyzed by fear. Link stood still; as they surrounded him. "Put down the sword son." "Garon told us about you." Link closed his eyes and suddenly felt his body spinning; being led by his hands in an arc. Link opened his eyes. There was nothing but dented armor and ashes around him. The grass that had hidden him was gone; completely leveled.
Link heard a voice; it was Life Brood! "Link, this is the power you possess."
"Retrieve the last crystal!" Zelda rushed to meet her rescuer. "Link!" She said. "I thought you had died!" "Nah, the old classics never die, Zelda." Link gave him a hug and a kiss on the cheek. "Link, you must rescue my father." "Garon is a traitor and he must be destroyed." "I know what he did to your father." "I know about the Moldorm and Life Brood." "How do you know these things, Zelda?" "I'm not sure; I just know them." Link turned toward the entrance to the prison. "Zelda, go get the High Councilman; you may still have his trust. Bring him here. I feel that what will happen tonight; he must witness." Zelda left quickly as Link stepped into the dark dungeon of Trudo

Chapter nine: (Trudo and the Triforce.)

            Garon lay in wait in the shadows; watching Link as Link passed by his hiding place. Link slowly moved around the cells. cautiously, he moved; then something caught his eye. It was a chip in the mortar of the dungeon. Link saw light coming through the dungeon wall. He pushed on it and it didn't budge. Suddenly Link saw a barrel of old gunpowder. "This is handy" Link thought to himself. spreading as much of the powder around the crack as possible; Link gripped his sword tightly; and concentrated. The blade grew hot and ignited the gunpowder; in a loud explosion the wall dropped away in rubble. Link stepped over the fallen mortar and into what appeared to be a temple. In the temple were many statues, and a strange stone. Link read the inscription on the stone. "Only the Wise and the Strong; the fatherless and the held can break this seal; to claim and reveal the Triune Power of the gods: The Triforce rests without an owner." "Link." Said a voice. An eerie chill filled the room. Link turned to see Garon; standing with many guards. "Well, boy. You found my Triforce." "it seems that only you an Alundran can break the seal... The Fatherless and the Held!" Link just stared at Garon with hate.

Chapter ten: (The die is cast.)

Garon made Link and Alundran stand in the middle of the room next to the stone. Suddenly, a strange light surrounded them. Then a strange figure appeared in the light and landed in the middle of them. Link turned to face the strange figure. "Well, my boy." Said the figure. "I am the essence of the Triforce." Garon reached out to grab the Triforce; the suddenly Alundran pushed him away. "Sorry, Garon; you get to rot like the maggot you are..." Alundran grabbed the Triforce and suddenly started transforming into a huge blue pig like demon. "Heh. Heh. I am Ganon!" Garon and Link stood confused by this development. "Now, Garon, my sad servant.... YOU DIE!" Ganon cast a huge blue bolt from his hand at Garon and Garon's flesh melted off of his face in a horrid spectacle; until all that remained was a pile of dust and a medallion. "Garon is dead. I am free, the Reckoning will not begin." Link heard Life Brood's riddle in the back of his mind. "The balance!" Link exclaimed. Ganon turned to him and said. "Yes, the balance has been tipped toward the darkness now. This world is mine for the taking! I will let you witness my triumph boy!" Link hung his head in shame. Then he bolted out of the Temple in hopes of escape. He ran and tripped down into a pit. Everything went black.

Chapter eleven: (Strange.)

            "Link?" Said a voice. "Are you okay boy?" Link awoke and saw Alundran standing before him. Link wielded his sword and told Alundran to stay back. Alundran just looked at Link with a puzzled expression on his face. "What's the matter link?" Said Alundran. "You look like you've seen a ghost!" Link glared at him and said: "I have.... I think." Alundran pulled out a small satchel from his belt. "Link, look at this. It's Mires Powder. It can make a believable imitation of any being. Clever is it not." "Huh?" Link said. "So you used it on your self?" "Well, yeah." "How long does it last?" "About 3 hours." "Hmm." Link thought. "I think that we should search this dungeon for a crystal..." Alundran agreed to help Link search. The dungeon was dank, smelly, and littered with bones and old ammo. Link caught sight of a strange statue. He came closer to the statue; then he realized that it wasn't a statue! It was a sleeping Dodongo; and the crystal was resting on a small ledge above it. Link stepped forward slowly . Suddenly the Dodongo woke up and ate the crystal! Link leaped at it with his sword; but the Dodongo was protected by it's thick scales. Alundran picked up a bit of the old ammo tossed a barrel of Gunpowder into the Dodongo's mouth. The Dodongo swallowed it and started to fume. In a brilliant flash of green the creature exploded, leaving guts and the third crystal on the ground. Link picked up the crystal and slipped it into the sword. Suddenly Link and the sword were teleported to the roof. "I didn't think I should let you miss my victory.." Said Ganon.

Chapter twelve: (Grand Fin.)

            Link glared at Ganon. Suddenly Ganon's body started fading. "What is this!" Yelled Ganon. "Your a temporary host is vanishing Ganon." Said Link. Ganon started changing into a strange shadow creature. "I am EVIL! And I possess the Triforce. You can not beat me." Yelled Ganon. Link raised his sword and energy started flowing from the handle of the sword; transforming the blade into a huge glowing mass of Blue energy. Ganon glared and said. "What do you intend to do with that, boy?" A deafening crash and a single swipe answered the question. Link had destroyed Ganon. The Triforce floated above the earth waiting. Link touched the Triforce and suddenly the castle started to crumble. Zelda and the High Councilman arrived to see the castle vanish. All that was left was Link, Alundran, and the Triforce. Link held his sword high and the Triforce joined with the sword. "You must make sure that the Triforce stays safe, Link." Said Alundran. Link turned toward the rising sun and said: "This is my destiny, my purpose." Link slowly walked off toward the rising sun.


            Alundran was restored to his high position. Link wandered from Hyrule and the surrounding countries; because of the sword and the Triforce. Zelda often tells of his great deeds and though Link has grown distant in his travels; she still remembers him for his courage. The balance has been restored to the right of good; and all is well.