Book Three

 Chapter One

"Sandslash!  Go!"  I yelled, and sandslash was there in front of me and Cor. I was in a battle with mewsix.  I had gone back to the forest and got my beedril, sandslash, parasect, onix, and golbat.  Mewsix sent out an electric blast and sandslash was fainted!  "Sand..."  sandslash said weakly.  "One-hit KO,"  Whispered Cor.  I had sandslash return.  "You can't beat us.  Your pokémon just aren't any good!"  said mewsix.  Cor had been beaten too.  His fainted gravler was in his pokeball.  "No!" he roared, and pointed at mewsix, saying "You won't succeed!  We'll get stronger pokémon and beat you!" and then a blinding burst of light--almost like a huge laser beam came shooting from his hand, and hit mewsix!  It knocked it to the ground.  "One-hit KO..." I whispered.  Then he pointed his arm at me.  "Did you see that?!" he asked. "Did you see me PSYBEAM?!"  "Whoa, don't point that thing at me!  You could put someone's eye out," I told him matter-of-factly.  Then I could see mewsix
slowly getting up.  He got up all the way, and started to charge up some electricity.  "Watch out Cor!" I said.  He got this look on his face, and disappeared!  Then two seconds later,  he reappeared right next to mew, and gave him another psybeam,  knocking him onto the ground, and into oblivion! Then he took an empty pokéball, and threw it at mewsix.  the pokéball didn't even rattle.  There was mewsix,  in Cor's pokeball! "Congratulations, Cor, you caught mewsix."  I told him. 

Chapter Two

Cor looked at the pokéball that held his newly caught mew, went green, and dropped it like a sack of potatoes.  "What's the matter?  You just caught what is probably one of the most powerful pokémon in the world!...How, by the way, did you catch it?"  "I don't know.  But...It's pretty cool, don't you think?
I wonder what other moves I can do.  I think I'm psychic. I can teleport, and psybeam.  I bet I can do a sleep move, too...hypnosis, maybe?  Watch me teleport!"  He teleported, right up in the air!  He started falling,  but teleported right back to where he started.  "I may need some practice..." he told me.  I was jealous.  How come he got to be a pokémon, and I didn't? "Hey!" Cor said. "I'd bet this came from that stuff...essence of mew, that doctor guy called it."  Yeah!  That was it.  If only I could get my hands on some of that stuff...But I didn't want to be psychic.  Eww.  "Hey, Cor.  It doesn't look like you want to keep mewsix, so do you think..."  "Yeah, sure, Cammie.  I don't want it."  He tossed me the pokeball that held mewsix.  "Just don't let it cause chaos!"  We were on the top floor in the hospital.  Once everyone saw mewsix, they scattered to the elevators.  I wondered if the other people in the hospital knew about mewsix.  I walked up to the elevator.  I pressed the three.  I was going to be a pokemon, too. 

Chapter Three

As I walked out onto the third floor, I noticed there was no one there. I guess they heard about mewsix, too.   I was going to try that guy who had turned Cor into a pokémon anyway.  I walked down the hall, counting the rooms. One, two, three, four, five... here it is!  I went in the doorway, where that
doctor guy--he hadn't told Cor and me his name--was watching a little TV/radio.  When he saw me, he looked a little embarrased and turned the thing off, and tucked it away in a deep drawer.  "Why are you here?" he asked. "I heard screaming and thought everyone ran away in terror," he said casually.
"Uh, well, I was wondering, could you do that thing to me, where you make me a pokémon?"  "A what?" he asked.  oh, yeah, he hadn't heard.  "I mean where you heal my legs."  "Uh, you mean that mewseven thing?...Oh, yeah, I remember you, now.  But you can walk just fine!"  "Please, just inject some essence of mewsix into me!  You other patient had some side-effects that I wouldn't mind having."  "Side-effects?  Mewsix?  I don't know... this is an untested method... all right.  I'll do it.  Just give me mewsix."  I handed him the pokéball that held mewsix.  He went into that back room, and I followed him in.  When I came in I saw a plastic-looking cell thingy with a very small hole in it.  He took the pokeball, and pushed the button, and aimed it at that small hole.  Suddenly mewsix was in there.  When it saw that it was trapped, it immediately, with a look of rage on its face, started throwing lightning bolts all around it.  Mr. Doctor-man whipped a syringe with no top on the hole, where a lightning bolt went inside, and he put the top of the syringe back on.  He handed it to me.  Essence of mewsix," he told me. 


"Okay..." I looked at the syringe.  "What do I do with it?"  "You'll have to inject it in yourself."  "No way.  You do it.  I could...uh...put my eye out," I said matter-of-factly.  I put it in his hand.  He took it and started to aim it toward the vein in my wrist.  I closed my eyes, waiting for pain. Adrenalin  flowed through me, making me feel so hyper... "DO IT already!!"  I practically yelled.  He laughed.  "What's could be so funny!?!"  "I did it. You don't have to freak out."  I looked at my hand.  My veins looked like they were about to burst! they were so full... then they seemed to calm down, and looked like normal.  But the hyperness that I expected to go away didn't. Energy flowed through me.  I grinned.  The feeling was...wonderful!  I promptly went to the window, opened it, and Thundered a cloud.  Or at least tried to.  No thunder, just a few sparks.  Maybe I have swift, I thought.  Or mega punch.  Raichu has that, and raichu's electric.  I'll try mega kick.  I walked over to the trash can and mega kicked it.  It fell down.  What? I was expecting it to fly across the room! Mr. Doctor man, who I had forgot was
here, said, "Maybe you should try to raise your level."  Then it clicked.  Why had Corby--I still thought of him as Corby, the name Cor just didn't seem to suit him--been just INCREDIBLE with his newfound pokémon powers, while I could only spark and knock a trash can down?  Corby had trained for who knows how long since when I last saw him!  That was the answer.  I was going to varidian
forest to train till I was strong as Corby! 


I thanked Mr. Doctor man and left the hospital.  The first thing I saw when I got out was Teran, and I saw him before he saw me.  He put his official pokémon league hat over his blond hair.  I wondered when he came here, last I saw him he was in cerulean, buying and selling pokémon.  "Hey, Teran!" I
called out to him.  He looked surprised to see me.  He said, "Hi, Cammie!" "I need to rent one of your flying pokémon.  Gotta go to viridian forest and train."  I didn't mention I wasn't training my pokémon.  "Lucky for you, I just happen to have a sale on pidgeot.  You can buy it for the price of renting it,  But this sale is only for girls named Cammie." I gave P1000 to him, and he gave me the pokéball.  "What attacks does it have?" I asked.  "Oh, Cammie, don't you know pidgeot's attacks?  It has all of them."  "Thanks, Teran.  You're the best.  Pokéball, GO!"  and as I flew away, I could hear someone saying to Teran, "Hey, my name's Cammie!!" 


I landed.  Pidgeot standed beside me.  It looked pretty impressive...that was one big bird.  "Pidgeot, return!"  Ah...grassy areas everywhere. I went into the one closest to me.  "Here, pokémon..." I said softly.  "Pika!" I heard. Then I saw it.  Oh, a pikachu!  It's so cute!  I don't want to beat that up... besides, it might beat ME level was very low..."Pikachu!  Go away!"  I said when it walked over to me.  "Pika, kachu pika-pika!"  It said, in a voice that sounded like 'No'.  "But...I'm looking for pokémon..."  Then I stopped, knowing it wouldn't understand me.  I took a stick (That was conveniently lying right beside me,) and drew a picture of a charmander in the dirt, then I sparked it with my weak thunder , making it smooth dirt again. Apparantly, Pikachu didn't understand or care, because it just kept looking at my hand that had thundered, and to my face.  "Chukapi?" It said in disbelief. Its eyes got a big as a snorlax.  Then it looked as if it suddenly understood. It looked around, then took the stick and ran.  It thought the stick was mine, and if it took it, then I would follow.  I didn't care about the stick, but Iwas curious.  I followed Pikachu.  It brought me to a cave, and it let me in.
WHOA!  Pikachu everywhere!  Pikachu yelled excited pika-talk at the others, then everyone got all excited, and some put on fezzes, and ran around me, like little shriners, without the tiny cars!  Now, THIS isn't weird... 

Chapter Seven

"Pika-Pikachu-Pika!" They chanted.  The pikachu I had found outside had on a fez made of golden fabric.  It 'Pika'd at the other pikachu, looking like it was giving orders. seemed like it was the leader.  All the pikachu disappeared into the darkness of the cave coming back with thunderstones!  The leader (Which I  decided to call fez,) brought in a fez big enough for me to wear.  "Kachu. Chu!" it said, pointing to the fez, then its head, telling me to put it on.  I put it on my head.  All the pikachu started talking to eachother softly, like this was a big thing.  "Pikachu.  PIKApikachu." Fez
remarked, and then told the pika next to it "Chu chu ka-pika."  It then said 'pika' loud enough for the whole...Herd? Flock? of pikachu to hear.  Two pikachu picked up two thunderstones, threw them in the air, then bounced the off their tails in the air.  I caught them.   I started to feel when I got mewsix's essense injected in me, only a little less.  I looked at my hands.  They were glowing! And I knew what was happening.  I was evolving! What would I turn into?  A Raichu?  Then Fez said, "Pika." contentedly.  "Fez, what's happening?!" I asked it.  No one paid me any attention.  All the
pikachu took the thunderstones, and gave one to fez.  It glowed.  "Fez, Stop my evolving!  Now! FEZ!"  But fez was already a raichu.  "Rai.  Raifez." It told me.  Raifez?  Then I stopped glowing.

Chapter Eight

I looked at my hand.  No, paw!  I was a raichu.  Dang it!  "Raifez."  Fez said.  Only I could understand it.  It was, 'Hello'.  "Rai,"  I 'helloed' back to it.  (from now on I will translate all pokémon talk.)  "I knew it was you. The legendary pikachu in a human's body."  Fez told me.  "But we restored you."  "RESTORED me?"  I yelled.  "I WASN'T a pika.  I was human!  Make me human again!"  Then my Rai stomach started to rumble.  "At least feed me." One of the pikachu immediately brought me a fez full of sugar, and one for fez, too.  "Only royal raichu are allowed to eat sugar.  But of course you
knew that..." Then it got this look on its face, like it thought it might have offended me by thinking I didn't know about the pika's customs.  "Of course," I said, and and it seemed that every pika in the room breathed a sigh of relief.  Two servants brought two fezzes of water in, and set them right by me
and fez.  Fez put its paw in the water, shook the extra water off, put its paw in the fez of sugar and licked its paw.  I did the same thing.  Wow! the sugar somehow tasted better as a raichu.  As soon as we had taken out first bite, the two servants (Those were apparantly all there were,) brought a fez of
brown sugar to each pikachu.  The pikachu didn't get any water fezzes, they had to lick their paws.  Apparantly brown sugar was okay to eat for the normal pikachu.  So there I sat, eating my royal sugar.

Chapter Nine

As it turned out,  the sugar was just the appetizer.  Many more foods came after that(At least for me and fez, the others just got a few choices).  One of them was ketchup, and that was my favorite.  Tomatoes just tasted too good as a raichu.  All that food had made me sleepy.  I told fez that, and it was declared that every pikachu was to take a nap after lunch.  When I woke up, it was apparantly after everyone else did.  I came into the main room of the cave, and the pokémon that I had been carrying were there!  There was pidgeot, sandslash, beedrill, and cubone.  I saw cubone dig the sharp part of its bone club into the ground.  All but cubone were wearing fezzes!  Sandslash was enjoying itself.  It threw its fez across the room, went underground, and came out of the ground under its fez, so it was wearing it.  "But you have to take that skull off if you're going to wear a fez!" one pikachu was telling cubone. "No!  I never take my armor off.  I'm going back in my pokéball!"  So it took its bone club out of the ground and did just that.  "Hey, Fez!" I said.  "Yes, your highness?"  Wow!  Highness!  "I'd like to fly somewhere."  "Of course! I'll arrange for a royal bird to be brought here." "No, I'd like that bird to take me."  I told it, pointing at pidgeot.  "Well, I suppose that would be all right.  Pidgeot?  Her highness would like to be transported."  ~--half hour later--~  "Ooh!  A raichu!" Corby said.  "I'm gonna catch it!" 

Chapter Ten

Uh-oh...I thought.  "Raichu.  Rai! RAI! churai!!!"  I said to Corby.  "No way, raichu.  I'm not going to miss this chance!" Huh?  Could he understand me? No, I decided,  he just got the main idea of what I said.  "Go, mewsix!"  Oh, NO!  I'm going to get my butt kicked!  and why did he go back and get mewsix? "Mewsix,  leer!"  NO!  I'm not getting any weaker, I decided.  I closed my eyes.  Yes!  No effect!  Then I Thundered it.  But mewsix did the same thing! So we were thundering each other, and the thunder hit, so it wasn't reaching either one of us!  But I jumped, still thundering it, while it thundered where I was, so I hit mewsix!  I immediately, before it could recover, one of my
now-powerful mega kicks!  That knocked it on the ground!  I ran up to it, and tried to body slam it, but this force field of electricity went around it so the moment I hit I got electrocuted. Mewsix thundershocked me, and I was not going to be in another fight soon. Corby said, "Pokéball, go!" and the red-and-white sphere flew toward me. 

Chapter Eleven

NO!  I was trapped inside the pokéball.  I struggled.  YES!  I broke free! Corby looked at me.  He wasn't discouraged at all.  "Go...Ultraball!"  ULTRA? My new pokémon body was engulfed in red light.  Or was I turning into that red light?  I had a theory that the pokéballs turned pokémon into light energy. Being stuck in one didn't help me decide whether that was true or not.  There was no use struggling.  Ultraballs were the strongest there were, excluding the masterball.  "All right!" I heard corby say.  He retrieved the ultraball. "Go--Raichu!"  He said.  I guess he figured that now that he caught me, hecould return me anytime.  I immediately took my tail and wrote in the dirt.Or at least tried to.  It all looked jumbled, not like words at all.  I tried to concentrate on how to convince Corby that I was Cammie.  I closed my eyes, thinking hard.  concentrate...concentrate...Nothing.  I opened me eyes.  My now HUMAN eyes.  Corby stared at me. 

Chapter Twelve

Then Corby looked away.  He took off his backpack and threw it behind his back.  "You might need these..." He said.  What? Oh, NO.  When I had turned into raichu, my clothes sort of went with me.  But apparantly, it didn't go the other way.  No, it couldn't have done that.  That would be lucky.  But me? Lucky?  No way.  I took corby's clothes from the backpack and put them on.
They'd have to do.  After that, we went to the mall, and got me some real clothes.  We were then sitting in the food court, munching on some pizza. Apparanly Corby had been able to hold down his curiousness, but he couldn't hold it any longer.  He asked me how I had turned into a raichu.  Okay, it was more like, HOW THE HECK did you get to be a pokémon.  I got the feeling he was jealous.  "Well, I went to that doctor guy's--"  "Cammie.  Sorry to interrupt, but I've gotta say something.  That guy isn't a doctor.  Complete fake. Working for the mews.  Don't ask.  Go on."  "Into that doctor guy's office, and he gave me electric pokémon powers.  So I bought a pidgeot and flew to
viridian, and some pikachu shriners turned me into a raichu with a thunderstone."  "Wow.  Did they have those--"  "No little cars.  Just fezzes." "Fezzes...pika-shriners...turn into raichu, me get pokemon powers.  Business as usual." "Yep." 

Chapter Thirteen

"That mister doctor guy...or not doctor guy," I said, "Tell me more."  "Well, I went to his office to see how you were doing, and he trapped me in one of those glass thingies.  Then he let me out, and like all evil bad guys when they in their stupidity think you're going to die, he told me his plan.  About how he was going to study me, and the mews would kill every pokémon trainer in the world.  And how the mews had been created.  How they cloned the very first mew, and sort of put an essence of pikachu for mewfour,  not the way you and me got powers, but got the essence in other ways,  and essence of charmander for mewsix, and  so on.  So those mews weren't bad, they were peaceful, until they were elolved with something called a mind stone, and their element powers could be used much better, and they looked more like mewtwo.  Their levels go down if they lose in a pokémon battle.  They would elvolve into wortortle or venusaur or whichever their next stage is if exposed to a stone of their element."  Wow!  Lots of info.  Hey!  I thought.  I wonder if you were one of the rockets that was working at silph, would you be a rocket scientist? "Here's the worst thing,"  Corby said,  "They have a bunch of mew DNA, and they could make MORE bad mews if they wanted!"  "Geez, Corby.  Do you suppose that if one was hit in the face with a pie, they would have been 'pied'? 

Chapter Fourteen

We talked some more,  Corby told me how he escaped and got mewsix back.  He sent out mewsix (Which freaked out most everyone around us), and asked it where mewfour should be about now.  It just stared at us, then sent some lightning corby's way.  Corby just teleported, and before mewsix could react, psybeamed it, hypotized it, and psychiced it.  "You might as well stop that, mewsix,"
Corby said, "Because your level will just get lower and I'll beat you every time.  Answer my question."  "I do not know."  "Mewsix!"  "No!  I really don't!  The rest don't know what to do, not without my orders!"  Corby didn't believe it one bit.  mewsix ran off, into one of the stores.  I knew pokémon weren't allowed in the mall, but no one was about to come up to corby and say that.  He wouldn't fry them like he did mewsix, of course, but no one knew that.  Then I saw this guy come screaming from the store.  "AIEEEEE!!!"  Corby chuckled, and said something about him working at a different store now.  Then I noticed that the place was a pokémon food store.  "Oh, no!  Corby, you hafta get mewsix out!  They sell rare candy in there!"  Corby instantly teleported over to the place, and mewsix was eating loads of rare candy.  Corby tried to hynotize it, but mewsix, with its upped level could withstand it.  It then flew clear through the roof.  "Cammie!  I'm going to follow mewsix, I'll be back here later tonight!" he told me.  "No!" I said, and let pidgeot out of its pokéball.  "I'm going , too!"  Corby flew out the hole mewsix had made, and I flew with the help of pidgeot, following him.  Here comes another mew fight, I thought to myself. 

Chapter Fifteen

Corby told me that he would go his fastest, and I couldn't keep up, but I didn't need to worry because he left a trail when he flew at full speed.  So I followed it, and found myself in a city I couldn't name, and island actually. I could see Corby and mewsix and plant mew fighting, and I guessed it was mewthree.  I could see that corby had gotten some of the people that lived there to help out, because the trainers were sending out their pokémon, and fighting mewsix-andthree.  The mews were winning.  When I was getting close, I said to pidgeot, "Drop me here.  Attack mewsix and three!  Get them in the water."  Pidgeot dropped me and I did an accidental belly flop.  Of course.  I hoped that I could generate enough electricity...  Pidgeot wing attacked mewthree into the water, but I didn't have enough time to electocute it because it just got right out.  "Go!  Vileplume!"  I heard someone say.  The vileplume leech lifed mewthree while a marowak thrashed mewsix.  "Vinewhip, venusaur!"   I could hear someone say.  It whipped mewthree, and mewthree got mad.  Not very hurt, but mad.  While the venusar was charging up for solarbeam,  mewthree sent a flurry of leaves its way.  Venusaur jumped out of the way, but the leaves hit something.  There was a radio tower behind it that fell down, but luckily no one was in its path.  Pidgeot tried to gust the mews into the water again and again, but they would just not go.  This isn't working, I decided.  I swam to the shore.  I walked past the live wires from the radio tower, and toward the mews.  I tried thundering mewthree, but I just sparked it.  Dang it, I thought, I hadn't kept any of the powers from when I was a raichu.  I thought about retreating, of sending out some of my pokémon, when I looked behind myself.  Live wires.  Live wires.  Something was drawing me to them, but I couldn't think what I was.  Live wires.  YES!  I would charge myself up with them!  I ran to the fallen radio tower and readied myself for a big shock... 

Chapter Sixteen

I was looking at the assortment of wires, trying to choose.  Start with a small one, I told myself, and then after that you might be able to handle more voltage.  That was, of course, if the little wires carried less power than the large ones.  Eenie, meenie, mynie, soup.  I grabbed hold the bare part of a wire and electricity flowed through me.  It was so weird.  It might've killed me if not for my having pokémon powers, but it felt good.  It was odd, sort of like when someone massages your shoulders, it hurts, but it still feels nice. I held onto it, but I didn't think that I could take much more.  Just a little
more, I told myself.  I couldn't handle any more.  I let go.  Then...the energy!  Wow!  Hyper...but I was also queasy.  I was going to fall over...I held onto the (metal) tower for balance, and the hyperness was zapped right out of me.  Oh, great, I thought, I can't control my powers now!  I figured
that I couldn't hold my electricity in, and if I touched something it would just flow right out of me.  I grabbed another wire, this time bigger.  WHOA! This time I only held on for a second, but I probably got as much as holding the little one for longer.  I looked at the wires and got a plan.  Maybe that had given my brain a charge, too.  I could take one of those wires off, (Grunt) there! Got it!  Then charge up one end, and sort of whip a mew with the other end.  But that might not work, I told myself, don't you need to make a circuit for that kinda thing?  I wasn't sure, but I got out my pocketknife and cut some of the protective outside stuff off.  I would hold it there, in the middle, then whip a mew with the other two sides.  You'll be sorry, mews, you will.

Chapter Seventeen

I ran up to mewthree, who was fighting against a ninetales at the time, and whipped it with my wire whip.  That distracted it for a few seconds and the ninetales firespinned it.  "Nine!" It said.  Mewthree fell to the ground.  I thundershocked it, and it flinched like it was really hurt.  It laid there
motionless.  "Ha HA!" I laughed at it.  It opened its eyeslids.  There were no eyes inside!  Just a bundle a black, completely gross vine-looking things. The vines then slowly came out of the sockets, and started turning green. Little dots appeared on the vines.  Things that looked like tiny rolled up
pieces of paper came out, too.  The dots turned into thorns!  The other things unrolled into leaves!  One eye socket's vines reached out and grabbed my arm. I immediately thundershocked it, but mewthree was totally uneffected.  The other vines grabbed my other arm.  Mewthree slammed me against the ground, and everything turned all fuzzy.  I shook my head and my vision came back, but my brain felt like it had been rattled around inside my skull.  I wasn't thinking clearly.  Oh, no, I thought as I flew toward the ground again, this time the wind was knocked out of me.  Again I was knocked to the ground.  My vision was weird again, and I could barely see the razor sharp leaves as they flew toward me... 

Chapter Eighteen

I seemed to wake up.  Where am I?  Was my first thought.  I tried to open my eyes.  "Somebody!  Come quick!" I heard.  Then a shuffle of feet.  I tried to open my eyes again.  This time I succeeded in opening them half-way.  There was Corby, and a woman coming in.  "What happened?" The woman asked.  "She opened her eyes,"  Corby replied.  I managed to open my eyes all the way. "What...?" I asked.  "I'll explain later."  I held Corby's hand.  This wasn't romance, it was terror.  What had happened to me?  What was going to?  Then... in my mind, I saw the whole thing happen... not from my point of view, but Corby's.  I was fighting mewsix with my psy powers.  Then mewfour broke out of it's pokéball!  I had to fight them both.  I was thrown in the air by a elec move that I couldn't name.  I saw Cammie from up there.  She was hurt!  I flew up to her and by the time I was there, she was unconscious.  I brought her to the hospital.  The mews started to cause chaos.  Half the town was brought to the hospital...most of them dying.  I let go of Corby's hand in fear.  What the heck happened?  I suddenly figured it out,  But it hurt to speak. "Electric..." I moaned.  Corby understood.  He brought out his level telling pokemball and opened it up, and to my surprise there were batteries inside. He gave them to me and with much pain I took the battery and put the plus side on one of my thumbs, and the minus on the other. was like drinking a glass of water after a week without any.  "The other," I said, and charged up further.  I was filled with energy, but I was still very sore.  "Cor, what happened?"  I asked, and he proceeded to tell me almost exactly what I had seen in my mind.  I sat up on the bed and said, "Oooh,  Cor, you're a telepath!  I held your hand and I could see what had happened!"  The nurse (Who I later heard her name was Joy,) looked perplexed.  "Um, did I miss something?" 

Chapter Nineteen

Later that night I learned I could fly.  I fell off my bed, and--I'm getting ahead of myself.  I stayed the night at the hospital and was watching a late-night pokémon battle when I fell asleep.  In the dream I had I was fighting mewfive...Water splashed everywhere.  I knew I was no match for it, even though I had the advantage elementally.  Elementally?  Was that a word?  My life was going elementally insane.  Mewfive hit me with a blast of water, and the floor of whatever we were battling on broke, and I fell through.  Wait, no, I didn't fall.  I was hovering where the floor was.  There was a sort of
golden force holding me up where my body touched where the floor was before it broke.  Mewfive readied itself to blast me again, and...I woke up.  I was in the hospital room, but I was still hovering.  The golden force held me up.  I fell to the ground.  I looked at the bed I had been sleeping in, right by me.I had been sleeping, and during my dream I fell off my bed, and hovered.  Wow! Apparantly I had some psychic powers.  Could I just hover where I was before I fell off of whatever, or could I really fly, like Corby and the mews could?  I got to my feet and concentrated hard...  Yes!  The golden force appeared under my feet!  ...But I didn't get off the ground, and it disappeared.  I got an idea, and got on the bed.  I put my hand in the air, off the bed, and concentrated.  The golden force glowed under my hand.  I stopped holding up my hand, and it stayed there!  I propelled myslef from the bed and flew across the room on the gold!  There was no friction up in the air, so I went splat on the wall.  I decided to try to get off the ground without starting there.  I stood on my feet.  I tried to imagine myself going up into the air.  I opened my eyes and looked down.  Yes!  Golden stuff!  Now off the ground, I told myself.  I concentrated harder than I had for a long time.  It was like using a muscle I never used before.  The glowing gold never took me off the ground, but it seemed to get somehow more solid.  I finally gave up.  I had to jump off of something before I could fly.  But...wait!  I stopped concentrating, but the golden stuff stayed!  I got off of it, and picked it up.  Whoa...

The End?