Dmg Ice Interviews
of Gameboy(Oh, Boy!) 
August 31st, 1998

Praxcelis's real name is Geoff Taylor and he hails from Alabama.
The state not the band. He runs Gameboy (Oh, boy!). His site
is one of the bigger Gameboy sites on the internet.
His e-mail is
The Interview is done by The Avardancer 
<Avardancer> Welcome Gameboy Fans to another Dmg Ice Interview. Today in the bullpen we have Praxolis, Webmaster of Gameboy (Oh, Boy!). Do you have any opening comments, Prax?

<Praxcelis> Hmm, not really.  I might add that its spelled 'Praxcelis' :) but then most people tend to not get it right so I usually don't complain.

<Avardancer> Oh, sorry.

<Avardancer> Our first question of the day is: "When did you decide to make a Gameboy site and what influenced your decision?"

<Praxcelis> After hearing about the new Game Boy Pockets and seeing that Wal-Mart had a nifty package (black unit w/ Donkey Kong Land II) for a good price during the Christmas season I decided it was finally time to nab one for myself.  After a few months of looking around for Game Boy information online and not really finding what I wanted I decided to make a go with my own site.  At first I really had no more intentions that to bring together all the tidbits of old info, codes, cheat, etc. together in one location.  I had no idea that Nintendo planned to bring new life back into the Game Boy world.

<Avardancer> Which games do you own for your Gameboy Pocket?

<Praxcelis> let's see...I own Kirby's Pinball Land, Kirby's Block Ball, Kirby's Dream Land 2, Super Mario Land 3, BattleArena Toshinden, Donkey Kong Land 2, Revenge of the Gator, Legend of Zelda: Link's Awakening.  Maybe that's it.

<Avardancer> What direction do you feel that your site is going?

<Praxcelis> Things are going great.  Since March my main purpose has been news.  I've added codes, cheat, and other things but my real purpose has been to provide news.  A few weeks ago I had two people offer to help out.  Both have joined the GBOB team and we now plan to offer serious, quality reviews.  This is something that people have demanded and finally GBOB will be able to provide.

<Avardancer> Reviews are an important part of any site. What is your opinion of the sudden influx of Gameboy sites?

<Praxcelis> IMO, the more the merrier.  Its something that I really expected to see even back in January and was quite surprised to find that there were only a small handful.  Now there's a new GB site almost every week and I think its great.

<Avardancer> What about potential site content stealing?

<Praxcelis> I've already had a few minor problems but its not something that really bothers me.  I know that GB news and info is still something that is very hard to come by.  I don't like it when someone copies information from my site verbatim but I'm not going to complain if they use GBOB as a source.  As we get closer to the release of the GB Color news and information gets more and more plentiful.  It shouldn't be hard for anyone then to have their own original site without borrowing.

<Avardancer> The question on the minds of everyone is: "Why the name Praxcelis?"

<Praxcelis> Ever since I first got online (about seventeen years ago, ack!) I've always used a name taken from a book or comic that I really enjoyed.  My first name was Strongbow, taken from the Elf Quest series.  I stuck with that one for quite a while but then it began to feel like it was a little too 'young' for me or whatever.  I went through many different ones until I settled on Praxcelis.  Praxcelis is an AI computer of sorts from a series of books by Daniel Keys Moran, called the continuing times.  Praxcelis was hmmm, its hard to explain, 'he' was touched by the hand of entropy.  Ya, that's not much, buts its the best I can do.  I really, really enjoy DKMs books and Praxcelis seemed like a perfect name.

<Avardancer> "Strongbow" sounded like a 'porno' name. ;) Well, what is your take on Gameboy's future?

<Praxcelis> Its exciting.  My first interest with the Gameboy was that its portable.  Sure, there were others but Gameboy had the games.  I wasn't a fan of the original eyes just couldn't decipher it, but the new pocket screen is pretty nifty as b&w goes.  Now that the Game Boy Color is coming out and many of the older games are being release as well as the flood of color games due out soon its going to be even more amazing.Every day that news of a new game or more details on the GBC are released makes me really glad that I have stuck with GBOB.  Game Boy is even more fun that I expected.  :)

<Avardancer> Did you have any sites before GBOB?

<Praxcelis> Well, any site before GBOB is actually still online but I haven't updated any of them in quite a while.  I had a personal site up that basically was my testing grounds for trying out new HTML, DHTML, java, etc...and then I also ran a Windows 95 site, called Route 95 that was fun, but it became a chore.  There are soooo many Windows sites out there and I didn't really see the need for another.  It did however give me access to lots of information I wouldn't have come across otherwise.  I also met many Microsoft people because of it and they even invited me to be a part of ClubWin ( which is a pretty nifty organization if I do say so myself.  :)

<Avardancer> Have you been contacted lately by anyone from the video game industry? I've had some people from *******, and Eruaqs contact me. (Not to mention N64 Underground, Neils, Dan Owsen, etc.) Well, have you been burdened by knowing information and not being able to say it yet?

<Praxcelis> There have been a few people that have contacted me and well, as you asked...yes, there's quite a bit of information that I am not able to mention at the moment.  Some of it might come out in the near future.  It just depends on how things go.

<Avardancer> I started a rumor page on my site because it was starting to get stressful. I got GBC specs and screen shots; but I couldn't put them up at the risk of someone's job. Well, what is your advice to new Gameboy site owners?

<Praxcelis> Expect to put in a lot of work.  You can't just toss something online then expect it to survive on its own.  Its not easy keeping up with everything but patience and hard work are important.  Listening to your visitors is very important as well.

<Avardancer> I noticed that you have a countdown to the Gameboy Color on your site. Which are you buying first? Gameboy Color or Legend of Zelda 5? (Or both.)

<Praxcelis> That's a real tough one.  I'll probably buy a Game Boy Color first.  Hopefully though I wont have to wait long before buying Zelda as well.  Its going to be hard waiting.  I've tried my best to avoid news and screen shots from the new Zelda game.  I have a bad habit of searching out every detail on new games, movies, etc. way before they are released.  With Zelda, I'm trying to stay away in hopes of enjoying it even more.

<Avardancer> What is your take on violence in video games? Or mature subjects for that matter.

<Praxcelis> It depends.  There are many games out there that have a good bit of violence in them that don't really bother me, but then there are some that really make me wonder about people.

<Avardancer> so, do you plan on getting Pokemon?

<Praxcelis> I might.  I'm still not sure about the whole Pokemon craze.  I mean, its a nifty idea and all but some people seem to go way overboard.  I'll decide for myself once the games are available here in the states.  I probably will buy a Pocket Pikachu though.

<Avardancer> If you could go back and change anything about your site... what would it be?

<Praxcelis> The layout.  :)  I'm in the middle of some big changes right now and the way GBOB is currently designed is causing me great amounts of trouble.  I know that many people don't like frames and usually I agree with them but at the time I decided to use frames it was an easy way to go.  I really regret now the choices I made back then.  I'm going to be bald from pulling out all my hair pretty soon.

<Avardancer> if you could design a Gameboy Gadget; what would it be?

<Praxcelis> Hmmmm, I'm not sure.  My biggest complaint about the Game Boy is how easy it is to scratch the screen.  I've seen many different options out there for covering the screen but they haven't been all that practical.  So I guess, I'd like a practical screen cover.  Though, I did read that another company is working on something that sounds nifty.  I haven't mentioned it on GBOB because they haven't provided too many details yet.

<Avardancer> Hmm. A Screen Cover would be great. What type of music do you listen to?

<Praxcelis> Ahh, jeez.  That one is a whopper question.  I used to be a big music fanatic.  I spent a large chunk of my money on CDs.  But for the past few years I've slowed down a whole lot.  Lately I've been listening to a good bit of swing and hmm, Ani DiFranco and Lamb.  I know most people have never heard of Lamb and there's no way I'm going to attempt to describe them.  I'm sure that those they are really curious will be able to find a sample or three online.

<Avardancer> Hmm. Actually "Lamb" sounds strangely familiar. Are they a CCM band? "Contemporary Christian Music."

<Praxcelis> No.  :)  They're closer to house, techno, something more and whatever.  jazz/techo.  How's that?

<Avardancer> Oh. So, would "Lamb" eat "Korn"? ;)

<Praxcelis> I've heard of Korn but I'm not very familiar with them.

<Avardancer> I have a pet obsession band called "Sixpence None The Richer" and no one has heard of them. :)

<Praxcelis> My sister is a huge CCM fan.  I've been meaning to ask her if she's heard of them.

<Avardancer> Well, they have some new stuff coming out soon. I have a link to their site on my page. Well, here's the final question for today... and it's easy. What is your favorite Gameboy Game and why?

<Praxcelis> That would probably be Kirby's Pinball Land.  I'm a huge pinball fan.  Pinball is always something that you can play over and over.

<Avardancer> Well, Prax. Say good-bye to the studio audience. And people... visit his site.

<Praxcelis> Good-bye studio audience!  ;)  This has actually been fun.  heheh.

Prax is HARCORE.