»The Gang Wars«

By "Mountain Dew Guy" 1999 

            Teran Smithe brought 17 back to his pokéball.  17 was the name of his gang's top mew.  Every important gang had a mew,  sometimes more.  The important gangs were mostly official pokémon gym gangs or gangs that had started early in The War.  The War didn't have a name, because when someone said 'The War', everyone would know what they were talking about.  All life revolved around The War and it didn't need a name.  Teran took out his pokédex and told it to scan the tattoo of the fallen electabuzz that 17 just knocked out.  It was the Kaz tattoo.  Pokémon that belonged to a gang were tattooed with the gang logo, and so were the members of the gang.  Each of the gangs hoped to defeat the Elite gang, the gang that the mews took over, the gang with growing numbers of mews and that was the offspring of the Elite Four's gym.  Once they  defeated the Elite gang, the other gangs wanted to take over the world.  (Yes, Pinky!) Suddenly Teran heard a cry.

It sounded to him like a child's voice.  Teran ran toward the sound, into a back alley.  He came to the alley, and he saw a six year old boy and two men.  On the back of the men's shirts were the emblem of the Pewter gang.  One of them held a handheld electronic device... one that would tattoo the Pewter gang's logo on the kid and make him forever part of their group.  Teran couldn't let that happen.  He decided this would be a pokémon battle.  Before anyone could even react to his presence, he let 17 out of its pokéball.  It purred happily, always ready for a fight.  It started to snow a little bit and get colder around 17.  That happened whenever 17, an ice mew, was happy. "Oh look," said Pewter Idiot One.  "It's an ice mew.  I don't know who you are or what gym gang you're from, but that wimp couldn't last a minute against my magmar.  Go--"  and that's when Teran hit him, with his pokéball in his hand, with 17's ice beam attack.  He was frozen from head to toe.  The other guy saw how skilled Teran was a didn't think twice about what he was supposed to do. Teran hadn't seen someone run so fast in his life. 


             After defeating the Pewter guys, Teran decided that the best thing to do was to bring the kid back to his gang's gym, the Kire gym.  The kid, who said his name was Merco, was scared, though.  He said that he wanted his mother. "What happened to her, Merco?" Teran asked. "The bad men taked her.  Others that wasn't the ones that you scared away and freezed."  He wasn't very articulate,  Teran noted.  But then again,  he was young and couldn't have been properly educated.  Almost all the schools left were for rich people's children, the people who didn't live the world of pollution, crime and gang wars that ninety percent of the world did.  Teran decided to change the subject off of Merco's mother and searched his brain for something... For the first time he noticed a lone pokéball at Merco's waist.

             "I notice you have a pokémon, Merco.  What is it?" "No!  Don't take bellsprout, please!"  Teran noticed a look in Merco's eyes he hadn't noticed before.  Fear.  Merco didn't trust him, and had no reason to, Teran thought.  As far as he knew, Teran was from one of the gangs who stole pokémon and forced people to join them. "I'm not going to take it. You have to trust me!  I saved you from those guys from the pewter gang, I'm going to bring you to my gym with me.  ...And although  we've been a little short on food lately... well, you look pretty hungry to me."  That did it.  All thoughts of cautiousness were  forgotten and Merco said he would go with Teran.  But just then a pewter assassin, ready for a battle, stepped into the alley.  Then another came.  And another.  A fourth came, with a grass mew.  Merco's pokéball accidentally dropped to the ground, freeing bellsprout.  The grass mew immediately began razor leafing bellsprout apart.


              Although bellsprout was practically a flower, you could clearly see that it was it terrible pain.  "No!  Bellsprout!"  cried Merco.  As leaf after leaf cut bellsprout it flinched, completely unable to protect itself.  Teran began to hate that mew.  He always tried not to hate things, but this just enraged him.  Bellsprout was going to be cut to ribbons if somebody doesn't do something,  Teran thought.  The grass mew got a vine whip ready, and Teran could see where it was aimed.  Right under bellsprout's
"head."  "NO!!!"  yelled Teran.
But the deed was already done.

            Teran felt rage and an electric energy surround him.  His body flew toward the grass mew.  He just touched it and it seemed to be shocked, in more ways than one.  He punched its head, making it fall to the ground.  He body slammed it. He gave it an uppercut, sending it flying into the air.  It flew higher and higher, but not high enough for Teran.  Teran thundershocked it even higher into the air.  Then, without even thinking about it, he flew up into the air and was soon above the grass mew.  Thunder was gathering in Teran's hands, and when it was enough, Teran sent it down on the now falling grass mew, making it fall even faster to the ground.  The grass mew landed and the ground rumbled. The pewter assassins were to shocked to move.  Merco looked away from the grass mew's mutilated body and cracked, bleeding skull.  And Teran started to chase after the pewter assassins.


Teran gathered energy in his hands.

            Stop it, he told himself.  But he kept on flying toward the pewters. It's like when you're watching the Samurai Pizza Cats and you know it's a stupid show, but you don't turn the TV off.
Slow down, at least.  He said to himself.  No!  We must destroy the murderers! They killed bellsprout!  And I killed the mew.  NO!  I killed.  I killed the mew.  I killed the mew.  And...  just HOW am I flying and WHY do I have electric powers?  I used them to kill a mew.  He landed and started walking slowly to where Merco was.

            He came to the place where the dead mew was laying on the ground, and at the sight of it threw up.  Murderer.  He was a murderer. How will I live with myself, he wondered.  It doesn't matter now, and where I live is Kire.  I need some rest.  He started flying again, toward Kire.  The
things I did and those thoughts...  I did and and thought them, but they weren't coming from me.  THAT's how I'll live with myself.  He noticed it was beginning to get light.  Man, I'll never sleep now.  All this flying is tiring me out.  Hey, I wonder if I could beat 17.  I am pretty strong.  Samurai Pizza Cats!  Who do you call when you want some pepperoni?  Maybe I could have a match with 17 later.  Hey!  There's Kire.  He landed and walked in.


           Dan Aster brought Guillotine, his pinsir, back into its pokéball.  It was  just no match for the Wartortle. "Go,  Jell-O Puff!" "Jigglypuff," it said. "Bubble,  wartortle!"  commanded Gen, the wartortle's trainer.  The water  hardly even hurt the jigglypuff. "Sing it to sleep, Jell-O Puff!" "Jigga-lee-ee puff, jigga-lee-e-e puff," it sang.  The wartortle was  resisting, though.  It looked drowsy but was far from sleep. "Yeah,  Wartortle!  Don't fall asleep!"  encouraged Gen. "Jell-O Puff, sing louder!" "Don't give in, wartortle!" "Jig-a-lee, puff, jig-a lee, puff.  Jigga-lee-ee puff, jigga-lee.  PUFF!"  and snoring could be heard coming from the wartortle.  Both Dan and Gen took out their earplugs. "No!  I'm out of awakening!" "Ha-ha!  Nice job, Jell-O Puff!  Doubleslap now!"  Jell-O Puff doubleslapped it, and it started to wake up. "Body slam!"  after that, wartortle was awake, but to weak to get off the ground. "Jell-O Puff, finish it off with psychic!" "No!!!"  and wartortle was out of the match. "Yes!  I win, Gen!  Hand it over!" "Stupid dual-type pokémon," Gen muttered, and gave Dan a moon stone, the thing that they were fighting for.


                "Haunt, haunt, haunt, HAUNT!"  Ghostly said, greeting Dan.  After he had beaten Gen at his gym he came back to his. "Hi, Ghostly.  Look at this," Dan said, holding out the moon stone he had
won. "Now I can evolve Jell-O Puff!  Finally."  He'd been searching for a moon stone practically since he had caught Jell-O Puff. Dan looked around the gym and saw all his pokémon training.  There was
Jeffree, his butterfree,  flying with weights to make its wings stronger, Sandy the sandshrew lifting weights, Cueskull, (cubone), practicing its bonemerang aim, and lots of other pokémon training. "Haunt!  Haunter, haunt!" announced Ghostly to all the pokémon in the gym.  They all stopped whatever they were doing and came over to where Dan was. "Go, Guillotine, Veggie-ta, Jell-O Puff!" and the pinsir, oddish, and jigglypuff Dan had used in the battle against Gen were free again.
"Pinse, pinsir!" "Oddish, oddish, oddish, oddish," "Puff!" "Jell-O Puff, are you ready to evolve?" Dan asked. "PUFF!  Jiggle, jiggle, jigglypuff!  Puff, puff, puff!" "What?" asked Dan. "Jiggly, puff!"  Jell-O Puff explained. "Huh?"  Dan really, didn't know what Jell-O Puff was talking about, but  Ghostly came over to help. "Haunt," it said, and started to look like a jigglypuff.  It made its eyes  big and round, and made its body small and round. "Haunt," it said again, this time in a sweet high voice.  It smiled and
looked happy.  Then it touched the moon stone in Dan's hand and looked like wigglytuff, and looked all sad. "Oh, man..." Dan said, and put the moon stone back in his pocket.


                A chansey was running from its Yas trainers in an old, abandoned factory. "Come back here chansey!!!" yelled one of them, and spotted chansey behind a  wall of cardboard boxes.  "This way!" he said to the other trainers.  Chansey  realized it had been seen and changed directions. "Ditto!  Slow down that chansey!" said a yas ditto trainer, and let the ditto out of its pokéball.  The ditto used its gelatinous body to knock over the cardboard boxes and transform into an electrode, easily catching up with the chansey.  Chansey defense curled against ditto's electric attack.  Ditto got ready for another, but chansey double-edged it, and it was hurt too much to keep up its transformation.  Ditto then tried to transform again, but it was too slow for chansey's fire blast.  The yas trainers had lost track of chansey and Ditto, and it would be a long time before they found a burnt jelly-like pokémon and gave it some hyper potion and burn heal.Dan was still depressed about Jell-O Puff not wanting to evolve when a chansey came right through a hole in the wall(that it had made with its psybeam)! "Chansey!" it said, and seemed to say 'Hello.'  Dan was too dazed to say anything.  "Chansey!" it said again. "Wow.  Hi, chansey." he said.  Dan had always wanted a chansey, but they were supposed to be extinct.  "How did you survive, chansey?" he wondered.  He wasn't expecting an answer.  He heard chansey say its name and saw something in his head, coming from the chansey.  It was a picture of an egg.  It had been waiting for years, and finally a kangaskhan came and hatched it.  Out came chansey.  A psychic chansey that could send Dan messages like that one. "You know, chansey," Dan said, "I think I'll call you Lucky."


                Dan's gym wasn't a real gym, where people came and challenged the gym leader.  It was part of an abandoned factory where Dan's pokémon trained, and it didn't have a gang.  It did, however, have places to train for almost any pokémon, and with all of Dan's pokémon, he needed it.  There was a pool where his water pokémon could race and his ground and rock pokémon could train (only his strongest rock and ground pokémon could train there).  There was a big garden where the plant pokémon could absorb nutrients from the ground.  A weight training place, and obstacle course, these things and more made Dan's pokémon the strongest around.  Now it was time for Lucky to start training. "Okay, everyone out of the pool!" Dan commanded his water pokemon.  "It's a water race!  Lucky versus Jell-O Puff!"  All the water-types and Gravla emerged from the water and got on the side of the pool, eager to see how Dan's new chansey would do against Jell-O Puff.  Lucky put its egg on the side of the pool because it was worried that it might get hurt in the race."Ready!  Set!  Annnnnnd.....GO!" Dan said from the side of the pool.  Jell-O Puff always pushed off with all its strength at the beginning of a race, putting it ahead of whoever it was racing.  Lucky was far behind but gaining fast.  All the pokemon were amazed at the newcomer's speed.  Lucky was soon halfway across the pool and almost caught up to Jell-O Puff."Arbok!"  hissed an arbok that had sneaked up on Dan. "Whoa!  Where'd this arbok come from?!" exclaimed Dan, causing Lucky to look his way. "CHANSEY!!"  Lucky came out of the pool and hurried toward the arbok, and the  arbok hurried toward the egg.  It grabbed the egg in its mouth, and Lucky caught up with it.  They stared each other down.  Lucky was more than ready
to fight for its egg, and fight it would.


Lucky looked at the arbok and decided that arbok was too strong for it. "Chansey!  Chansey chansey!" it said to some pokémon by the pool.  Arbok understood what it had said and immediately wrapped Lucky's mouth so it couldn't say any more.  Jell-O Puff and Gravla, the pokémon Lucky had been talking to, came over to help Lucky.  Jell-O Puff sang its jigglypuff song,
but it didn't affect the arbok, who had been taught to tune jigglypuff's song out.  Lucky wasn't able to talk, but it could use its psychic attack, which it did.  Jell-O Puff did the same thing.  Hurt by the psychic, arbok let go of Lucky and was unable to tune out Jell-O puff's singing. "Jigga, lee-ee puff, jigga lee, ee e puff." "GRAVLER!" Gravla said and proceded to earthquake the arbok, and take Lucky's egg from its mouth.  Lucky came to Gravla, took the egg, and put it in its pouch.  Lucky slammed the arbok over and over until it woke up.  The arbok knew it had to get Lucky, the strongest of the three, first.  Lucky dodged arbok's first poison sting attack, but the second hit Lucky. "Chansey. Chaaansey," it said, and wobbled around.  Lucky then fire blasted the arbok, but in its poisoned state Lucky couldn't attack with very much strength.

"Psychic, Lucky!" said Dan, and Lucky psychiced the arbok.  The weak attack did nothing but annoy arbok.  It bit Lucky and Lucky was completely out of that battle.  Dan would have returned Lucky to its pokéball, but he had never actually caught lucky.  So he took out an empty pokéball and "caught" Lucky. Gravla was enraged and again earthquaked the arbok, but a couple screeches
and an acid made Gravla faint.  Dan brought Gravla back into its pokéball, too. "Jell-O Puff!" Dan said.  "You can't beat this arbok!  It's way too strong! Come back in your pokéball."  Dan tried to make Jell-O Puff come back, but it dodged the beam of light. "Jigglypuff!"  it said and came up to Dan.  He knew what Jell-O Puff wanted, by the look in its huge eyes. "But, no, Jell-O Puff!  You don't want to evolve!" "Jiggly.  Puff, puff!"  Dan smiled. "All right, Jell-O Puff."  he said and took the moon stone out of his pocket and gave it to Jell-O Puff. "Jiggly," it said as it begun to evolve, and afterward, it said "Tuff." "All right, wigglytuff which I will soon nickname, go kick some arbok butt!"
"WigglyTUFF!" it said and walked confidently toward the arbok. "Arbok!" it said, and tried to bite wigglytuff, but wigglytuff jumped up, out of the way.  Wigglytuff then landed on arbok's cobra head!  The arbok was dazed for a second, but got over it and wrapped wigglytuff.  It only hurt wigglytuff once, though, before it broke free.  It dodged another couple bites and Dan told it to psychic arbok.  But it decided to pound a few times first, then psychic.  The arbok laid on the gym floor, completely K.O.'d.  A beam of light brought it back to a pokéball, and a figure that no one could see clearly then ran away and jumped outside through a window.