Chapter One: The Tournament

I watched as the Hitmonlee kicked the Jigglypuff across the arena. It was injured, but not too bad. I was at a pokemon tournament with all kinds of pokemon fighting. Soon, my pokemon would start coming up. The next match: Slowpoke vs. Raichu. As soon as the match begun, electricity shot across the ring. The slowpoke quickly blocked it and shot a quick blast, staggering Raichu. As soon
as Raichu came to his senses, he made a quick blast to slowpoke, this time, knocking slowpoke into the wall. They decided that they had had enough. They both shot their most powerful blasts. Slowpoke's psychic power penetrated Raichu's blast and sent him flying. Finally, it was time for one of my pokemon to fight. It would be a pretty simple fight. My very trained Charmander vs. a young rookie Mankey. The fight began my charmander was quick to attack, sending a quick and solid blow. The Mankey was down quickly, but also recovered quickly. He leaped at the charmander and got quickly hit once again. He got up, and so fast you couldn't see it, knocked my charmander across the arena. He tried to do it again, but my charmander was ready. He dodged and the mankey got a faceful of fire. The Mankey needed immediate medical attention. I went almost undefeated that day, going 9 out of 12 fights. None of mine were injured that badly, but I wouldn't put them into battle too soon. After the tournament was over, I went out into the forest to try to capture some grass or water pokemon. As soon as I got there, I was surrounded. 4 water types, 2 rock types, and 6 grass types. I was cornered, and I was a mile from any town. The closest being Cerulean City. I was trapped with no way out.

Chapter 2: The Meeting

The pokemon surrounded me. The only useful weapon I had was pikachu I let him out of the pokeball and he didn't know why he was there for a second. The Bulbasaur attacked. Before he could make a move, Pikachu was smashed into the nearest tree. He was so damaged, he automatically came back to the pokeball. I let out two Psychic powered pokemon and they crumbled the rock pokemon into the ground. The grass attacked and my charmander came out
and set them on fire. I let out one Raichu and he blasted the water to kingdom come. I captured most of the pokemon I defeated with my 10 pokeballs. I left the weakest behind. Soon after, I captured my share of pokemon. I started heading for Cerulean City. Some of my pokemon were injured in the recent battles, so I decided the best place to go would be the pokemon center. The doctor quickly healed my injured pokemon and I walked out happy. I noticed it was getting late, so I headed for the hotel. I had a good night sleep, and the next morning I headed for the forest taking my best pokemon, or the ones most fitted for capturing more. I wandered for an hour, but I didn't find anything. Not even grass or water pokemon. Then I thought I saw someone in the distance. She had a trained pikachu walking loose with her,  so I figured she must have come out here for the same reason I did. I went over to her and she acted scared at first. Then she realized I wasn't going to do anything to her, so she calmed down. "Who are you?" She said. "Another pokemon trainer." I said. Her pikachu looked at me as if he didn't like my presence. I let out my pikachu in case her pikachu attacked. Now her pikachu took its eyes off me and started to look at my Pikachu.. Then both pokemon started fighting! We broke them up and put them back in the pokeballs where they belonged. "ARE YOU NUTS?!?!?!???!!!" She yelled.

Chapter 3: The Team Up

"What do you mean, AM I NUTS????!!!!" I said. "My pokemon would surely die if you attacked me!" She answered. "Why?" I asked. I came out to train them! "They are weak and have been weakened farther by attacks when they were wild!" "Okay, I'm sorry." I said. "My pokemon are strong." "I just took my Pikachu out because yours looked like he was ready to attack!" I said "Yeah, Yeah, okay." She said. "Why are you here" She asked. "To catch some wild pokemon." I said. "Wanna team up?" She asked. "Sure." I replied. "How many pokeballs you got?" "6." She replied. "Okay." I said. "That's enough." "What kind should we look for around here?" She said. "I don't know." I said. "Let's just look around." We looked around for another hour, not finding
anything but one arbok, which I gave to her since I already had one. We decided to let out some of our pokemon and train them. After a whille, things got boring. Then I got an idea that would speed thiings up a little. "How about a fight?" "Well...., okay. Who are you gonna fight with?" She said. "My golbat." I said. "I'm fighting my pikachu." She replied. We pulled them out of their pokeballs and told them what to do. The fight started immediately. One shot from the pikachu was quickly dodged by my golbat. Another attempt missed by a mile. My golbat zoomed in and bit pikachu. He started to suck blood. The pikachu acted woozy for a second, and then shot a desperate bolt at golbat. Golbat dodged and finished pikachu off. He wobbled and fell over. "Pikachu! Return!" She yelled. Pikachu returned to her pokeball and she put the pokeball in her bag. "Lucky bite. I never even found out your name." She said. "It's Aarron." I said. "Mine's Emily." She said. Just then, an Arbok came slithering right at Emily.

Chapter 4: The Adventure Begins

"Look out!" I yelled. Emily ducked out of the way right as the Arbok struck. "Hitmonlee! GO!" I said. My Hitmonlee came out and I told him what to do. He grabbed the Arbok and hurled him so far you couldn't see where he landed. "That takes care of that." I said. "GEODUDE!!!!" The sound was almost deafening. We turned around only to see something we wish we didn't. A geodude. I ordered my Hitmonlee on it. The Geodude and the Hitmonlee clashed immediately. A kick here, a high powered punch there. To tell the truth, I didn't want to stick around to see the outcome. It didn't seem like Emily wanted to either. "Come on!" I said. "Where are you going?" She said. "To the nearest hiding place! These two could get out of hand fighting!" I said. Just then, there was a loud crack. I looked behind me and I saw the Geodude had a large split right down the middle from where the Hitmonlee had delivered a hard punch. "Hitmonlee! RETURN!" I yelled. I already had a geodude in my arsenal of my pokemon, so I left it there. Just then, a wild Raichu came out of the bushes and hit me with a mild blast of electricity. I was launched back 5 feet. The Raichu kept doing it, driving me closer and closer to the cliff. As the Raichu gave me one last blast, I fell over the cliff.

Chapter 5: Overwhelmed

I went plummeting over the cliff from Raichu's last blast. I didn't know what the heck happened until I realized I was in the air. The Pikachu had blasted me so quick, I didn't know what he was until I went over. I came up with a desperate idea. It might work, but it might not. 50/50 chance. "Pidgeot! GO!" I yelled. My Pidgeot came out of the pokeball and I told it what to do. It grabbed me by my leg and started to pull me up. It helped, but it only slowed the fall. I knew he would need more support. "Pidgey! Pidgeotto! GO!" I yelled. The other flying pokemon popped out of their pokeballs and they started to help slow the fall. Just to be safe, I let Zubat and Golbat out to get me completely up on the base of the cliff. As soon as I was up, I noticed the look of terror in Emily's eyes. "What's wrong?" I said. Her eyes ever so slightly pointed toward the forest. I looked in that direction, and saw more pokemon together than I had ever see in my life. I ordered my pokemon on them, and they held out. But only a minute, though. My pokemon were overwhelmed. I ordered them back into the pokeballs. I knew I was crazy, but I had an idea. I punched the Snorlax that seemed to be the crowd's leader. He grunted something to the crowd and before I knew it, they were rushing straight at me. I lined up so that the cliff was right behind me. "Pidgeot! GO!" I yelled. He came back out and he lifted me above the crowd with my signal. The crowd started to stop when they saw they were going over the edge, but I ordered my Snorlax to get behind them and herd them off the edge.
It worked. Just one thing I forgot, though. I had seen Bulbasaurs that didn't go over just inches from me. Bulbasaurs were poison.

Chapter 6: The escape

I could handle one or two Bulbasaurs, but not five. Suddenly, one of them lunged at me!  I gave it a hard kick directly to the face, sending it farther than I had ever kicked anything. The second seemed more cautious, but eventually lunged at me the same way the other had. He missed me by about two inches, and to my luck, slammed into a large rock that I had lined up behind me. I couldn't handle all the others. I gestured toward the forest, suggesting we find a way past them, and get out of here. Bulbasaurs are very fast, so I didn't have time to unleash any of my pokemon on them. I remembered that Bulbasaurs are very easily tricked most of the time, though. I could probably use that to my advantage. "Look! Charizard!" I yelled. They began to run off with out even looking back. Without any hesitation, we headed for the forest, and the Bulbasaurs soon followed. In a couple of minutes, they had caught up to us. Soon, we came to a gorge. Knowing my fate would come either way, also noticing how stupid I was, I jumped.

Chapter seven: Surviving

I had jumped down into the gorge. I had another idea that somehow, stupider than any others I had in my life. "Onix! GO!" I yelled. My onix came out, and before it could fall, I grabbed it. I swung it backwards, and as I hoped, the horn on its head caught in the rock, stopping both of our falls. I swung myself up to a brach, and used my skills as a gymnast to swing up to the next one. It was a thick branch, and the next one was a long way off, so I swung around the branch and got up some momentum. I used it to launch me to the next one. It was not as thick as the last, so I had to act fast. It started to break, and I noticed there were no other branches to swing to. The top of the cliff was right above me! I made a miracle jump right as the branch broke, and I managed to grab the face of the cliff with one hand. I made it to the top and called my Onix back. I then remembered Emily. I looked way out into the distance, and sawm Emily hanging by one of the branches I saw when I swung. I sent out Pidgey, Pidgeotto, and Pidgeot to get her. She got back up, and I noticed one thing had gone wrong in my plan. The Bulbasaurs saw what I was doing. They had come to the other side of the gorge.

Chapter eight: The escape

The Bulbasaurs were right in front of me. I thought they were gullible and easily tricked. I thought wrong. But this time, I was ready when they charged. I simpply did a forward flip over them and they sailed over the cliff. "Whoo!" I said. "At least that's the last we'll see of them." We ran into the forest. From the sheer adrenaline of the minutes before, we couldn't stop running. We just about collapsed from exhaustion because we ran so fast and so far. We also thought we had all our problems licked. We were also wrong about that. A Nidoking jumped out in front of us! It leaped. I grabbed a pokeball and threw it to the ground. The red rays flying from the pokeball knocked the Nidoking back. By complete and total luck, the monster that was in the pokeball was a Nidoking. They lunged and the fight began. My Nidoking got a face full of fist, and he quickly retorted with another punch. It went on like that for quite a while, and finally, I heard a hard snap. It was one of the Nidoking's necks breaking. I couldn't tell my Nidoking from the wild Nidoking. The only way was to find out whether it would attack and kill, or not. To tell the truth, I don't think the odds favored me.

Chapter nine: The note

The Nidoking continued staring at us us for quite a while. Finally, it looked happy and walked toward me. Relieved, I told it that it did a very good job, and let it practice a while. After that, we headed for my home in Pallet Town. We passed some pokemon fighting right in the middle of the street. We were about to see who was fighting, but when we saw the trainers, we decided to just leave them alone. The reason why was that the combatants were Ash Ketchum and Gary Oak. They were fierce rivals, and anyone who disturbed either, was sure to be pummeled. Neither Ash, nor Gary let anyone pass them in the ultimate struggle to capture pokemon. The pokemon they were fighting were Sandslash and Beedrill. The Sandslash mostly stuck to the ground and didn't attack the Beedrill from the air much. The Beedrill, on the other hand attacked from the air or fromm the ground. I was sure either one was fine for it. Finally, Ash's Beedrill swooped down and quickly stung Sandslash, poisoning him. Gary yelled some choice words, and ran off with his injured Sandslash. We checked our pokeballs, and we saw that some of them were injured. We took them to the shop and bought some medicines. We didn't use them right then on them, we left that to the people at the pokecenter. Finally, we reached our ultimate destination: My house. We ran home and up to my room to check on all my pokeballs. 5 were missing! I found in the middle of the shelf a note. It said: We took your Pikachu and four other of your pokemon hostage. Meet us at the power station tonight at nine. We want a fight.

Chapter ten: And it all comes down to this

We went to the power center. We thought it looked pretty much deserted for several minutes. That was, until they popped out in front of us. They had a large bag, just enough to carry 20 pokeballs in. I figured along with several others, they had my other pokemon in them. "Okay, I'm here, what do you want?" I said. "We are half-human, half-pokemon. We have come to understand that very many people are capturing our bretheren and using them for fighting, personal protaction, and other reasons. We cannot allow this," They replied. "There are many trainers in this area that have so many pokemon, we have decided to annhiliate them and set the pokemon free. The three that pose the most threat to pokemon are you, the Ketchum boy, and Professor Oak's nephew." They continued. "Nobody's annhiliating me!" I yelled. "We beg to differ." They answered grimly. Before I knew what was happening to me, I was flying back from a sharp blow to the face. I realized it was the one who had been talking to me. I recovered and drop-kicked him into the wall. "Impressive," He said. WHAM! Something hit me hard once again. "But ultimately futile." He finished. He started to somehow, like a Pikachu, charge up energy in his hands. He shot a large thunderbolt at me, knocking me back so far and so hard, that I hit the power generator fell to the ground, and became unconcious. I woke up quickly, and just in time, rolled out of the way in time to avoid a boot to the stomach from him. I punched him right in the face, and while I had time, ran up the stairs to the top of the generator. He followed me to the top and punched me so hard, I flew up and over the edge into the generator. Almost involuntarily, my hand flung out and caught the edge. He came up and started to stomp at my hands. "So, how does it feel to be helpless?" He asked. "Pretty darned good compared to your predicament." I replied. I grabbed his foot and flung him over the edge, into the generator. There was a deep rumbling explosion inside, and I knew he was gone. I looked over at the other generator and saw Emily did the same thing. Only she punched the other girl over the edge and she hit the ground hard. ---- It was the next day. We were still recovering from our little tussle. We then started hanging around pretty often, playing with our Pikachus and going to the arcade. I had a feeling the friendship would last very long.

THE END!! (For now..)