Alexander the Pokémon Master

Chapter 1

 I trudged along the path on my way home.  It was only a week till my dream would come true, I would get a beginner Pokémon!! In my village you would get your beginner Pokémon at age 13. There was a total of 3 pokémon to choose from. A water type pokémon named Squirtle, a grass-poison type pokémon named Bulbasaur and Charmander, a fire pokémon. If you are wondering why they have such weird names is because that is all they can say, their name.
After I get my pokémon I will go out and get my pokémon to fight against wild pokémon. If I want to capture a pokémon I have to weaken it and then throw a pokéball at it. A pokéball is a ball that is red and white. It can shrink and has a large button on the front of it.  In my pocket I had a tennis ball, painted like  a pokéball.  I took it out and looked at it, accidentally dropping it rolled of the path  to  the bushes.  I went to get it. I searched the bush and I found it. I picked up the tennis ball, and what I saw next made me drop it again!

Chapter 2

 Further in the bush I saw a Pokéball!!! I ran to it and picked it up, I had to get home!! I sped down the path not bothering to grab the tennis ball.

 I burst through the door, and yelled
"MOM! I found a pokéball!!" I ran into the kitchen and saw her there.
"Where did you find it?" inquired my mom.
"In the bushes just of the path!" I gasped, tired from the long run.
"Well, next week you begin your pokémon training, so you should put up signs of a found pokéball. If no one claims it talk to Dr. Oak." My mom said. Before my mother could say anything else I was off to Dr. Oak’s.

 I burst through the door and ran down the long hallway.  I turned to the right and I ran onto Dr. Oak.
“Dr. Oak!!! I found a pokéball!!!!” I said excitedly.  Dr. Oak replied calmly.,
“We should put up lost signs”
“I already know!! My mom said that!! What if no one claims it?” I replied.  Dr. Oak put his old hand on his chin, thinking.
“Well if no one claims it I guess you could keep it but,”
“YESSSSSSS!!” I cried leaping into the air. I landed and saw Dr. Oak’s face, he didn’t look pleased. “ I’m sorry but I am excited.”
Dr. Oak continued “ We have to see what kind it is so  that we can ask the callers.”  With that I grabbed the pokéball and threw to the ground,
“Pokéball go!!!” I yelled. The pokéball hit the ground, a flash of red light shot out, as it disappeared I saw the monster.

Chapter 3

  “Pikachu!” It was a Pikachu! I saw it sit for a moment than it sprang into action, it leapt into the air and onto my shoulder, “PIKA! PIKA! PIKA!” and it hopped of. It than turned and ran down the hall.
“After that pokémon!” Dr. Oak yelled. I rushed after the Pikachu. I rounded the corner and stopped. The Pikachu was laying on the floor.
“Pi--a” sad the Pikachu weakly. I ran and picked him up.
“Dr. Oak! He’s weak!” I said.  Dr. Oak looked at the Pikachu.
“ He’s very weak, he needs some energy, he must have been inside that pokéball for a while. Who ever dropped the pokéball didn’t care.”  I ran back to the pokéball and opened the door there. I saw it was the medical room. Dr. Oak came in close behind. “ He needs some energy and rest.”  he said.
“ I know, I know!” I snapped back. I grabbed the headset and put it around the Pikachu’s head. I lay the Pikachu down on the cloth. I turned on the electro-pulse and I heard the electrical currents flowing. I saw that Pikachu was starting to fall asleep.  I began to pet the Pikachu and felt a welt on his back. I carefully flipped Pikachu over. I saw a small bruise!  “Dr. Oak! Come look!” I shouted. Dr. Oak came over quickly.
“ This looks serious, very serious!” said Dr. Oak meaningfully.  “ Alexander, go and get the soothing gel, grab the Pikachu case.”  I immediately went and searched on the shelf. I saw it and grabbed it. I brought it to Dr. Oak and opened the lid. He began rubbing the gel on the Pikachu’s back. The Pikachu groaned softly. “ You can go home now Alexander.” said Dr. Oak.
“Can I please stay and help him?” I asked.  Dr. Oak thought for a moment and said.
“Phone your mother to see if its alright”
“Thanks Dr. Oak!” I shouted as I ran to the phone.

Chapter 4

 After the phone call I ran back to the medical room. Dr. Oak was there listening to Pikachu’s heart. He took off the stelascope and said,
“ He’ll make it. Now I have to feed the other pokémon.”  and Dr. Oak was off.  I sat and stared at the Pikachu. I heard he constant beeping of the heart meter, “ beep beep beep” . He looked so peaceful sleeping. The heart meter was still beeping “beep beep beeeep beeeeeep beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee” He was going flatline!!!!
“Dr. Oak!! Dr. Oak!!!” I yelled. After yelling a few more times I knew he couldn’t hear me. I had to take matters into my own hands. I ran to the electro- meter and saw it was lower than before! I cranked it up from 34 charges per second to 123 cps.
I ran back to the pikachu and saw the heart meter. It than returned to the normal beeping. I wiped my brow as Dr. Oak ran into the room.
“ What happened?” he asked “ I heard my emergency beeper going off I came as fast as I could.”
“Pikachu went flatline, I saved him though” I replied.
“How?” asked Dr. Oak.
“Well his cps was down to 34 and I set it up to 123!” I cried nearly yelling.
“What? I had it set 65!” Dr. Oak replied. “ I must have knocked when I went to feed the other pokémon!”
“ Ya, I hope he’ll get better.” I said.“ He will thanks to you Alexander!” said Dr. Oak. “ You should get some sleep, its been a long day for you.”
Although I didn’t want to sleep  I waited until Dr. Oak came with a mattress. He put it on the ground and threw me some blankets. Dr. Oak left the room and I tucked myself in, and fell asleep to the soft noise of Pikachu,

Chapter 5

 I woke up felling something soft beside me. I opened my eyes and Pikachu was there! Sleeping next to me!  I slowly got out of the bed, careful not to awaken him, before I was halfway out Pikachu jumped on me and licked my face! He liked me! I started laughing and pikachu kept on licking my chin! I put Pikachu on the bed and got out.  I stared down  at Pikachu and he cried’
“Pikachu!” than he jumped on to my shoulder again.
“I better take you to Dr. Oak!”  said. I started towards Dr. Oak’s office. I entered the room and saw Dr. Oak talking to a boy.       “ Dr. Oak? Did I interrupt you?” I inquired.
“No, Alexander this is Steve, he came to claim the Pikachu.”
“No! He wasn’t taking care of it! He hit it!” I shouted. Steve stood up.
“ I did not hit him! I took good care of him!”
“Than why did you leave him by the road? He must have been there for days!” I snapped back.
“I couldn’t find him! I was looking for it! Give me my pikachu back!” Steve yelled. Steve began to charge me going for the
“PIKA!!!” Pikachu jumped off my shoulder in fright and hid behind my leg. Dr. Oak came between us.
“Stop it boys!” yelled Dr. Oak.
“ He treated pikachu badly! I can take care of him! I’m 13!”
“Well he’s my Pikachu!” yelled Steve. Steve started approaching me, as he came I shoved him back. “ Why you!!!” Steve started running at me. Dr. Oak again stepped between us.
“STOP FIGHTING!!!” he yelled. “If you both want Pikachu he should choose!”
“Fine!” I replied.
“Same with me!” snapped Steve.
Dr. Oak took Pikachu and put him in the middle of the room. The Pikachu sat, stared at us both and began moving.

Chapter 6

 Pikachu ran towards Steve. I sighed.
“Hi Pikachu!” said Steve, “ do you still like me?”
“PI!” Pikachu jumped into Steve’s hands.  “PIKA!!” yelled Pikachu. Pikachu than used his electro- shock!  Steve flew back and hit the wall. Pikachu than ran to me! “PIKA!!PIKA!! PIKA!!” and he jumped into my arms. Pikachu had made his choice! Steve slowly got up and groaned.
“ He may have chosen you but that was his mistake! Soon again I will meet you and I will get Pikachu back!” uttered Steve as he left.
“Well, come on Alexander, follow me!” said Dr. Oak. I was surprised but I followed him. As we walked down the hall I asked him,
“Dr. Oak, why are you not mad?” I asked.
“Because I know what you did was right.” he said. I was puzzled but I answered,
“Oh, where are you taking me?”
“To choose your beginner pokémon.”
“What?! But I already have one!” I replied in shock.
“ It is the law, all beginning pokémon trainers must have a beginner pokémon.”

When we arrived in the  pokémon room Dr. Oak said,
“ You make your choice, I have to program your pokédex.”
I took Pikachu off my shoulder and started thinking.
“Who should I choose?” I asked Pikachu.
“Pika!” said Pikachu.
“Pikachu do you want to choose?” I asked him.
“Pika! Pika! Pika!” I knew it was a yes.
“Dr. Oak, Pikachu wants to choose can I free them all?” I asked.
Dr. Oak came in the room.
“Alright” Dr. Oak said reluctantly, and he went back into the programming room. I grabbed the pokéballs in my hands and said,
“Get ready Pikachu!” as I threw all the pokéballs down, 3 flashes of light spewed out of the pokéballs. There sat a Squirtle, Charmander and Bulbasaur. “ Go on Pikachu, make your choice.”

Chapter 7

 Pikachu looked at all of the pokémon, he began walking towards the Squirtle.
“Pika! Pi! Chu! Pikachu!” the Squirtle replied,
“Squir! Tle! Squirtle!” Pikachu moved over to Charmander.
“Pika! Pika! Chu Chu!”
“Char-man-der! Char!” Pikachu started laughing.  Pikachu yelled out,
“PIKA!!” and he moved  to Bulbasaur. “Pika! chu! Pi! Chu!”
“Bulb! A! Saur! Saur! Bulb!” Pikachu than came to me and said, “PIKA!! PIKA!! PIKA!!” he ran over to Charmander. “PIKA!!”
“Thats who you choose?”
“OK Pikachu. Dr. Oak!” Dr. Oak stepped into the room.
 “Alright” replied Dr. Oak, “ Which pokémon did you choose?”
“Charmander, me and Pikachu chose Charmander” I said.
“Good choice, now I need to finish programming your pokédex” and Dr. Oak went back into the programming room. I grabbed the pokéballs. I put 2 on the table and shouted,
“Squirtle return!!” a flash of red light surrounded Squirtle and returned him to his pokéball. I put the pokéball into its case. I grabbed another pokéball, “Bulbasaur return!” and Bulbasaur was drawn back into its pokéball. I put it back in its display case. I was about to recall Charmander when I remembered it would take awhile for Dr. Oak to program my pokédex so I decided to let Pikachu and Charmander play. “Pikachu, Charmander, you can play if you want. If you get tired you can sleep on the sleeping bag.” Pikachu and Charmander looked at me and started play fighting. “ You guys be careful!” I was off to move the sleeping bag to the pokémon room. On the way I was thinking, how Pikachu and Charmander where such good friends and how they were already gain a little battle experience play fighting. I was lucky, and I was happy.

Chapter 8

 On my way home I met my friend Brian walking down the street. “Hey Alex!” he called.
“Oh hi Brian.”
“Where were you all yesterday?  I wanted to come over.”
Then Brian saw Pikachu and Charmander sticking their heads out of my pack.
“You got your Pokémon!?!  How come you got two?”
“It’s a long story.  I’ll tell you on the way home.”
 We arrived at my house.  Brian was amazed at my story.  He was still whining about how I had all of the luck.
“Man you’re so lucky.  I have to wait almost a year for my first Pokémon.  It sucks.” Just then my mom entered the room.
“Brian there’s a phone call for you.  I believe it’s Dr. Oak.”  Brian ran to answer the phone.  He picked it up and started talking.
“I wonder what this is about.”
“I don’t know,” answered my mom “but it sounds important.”  Then Brian sprinted towards us.
“You’re not going to believe this,” he said joyfully “but I get to have a Pokémon!”
“ That’s awesome! But why do you get one?”
“I’m not sure.  But Professor Oak wants me to come to his lab right away!”  He turned and raced out the door and up the street.  I took off after him.  I finally caught up to him at the lab.  We stood there panting, waiting for Dr. Oak.  He came out of the Pokémon room and greeted us.
“Hello Brian, Alex.”
“Hi Dr. Oak.  What did you want me for?” asked Brian.
“You have been chosen to receive a Pokémon before you would normally.”
“How come?” inquired.
“Well we looked at your tests about Pokémon and found that you had very high scores.”
“Yes but I’m only 12.”
“But you are in grade 8.  Normally grade level is not a factor but in your case we have made an exception.  Some of the valid candidates were found to have low scores.  We thought that it would be better to give you a Pokémon than to waste one on those candidates.”
“Wow that’s awesome!  But when do I get my Pokémon?”
“Right now as a matter of fact.  Come with me please.  You can come too Alex.”  We walked down the hall into the room where the Pokémon were kept.  The glass dome lifted to reveal the 3 Pokéballs.
“These are the Pokémon you may have.”  Quickly Brian chose.  His choice was....Charmander!!!

Chapter 9
 Brian hit the large button on the front of the pokéball. A red light shot out and there stood a Charmander.
“Charmander!” said the Charmander.
“Pika!” the Charmander and Pikachu in my pack started whining so I let them out.  Immediately they ran to Brian’s Charmander. “PIKA!” and Pikachu leapt onto Brian’s Charmander. They started rolling and laughing. My Charmander joined the fun. Dr. Oak  re-entered the room,
“Hmmm, friends already I see. Brian, here are your pokéballs and pokédex.” Dr. Oak handed them to Brian.
“Thank you Dr. Oak!” said Brian. “ Come on Charmander, lets go home!” his Charmander ran to Brian and leapt onto his shoulder.
“Pikachu, Charmander, come on!” I said. They both ran to me and jumped in my pack. Me and Brian began to walk home.
 Me and Brian decided to walk through the fields on the way home.
“You say I have all the luck? What about you? When I had my Pokémon test I also scored high!”
“Yea, I guess I am lucky.” Brian had recalled his Charmander.  I heard a faint rustling.
“Stop!” I said to Brian as I put out my arm. “Listen!”
“I hear it to!” I slowly crept to the source of the rutting. I saw a Pidgey. I softly whispered,
“ Which one of you wants to fight?” Pikachu leapt out of my pack.
“Pikachu!” and he ran towards the Pidgey, the battle was beginning!

Chapter 10

 The battle began with Pikachu leaping onto Pidgey’s back. Pikachu started punching and scratching it’s back.
“PIIDDGEY!” Pidgey got away and flew into the sky.

Pidgey’s wings flapped hard. A wave of sand started to rise. It hit Pikachu with a great deal of force.
“PIKA!” cried Pikachu as he was hit by the sand. I badly wanted to recall Pikachu but I decided not to. Pikachu got back up. The Pidgey dived for Pikachu! I thought the Pidgey would nail Pikachu. At the last second Pikachu hopped out of the way. The Pidgey hit the ground hard. A loud “BOOM!” echoed in my ears. Pidgey slowly got up.  Pikachu leapt onto his back!
“PIIIIIKAAAAAA!” yelled Pikachu. A explosion of electricity erupted from around Pikachu! Pikachu leapt off the Pidgey. Pidgey lifted his head and struggled to his feet. I quickly grabbed a pokéball.
“Pokéball GO!” I yelled as I threw it at the Pidgey. The red light surrounded the Pidgey. The ball started shaking and stopped! I had caught my first pokémon!! I leapt into the air and shot my arms up, YEEEESSSS!!!!” I landed and grabbed the pokéball. Inside was my first catch, a Pidgey! I brought the pokéball to Pikachu’s nose. He started smelling it, the scent caught his nose. He cried out,
“PIKA!!!” and grabbed the ball from my hand. Pikachu hit the button and out popped the Pidgey.
“Pidgey!” cried the Pidgey. Charmander leapt out of my pack. He leaned close to Pidgey’s ear. I could barley here the soft calls of all my pokémon, all talking to each other.
“Come on guys! Lets go!” I leaned down so all my pokémon could jump into my pack. There was just enough room. “Come on Brian, I need a bigger pack!”  Brian was awestruck,
“I want a pokémon!” he cried.
“Alright, alright!” I said, next pokémon we see is yours.
“Great! Let’s go to my house and prepare to start our journey!”

Chapter 11

The next morning we woke up at first light. I had slept at Brian’s. We had our preparations done the night before. We had bought belts for our Pokéballs and I got a bigger pack. Packing only the essentials, food and clothes we set off. We headed straight out to Veridain city. Walking for 2 hours without anything happening Brain finally saw a Rattata!
“Alexander, look! A Rattata!
“This ones mine!” I yelled.
“No way! Its mine, Charmander GO!!!” yelled Brian as he threw the pokéball. The pokéball hit the ground and out leapt the Charmander. Rattata, confused just sat and stared.
“Charmander, ATTACK!” yelled Brian. Charmander leaot towards Rattata, arms out. The claws scrated Rattata down the back.
“YES!” shouted Brian triumphently. The Rattata suddenly launched itself a Charmander. The Charmander leapt aside but not quick enough! Rattata’s teeth just caught Charmander in the side. After the attack, Rattata was off balance and Charmander took full advantage of the opertunity! Leaping onto  Rattata’s back Charmander bit and pummeled Rattata to the ground. The Charmander leapt off the Rattata.
“Brian, use a pokéball!” I yelled.
“Oh yeah!” Brian snatched a pokéball from his belt, “Pokéball, GO!” yelled Brian as he hurled at the Rattata. Opening near the Rattata the pokéball sucked it in. Struggling greatly the Rattata finally gave up.
“YESS!!!” yelled Brain. “ I did it!” Charmander jumped into his arms. “Good work Charmander, you can stay out off you pokéball!”
“Charmander!” replied Charmander.
“Let’s go!”

Chapter 12

Brian and I had sat down on a log to rest. Equally splitting out some rations we had a quike snack. We sat up and started to leave. Not bothering to finish of the last bit of I threw it to the ground.  Nearly immediatley I heard what sounded like a muffled cat meow. I glanced behind me, a Caterie was eating the cookie!
“This is my pok--OOF!” Brain was sayinguntil I gave him a elbow to the chest.
“Its mine Brian!” I thought of who I should send out for battle.  “Chamander Go!!” Charmander leapt from my pack.
“CHARRMAAANDER!!” he cried as he leaot toward Caterpie.
“MEOREE?!” cried Caterpie ast Charmander shoulder rammed him. Charmander laned him on top of Caterpie’s stomach and started pummeling it with ferocious punches. The Charmander laept off of Caterpie, who was slowly getting up. Charmander leapt over Catepie and landed behind him. With Caterpie’s back facing him Charmander cried out,
“CHARMANDER!” and gave Caterpie a ferocius tail whack! The Charmander slowly walked away and started golating and the Caterpie got up. Using all its remaining strength the Caterpie swung his tail! Hitting Charmander’s feet causing him to fall
forward hitting his head on a rock! The Caterpie collapsed, tottaly exausted. Without even thinking I grabbed a pokéball from my belt,
“Pokéball, GO!” I cried as I threw it at the fallen Caterpie. The red light shot out, easily catching the Caterpie. I ran over and picked it up. When I saw that Charmander wasnt moving I ran to him and picked him up. His head was bleeding! Carfully putting him in my pack. Already my other pokémon where trying to help.
“COME ON BRIAN!” I yelled as I ran towards Viridian city.

Chapter 13

We ran for 20 minutes without stopping. We made it to the Pokécenter I burst in the door.
“Help! My pokémon is hurt!” The nurse behind the desk spoke into her computer,
“We need a stretcher for a small fire pokémon, STAT!” and she ran out to me, She took the Charmander and some pokémon came with a stretcher.
“Take him to the Doctor! Alright,” she asked me. “How did your pokémon get hurt like this?”
“He was fighting in a battled and was tripped, hitting his head on a rock!”
“Alright!” she said as she ran into the medic room.
“Oh man, I hope your Charmander is OK!” said Brain.
“Yea” I sighed.
“Thanks guys, you are hurt to!” I went back to the desk. There I saw another nurse. “I also have some other injured pokémon, can they be healed?”
“Of course! Put them in their pokéballs and I’ll put them in this pokéball healer.” I grabbed Pidgey’s pokéball.
“Pidgey, return!” The light shot out and recalled him. “ I leaned down to Pikachu. “I know you don’t like it in the pokéball but it will only take a minute, alright?”
“Pika!” I knew he agreed. I grabbed Pikachu’s pokéball,
“Pikachu, return!” the light recalled him. I gave it to the lady,  then I gave her Caterpie’s pokéball.
“This will only take a minute.” she said as she put the, on the pokéball healer. Then she put down a glass dome and hit a switch. Red beams of light shot and hit the pokéballs. “Done!” she said as she lifted the glass dome. She handed the pokéballs back to me. I put 2 on my belt, still holding Pikachu’s pokéball I cried,
“Pokéball, go!” and I threw it to the ground. Pikachu emerged and cried out,
“Pikachu!” and he leapt to my shoulder.
“Alexander, after your Charmander gets better do you want to go shopping?” asked Brian.
“Yeah, but come on, lets go to the waiting room.” I said. Brian and I walked to the waiting room and took our seats.


It took about 20 minutes but finally the nurse came out. I immediately got up,
“How’s my Charmander?”

“Well,”  she said as she stepped aside. I saw my Charmander come running,
“CHARMANDER!!” he cried as he jumped into my arms.
“Hello! How are you doing?” I asked.
“Really? You feel great?”
“Char!” He jumped into my pack and started talking to Pikachu.
“Thanks a lot!” I said to the nurse.
“Its my job!”
“Alright, bye!” I said. “Come on Brain, lets go shopping.”

Chapter 14

As we walked into the pokéshop I looked around. Hung everywhere where pokémon posters, wanted signs and all sorts of pokéballs encased in glass.
“Can I help you?” asked the man behind the counter.
“Yeah! Do you have any medic’s or antidotes?”
“Yes, there both 50 cents each, ho many would you like?” I dug up 5$ from my pocket.
“5 of each please”
“Alright, here you go. Thank you.” I took the items and put them in my pack. Brian went up and got the same as I did. We left the store.
“ Come on Brian, lets go to the gym, maybe we can fight a trainer”
“Alright” said Brain and we walked towards the gym. Then out of nowhere someone ran out in front of me, knocking me down.
“Hey there loser!” It was Steve!

Chapter 15

I got up, staring at Steve.
“What do you want Steve?” I said in an angry voice.
“I told you I would see you again! Lets battle!”
“No way!”
“I knew you would chicken out, you and your stupid Pikachu!”
“That is it! Lets battle!”
“Steve grabbed a pokéball
“Pokéball, GO!” he yelled as he threw the pokéball. Hit his the ground,
“RATTATA!!!” It was a Rattata!
“Pikachu, Go!” I yelled. Pikachu leapt out of my pack.
“PIKACHU!” he cried as he charged Rattata. The Rattata jumped aside and started pounding Pikachu in the back. Pikachu whirled around and hit Rattata right in the face! More stunned than anything Rattata fell to the ground. Pikachu jumped on his back and threw swift punches to the back of Rattata’s head. Kicking Pikachu off Rattata whirled around and but Pikachu right on the ear! “Pika!” cried Pikachu in pain. Pikachu jumped back and then charged Rattata as he hit Rattata he gave a swift punch and he and Rattata started rolling in the dirt. Rattata came out on top and tried to bite Pikachu in the eyes!
“Pikachu, thundershock!” Pikachu started charging up and let loose the explosion  of electricity! Rattata flew back and hit a tree. Slowly getting up Rattata stood there dazed. Pikachu then charged at Rattata, before hitting him Pikachu let out a thunder shock explosion! The Rattata flew back ever further, flipping backwards as he flew through the air! Hitting the ground hard the Rattata didn’t get back up,
“Rattata, return!” yelled Steve. Grabbing another pokéball he threw it to the ground.
“Sandshrew!” Sandshrew leapt towards Pikachu and pummeled him with punches, kicks, bites and tail whacks! Pikachu flew back and hit the ground, before he could get up Sandshrew was on him again!
“Pika!” Sandshrew started punching him and then picked him up,
“Sand!” and he threw Pikachu into a tree! I grabbed Pikachu’s pokéball.
“Pikachu, return!” the light recalled Pikachu. Grabbing a pokéball I threw it to the ground.
“MEEOWREE!” It was Caterpie! Sandshrew charged at Caterpie. Caterpie dodged and hit Sandshrew in the back with a ferocious tail whip! The Sandshrew hit the ground and got up. Leaping in the air towards Caterpie! But Caterpie was already ahead of him! Caterpie started using string shot, sticking to Sandshrew’s skin, creating him to fall forward. With Sandshrew’s speed reduced Caterpie charged him! Hit Sandshrew in the chest with a brutal headbutt!  Sandshrew fell backwards hitting the ground hard.
“Sandshrew, return!” cried Steve. He grabbed another pokéball and threw it to the ground. The light died down and out charged a Weedle! Hitting Caterpie with a poison attack!
“Caterpie, return!” I cried. I grabbed Pidgey’s pokéball. I threw it to the ground. “PIIIDGEYY!” it cried as it flew into the air. The Pidgey flew high and took a sky dive! It hit the Weedle hard and it flew back. Flying back up the Pidgey powerfully hit its wings together. A huge gust of wind, looking like a tornado it picked up the Weedle and threw it violently into a tree! The Weedle fell to the ground. It wasn’t getting up.
“Weedle, return!” yelled Steve. The red light shot out and grabbed Weedle.
“Pidgey, return!” I yelled. The light shot out, grabbing Pidgey. I walked towards Steve. “ You where gonna waste me? Good try though.” Steve dug out 20 dollars from his pocket,
“Here!” he shoved it in my hand and walked away. I fed a medic to each of my pokémon. When I gave it to Pidgey I noticed his head feathers where growing a little larger.  He was starting to evolve!
“Hey, Brian! Look, my Pidgey is starting to evolve!”


After the battle Steve trudged through Viridian forest.
“Hey, kid!” came a voice from the trees.
“Over here!” Steve ran towards where the voice was coming from. He found a clearing and saw to people, they where wearing white shirts and pants. On the center of each shirt was a giant red R.
“Who are you?” asked Steve.
“Team Rocket! We saw you battle, you are good enough. Do you wanna join?”
“Yeah! Then I can really get Alexander!” Steve was joining Team Rocket!

Chapter 16

When Brian and I entered Viridain forest we knew it would be a long walk, some said it would take days. We had begun our trek, although we were only in the forest by about 500 meters it was already dark and shady. “Boy, this is weird!” I said. “I agree” said Brian. “But at least there’s gonna be lots of pokémon in here.” “Yeah, there will be lots, but what kind?” I asked. Before Brian could answer checked mt pokédex. When I was informed I told Brian.  “Cool! A Pikachu? I hope I catch one!” “ Yea, well I hope I catch a Weedle!” We contined trudging through the forest, every rustle we heard we investigated. Everyone was nothing, until we heard a big rustle! Brain and I went to check it out.  “Pika!” It was a Pikachu! Brain grabbed a pokéball.  “Pokéball, GO!” he yelled as he hurled the pokéball with all his might. “RATTATA!”  The Rattata ran towards the Pikachu, biting him. The Pikachu countered by jumoing into the air and landind behind Rattata, letting loose a punch.  Rattata flew forward, falling face first into the ground. Rattata got up, whirled around and clawed Pikachu across the face! Pikachu fell back. Rattata charged Pikachu and landed on his face, kicking violently. Pikachu kicked Rattata off and slowly backed away, weakened, Lightning bolts started to gather around him. “Rattata look out,” yelled Brian. Rattata jumped aside as Pikachu shot electricity at him. Rattata leapt at Pikachu and kicked him hard in the face! Pikachu stood there, dazed. “Pokéball, GO!” yelled Brian as he threw the pokéball at the Pikachu. “Pika!” cried the Pikachu as the pokéball took him in. The ball rocked, side to side, until, it stopped! “YEA!! YEA! YEA!” cried Brain. Running towards the pokéball and picked  it up. Putting it on his belt, grabbing Rattata’a pokéball, “Rattata, return!” and like that Rattata was back in his pokéball. “Come on, let’s go.” I said. Brian agreed and we started walking. unknowingly Steve and Team Rocket where close behind us, waiting, for their moment to strike!

Chapter 17

 “Pokéball, GO!” I yelled, throwing my pokéball at the injured Weedle. Pikachu had easily defeated it. When Weedle was captured Pikachu did a little victory dance, “Pika! Pika! Pik-a-Chu!” cried Pikachu, doing a backflip at the end.  “Come on Pikachu, into my pack!” “Pika!” Pikachu leapt into my back.

“Keep trying!” said Steve angerly. “We’re trying!” replied Team Rocket. During the day they had
taken a shortcut, cutting ahead of Alexander and Brian. Now night, Alexander and Brian’s camp was 100 yards away. Team Rocket was throwing rocks at a swarm of sleeping Beedrills. When they suceeded in hitting one they darted into the bushes. In 2 minutes all 58 Beedrills where awake, looking for who had woke them. The firt poeple they saw where Alexander and Brian! Charging at them, Alexander heard something. “Hey, Brian. Whats that noise?” When Brian heard it, he began running. “Run!” he cried. I glanced back, I saw a horde of Beedrills! I began running full speed, Pikachu still in my pack. Again I glanced back, they where closing in! I turned my head back, Brain was gone! Stiill running I turned a corner, “Oomf!” a hand grabbed my from a bush, it was Brain. “Say nothing!” He whispered. He took his hand away from my mouth. We sat there for a long time every once in awile the Beedrills passed the bush. When Brain thought they where gone, he poked his head out of the bush, pieces of torn sleeping bag where spread over the source.  “They’re gone!” said Brian, “They totaled our sleeping bags though.” “Damn! What are we gonna sleep in?” I asked. Pikachu leapt out of my pack, “Pika!Pika-Pika!” he cried pointing in a direction. “Pika-Pika-Pika!”
“Should we follow him?” asked Brian. “Yea, lets go!” I replied. “Lead the way Pikachu!”

We walked for an hour, finally we came to a building! “Pika-Pika!” “Good job Pikachu!” I said. Pikachu kumped into my pack. “Alright,shelter!” I yelled. Brian and I ran towards it, the door
was jammed but Brian pushed it open, entering. “Cool! We could sleep in here, we need to find someplace to sleep though. “Brian! Come here, now!” I yelled into the building. Brian came
running, “What?” he asked. “Look!” I stepped aside, I had found a sign, covered with moss. After wiping it off I could read what it said, “Veridian Forest Pokémon Center?” asked Brian.

Chapter 18

 “Yup,” I said. “We’ll sleep in it tonight, check it out tommorrow.” “But its to dark!” said Brain. “Oh yeah?” I grabbed a pokéball. “Charmander, GO!” I threw it to the ground. “Char-man-der!” he cried.
“Charmander, go inside the building, help us find some beds!” “Charmander!” he cried as he walked into the building, his tail acting as a torch. “Good idea!” said Brian. “I know, lets follow him!” and we did.
“Alright!” the room we had found had 4 beds, a small washroom and a door, which we would lock. Checking every corner, making sure the room would be safe we walked towards our beds. “Brian, one bed for me, one for all my pokémon, the same for you.” “Good idea!” replied Brian in mid yawn. “Oh yea! In case our Charmander’s tails catch the beds on fire we should look for a bucket, and fill it with water.” When we did that we got in out beds. Putting my pack on the floor, I sat on my bed, kicking off my shoes. Taking off my pokébelt I released all my pokémon. “You guys all sleep on one bed.” They all growled. I got into bed. “Night Brian.” “G’night” he relpied. I was asleep as soon as I closed my eyes.

To be continued...