We can't spell SUCCESS without "U"!!
An Editorial by The Avardancer.
Here I was again, checking my Guestbook. Nope, no new entries. How about "Piky's Picks"? Nope, no one has e-mailed many anything. The "Mail-Bag"? Nope. That's empty too. How frustrating. Where are all the people? Where's the love? I wanted to make this site something special, something cool, something that people would flock too. Well, I've got a lot of hits; but I don't know you guys!! Where's the flocks of new reviews by my readers? Where's the second opinions? Did you love Alleyway? Did you hate my last editorial? Where's your response? Well? A web site is a give and take thing. Your opinion matters. You don't have to make huge reviews like I do. Even a paragraph with your opinion is valuable. (Yes, I want more than one review of the same game. Second opinions are good.) Well, if you aren't going to reply; then you shouldn't get upset if I suddenly start bashing your favorite game in one of my reviews; or bashing your favorite system other than Gameboy. Or if I suddenly remove that midi file you loved. (You didn't tell me so I didn't know.) Now, that Dmg Ice has garbonzo hits out the wazoo; I would love to know who keeps hitting this site. Are you serial Gameboy cases? Aliens from another planet? Culture Club Fanatics? That one person from Iowa who actually loved "Night Trap"? Senators? Communist cross-training Jane Fonda fans? Trekky nerds? Magic-loving people who wear only black and burn 385 sticks of "Nighty" inscense? Well, who are you? Please participate!! Please! Please! Please! gee, begging for feedback is hard on the knees. That could be a song. (Singing) You know what I want and it ain't what I need; 'cause running a site is so hard on the knees! (Stops singing) Hey, Steve Tyler! I know you read this site. Respond!! Well, I know that those people from Dragnet are back at my door again; so I'm going to stop now.