The PokéMan
(Book Two)
By MountainDewGuy 1998 
Chapter One:

I lifted the heavy branch above me. I am Corby Schemeketa, although no one has called me Corby since I was eleven. Now I'm thirteen and it's just Cor. Why was I lifting a heavy branch above me? Because I do this all the time, I am a special kind of pokémon trainer. I, instead of sending my pokémon to fight other pokémon, fight them with my bare hands. I the first time I did this was two years ago...a wild geodude. When I fight wild pokemon, I always capture them and train them, and unless I catch a very special pokémon, I sell it. That, in addition to my fighting trainer's pokémon for money, is how I make my money. I don't do it for the money though. Mostly I just do it...because. The Cerulean city pokémon gym leader, Misty, had kicked my butt with her water pokémon last month, so I was trying to build up my strength. Okay, enough branch lifting, I thought. I'm going to challenge Misty again. I got on my bike, and started for Cerulean.

Chapter Two:

As Cerulean came into view, so did a young pokémon merchant I had never seen before. I decided to sell some pokémon. I got up to the merchant and his weird looking machine on wheels. When he saw me, his eyes lit up. "Looking for pokémon," He said. "Because I have rare and strong pokémon! Blastoise, level 31! Kadabra, level 46, on sale!" "NO." I said quickly. "I have pokémon to sell." The boy looked discouraged, but then smiled. I didn't like that smile. I had seen it before. It meant trouble, this guy was out to rip me off. I
grabbed him by his shirt collar. "Look, kid." I said. "You're going to give me what these pokémon are worth. Nothing less. I remember that stunt you pulled with my renting your bike for way too much, two years ago." I let go of his collar, and he just looked like a scared little mouse now. He wasn't going to rip me off now. I held out a sandshrew and an ekans that I had caught earlier. He took them and and handed me some money. I counted it, I hadn't gotten ripped off. Now it was off to the gym.

Chapter Three:

There it was, Cerulean city gym with Misty's mascot seel on the front. Squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak. "Oh, man!" I said. I knew that squeak, it belonged to the pokémon trainer I had just sold my pokémon to's bike. I rode faster, on my bike. He was going to try to challenge Misty. But I would beat him to it. No, wait, I thought. I turned around, and rode straight toward him. We were heading for each other. I was going to force him to play chicken with our bikes. We got closer, closer, closer...when I realized... that was Cammie! I saw so shocked that I didn't remember to swerve...until the last minute, when she turned the same way as me....and we collided, bikes and bones broken.

Chapter Four:

Our bikes slammed together, and I lay on the ground.  I wasn't hurt too bad, although I couldn't move my legs to get up.  I knew I had tons of  health, but, Cammie wasn't so lucky.  She was unconscious.  I took out the pokéball that held my ivysaur.  "Ivysaur, GO!" I said, there was a flash of reddish light, and there was ivysaur.  "Look, ivysaur," I said.  "I'm not hurt bad, but she--" I pointed to Cammie "--is a different story. I want you to use your leech seed.  Ivysaur looked at me like I was a little crazy.  "Ivysaur!!" It said in protest, but I then said, "Ivysaur, do it.  Now.  Heal Cammie." Ivysaur shot what looked like three seeds from its plant, and they hit me on the side  of my neck.  They seemed to burn into my skin, as if with some kind of acid, and it felt like it was somehow hot, like it was burning me, only worse. I saw ivysaur hold Cammie up in front of it with its vines.  I knew why. The leech seed would sap me of health, and then the health would, in an actual form, come out of me, and into ivysaur.  but since it was holding Cammie in front of it, my health would go into Cammie. I closed my eyes.  I didn't want to see my own health come out of me.  I felt it sap my health.  It felt horrible.  I felt it again and again, and I started to drift away into unconsciouness...After a while I heard Cammie saying something....but it felt so far away...and the leech seed kept sapping me...

Chapter Five:

I heard someone call my name...but it was like it was far I didn't really care...wait a minute, where am I?  Oh well, it didn't matter. Not...matter...hey, everything is all black everywhere, and also some colors I have never seen.  Wait!  New colors, normal colors.  fading in.  It was Cammie colors!  Fading in...faded Cammie...wait, Clear! I can see Cammie now! Hmm...what am I doing?  Lying down.  In a hospital...why?  I'm not hurt.  I sat up, and I suddenly felt like I was going to get sick all over the bed. Oh, yeah. I AM hurt.  I laid my body down on the bed again.  Then it all came back to me.  Bikes.  Squeak. Crash. Cammie! Hurt. Ivysaur, Go! Leech seed. Faint.  And then here.  "Cammie?" I asked. "Yeah?" "Uh, why am I here?" "Well..." she replied, "We crashed our bikes, and I fainted for a little while.  Then I woke up, and I recognized ivysaur's leech seed attack, and realized that you had told it to do that.  Thanks, that was pretty brave.  And so then I saw the leech seed hurt you a few more times, and you fainted.  I told ivysaur to get you help, so it picked you up with its vines, and I saw it bring you back to the pokémon center. I didn't understand that at first.  But then I thought that ivysaur probably remembered being healed there.  Once I had enough strength, I went there too.  I asked about you, and they brought me here.  It's a good thing those doctors could help humans, too.  But there's a problem.  You will never walk again."

Chapter Six:

"What about you?"  I asked.  "They said that I was fine.  nothing bad." "Okay, good."  I said.  Then I took out one of my pokéballs.  "Go, ivysaur!" and there was bulbasaur.  "Ivysaur, oustide,"  I told it.  Ivysaur understood, picked me up with its vines.  Then it walked me out of the room, and through the hall.  Once out there, I saw a pokémon doctor.  "Hey, you're that kid!" he said.  "You aren't supposed to be out of that room!"  I didn't do anything, but ivysaur stopped.  "Hey," I said.  "Ivysaur, keep going."  And so it did. As I went through the center, a lot of pokémon doctors tried to stop me.  But I just went right past them.  And finally, I got outside.  "Bulbasaur, set me down."  and it did.  I took out bulbasaur's pokéball, and said "Bulbasaur, return."  And I was alone outside.  "Pidgeotto, go!"  there was pidgeotto. "Pidgeotto, to the seafoam islands."  Pidgeotto grabbed the back of my shirt with its talons, and flew me off the ground.

Chapter Seven:

I saw cities and forests as I flew.  I couldn't see what made one building different from another, from up here it was just roofs.  Sometimes pidgeotto flew low enough so I could see people clearly...all I could see was their heads, and let me tell you, there's a lot of bad haircuts out there.  I was then over Saffron City.  I could see a grocery store down there...I could get something to eat..."Pidgeotto, land!" I said.  once I got really close to the ground, people started to notice me.  Apparantly, some of them had seen a flying pokémon which had been taught the fly technique before, because only a few freaked out.  Before I was on the ground, I released ivysaur down there. I guess it knew the drill by now, because as soon as it was released it grabbed me out of the air with its vines.  I pointed my pokéball at pidgeotto... "Return!"...pidgeotto did.  There I was, being held with a ivysaur's vines.  "Ivysaur, go in there," and I pointed to the grocery store. I instructed ivysaur to go through every isle so I could pick out whatever I wanted.  I read the sign above the isle.  It said "Junk food".  Ivysaur sure knew what he liked.  As I went through it I picked some cookies, some potato chips, and a bag of cheez puffs.  We went through all the rest and I chose
various other foodstuffs.  I went up to the checker and he immediately screamed in terror.  I looked around, expecting to hear team rocket's "Prepare for trouble, make it double," motto.  When I didn't see any uniforms with big R's on the front, I just asked him what he was so scared of.  "I...h-hate....po--poke--I HATE POKéMON!"  Oooh...this guy had poképhobia or something....I just stuffed all the food in my backpack, and threw onto the
counter what I'm sure was more than enough money to cover it.

Chapter Eight:

I walked out of the store, and had pidgeotto fly me to the seafoam islands. I landed there, and I saw just a lot of ground, and some palm trees here and there, and further away a cave.  I had heard many stories about that cave...and not to mention the possibility of being lost...I decided not to go in there.  I went under one of the palm trees, and there I started to stew. If I couldn't use my legs anymore, how could I continue fighting pokémon?  I couldn't.  It was impossible.  This was what I wanted to do, for as long as I could.  It was how I made my money.  Now what will I do?  How will I make money?  I paused my deep thoughts and zipped open my backpack, and took out a deli sandwich and the cookies I bought at the store.  I stopped and took a bite of my sandwich once in a while, and continued.  Having a disability like this sure kept me from a whole lot of things, not just my special way of being a pokémon trainer.  Would I ever get the use of my legs back?  I sat there, a bite of sandwich in my mouth, and holding a cookie in mid-air.  That when I noticed a tiny rodent pokémon trying to get at the cookie.  "Tatta!" it said. I was holding the cookie just above where it could reach.  The rattata was attempting to jump up in the air and grab the cookie, unsuccessfully.  I broke off a little piece, and gave it to the rattata.  It sat down and munched contentedly.  I gave it another when it was done.  I thought I had gained the rat's trust, and I picked it up, put it in my lap, and petted its silky fur. "Rattata," it sighed peacefully.  This was a very nice distraction from my current problem.

Chapter Nine:

Rattata ran a few feet from me, toward the cave, and then back to me.  It did this a few times, and kept saying "Tatta!  Tatta!"  "Oh, no way, Tatta.  I'm not going in that cave."  Then it went up to me, bit my shoe and pulled it off!  "Okay, Tatta, I'll play your game."  "Tatta," it replied happily, slightly muffled by my shoe.  As I chased after it, sometimes it slowed down, and I almost got my shoe.  But it always sped back up again.  I got to the entrance of the cave, and tatta knew I was afraid to go in there, so slowly, it walked in there.  Okay, I thought, I'll go in, but I'll make sure to keep the entrance in sight.  I saw tatta go through a tiny hole in the stone wall. I knew that it wanted me to follow.  I took out the geodude I had caught two years ago, and told it to break a hole where that smaller hole was.  I went inside it, and there was a huge room in there.  And inside it, there was a ten foot by ten foot building, obviously for pokémon, and on it there was a sign that said "Seafoam Islands Gym. Leader: Tatta, the lightning quick rat." 

Chapter Ten:

I looked at Tatta, then at the tiny pokémon gym.  I couldn't believe it. These pokémon were intelligent!  Kind of like the zubat and golbat two years ago, I reflected.  They could write in english, could they speak english, like the zubat? No. At least not tatta.  "Tatta," it said proudly. "Tat...tatta....b--build...Tatta build....Poké...Tatta...mon gym. Tatta!" It said.  Okay, so I was wrong about that.  Now Tatta...that pokémon was SMART. It could write English, like on the sign, and it could speak, although it was obviously hard for it.  And build.  Build gyms.  "Bell! Weepinbell!"  I heard from inside the gym.  There must be a match going on between a weepinbell, and another pokémon.  I walked over to the gym.  "What?" I said to myself.  "I...I can...walk.  I can, I CAN, I CAN, I CAN WALK, I CAN WALK!"

Chapter Eleven:

I COULD walk.  I had even walked over to the cave with out noticing it. I...could fight pokémon again.  Curiosity once again took control.  What was in the gym, fighting weepinbell?  The gym was big enough to hold me, but I had to squeeze in the opening.  What I saw made me do a double-take.  "Holy dragonair..." There was a Mewtwo in the gym, sitting next to the fainted weepinbell.  "Don't be alarmed," it said.  "I'm not what you think I am. Mewseven, actually." I tried to talk, to move, but couldn't in my shock. Mewtwo was evil.  Can't believe them to be "Mewseven".  And what happened to mewthree?  Four?  Five?  Six?  "Grass, water, fire, electricity," it said, in answer to my thoughts.  This evil cat could read my thoughts!  "Of course I can," it said. "Don't you know anything?  And I AM mewseven, not evil, and just because my name has mew in it doesn't mean I'm a cat.  The cat has been near sucked out of me with the gene-splicing from mew, two, and so on. I taught Tatta to talk.  Named it Tatta because it hardly ever says its whole name.  Strange purple pokémon."

Chapter Twelve:

I believed it. Wait, no, I didn't! "You're working your psychic pokémon weirdness on me, I'm not going to believe you!"  "No, you have to have to have faith in me, I need a pokémon trainer like you to help me.  To defeat the others." Okay…now what should I believe?  "Hey, what about that weepinbell? Only someone evil would kill a weak pokémon in cold blood." "Are you kidding? That was just a friendly match.  And weepinbell isn't dead.  Just fainted.  I am stronger, and I won."  "Okay, that's credible, I guess.  I…believe you. But I thought this was Tatta's gym.  If it is, you should be fighting tatta." Then I noticed Tatta at my feet.  "Tatta," it said in protest. "Kitty borrow gym.  Call "Rent".  For shiny circle coin.  Tatta.  Can spend, tatta.  Can buy nice things. Tatta, that what Kitty say."  Mewseven started to get this pink and blue psychic stuff around its face.  Maybe that's psychic blushing, I don't know.  "Tatta, I've told you before, I'm not a 'Kitty'." "But, Kitty, you, like meowth. Kitty.  Not bad rocket meowth.  Good Kitty."

Chapter Thirteen:

"Cor," Mewseven said, "I came here because you were going to come.  I need your help, to defeat the grass, fire, water and electricity Mews.  You will need to catch…" "Fire, Rock, Grass, and Ground type pokémon to defeat them," I cut it off.  I knew by heart the pokémon types, which is good against which. "Very good, Cor.  I am impressed.  Now go.  Return here when…" "What?" I asked.  "What is it?" "There…there is another human coming.  And a pokémon. You'd better go outside.  It's best if no one knows of me.  If word gets to the Rockets at Silph Co. that I've escaped, Then…" I got the picture.  I ran outside.  And there came Cammie, being flown by a pidgey!

Chapter Fourteen:

She landed, and I asked her why she was here.  "I had to see what was with you, It obviously was something about your not walking…" and she looked down, "because of your legs…that got broken…that you're standing on right now…" I smiled. "Yeah, I can walk.  I see you caught a pidgey, and taught it fly." "No, I didn't.  Remember that last time we met?  I left with my onix and right when I got back to Cerulean, there were police officers waiting for me.  They made sure I wouldn't be a legal trainer for a long time.  Training with out a license is a very bad thing in the eyes of the law.  That's what they told me. Those jerks don't know what it's like to train a pokémon, to see it evolve…I rented the pidgey from a merchant.  You can rent pokémon with "fly" to travel fast." "Wait, Cammie, I need your help to help someone else.  I need to use Onix.  And you've gotta catch a ground pokémon.  I don't care if it's illegal. This is more important. MUCH more."

Chapter Fifteen

“Bye, Cammie,” I said.  “I’ve got pokémon to catch too, and make sure to catch a strong ground pokémon.” And I took out a pokéball.  “Pokéball, GO!”“Pidgo!” “Okay, Pidgeotto, we need to capture a fire pokémon.  Take me to a good fire pokémon hang-out.” “You too, pidgey,” Cammie said.  Our flying pokémon took us off Seafoam.  I could see nothing but sea in the direction we were going, and Seafoam in the back.  I was getting bored.  Pretty soon all around was water, and no Seafoam anywhere.  “Pidgeotto,” I broke the silence, “I’m getting bored.  Let’s do that thing I taught you.”  Pidgeotto went down, and down, still holding me by the shirt.  Finally it went so low that my feet touched the water.  Water sprayed all around, and it was like I was water skiing.  Cammie did this too, and we water skied until I started to smell something burning.  I noticed smoke coming from a volcano that just came into my vision.  I had Pidgeotto drop me, and I swam the rest of the way to the Fiery Island.

Chapter Sixteen

Cammie was there, waiting for me.  “Cammie,” I said, and took my arbok out of its pokéball, “Follow arbok underground, and catch a dugtrio, or some ground pokémon.”  “Wait!” she said.  “Remember? I don’t have any pokémon. I could get my onix back, but I’d have to go to the forest I released it in, fly there, and that’s take time…”  “Here,” I tossed her a pokéball, “Take my strongest. It has leech seed, poison powder, vine whip, and it’s strongest, solar beam. It’s one I’m using in the big battle.” Then I tossed her two more pokéballs, and told her that she’ll only need one with ivysaur at her side, and the other was a special pokéball.  “It can’t capture, but it can tell levels.  Aim it at the pokémon, press the button, and it shows the level of the pokémon, as a projection, right on the it.”  “Cool,” she said, “Like those things on that show Dragonite Sphere X, that you put on your head.”  “Yeah.” I said. “Don’t capture anything less than level eighty.  Arbok, underground!”  Cammie followed it.  It was when Mewfour exploded from the volcano in the middle of the island that my legs gave out, and I fell like a paralyzed geodude to the

Chapter Seventeen

The fire cat landed about twenty feet away from me.  It looked like mewseven, only when it moved, embers fell from its body onto the ground and burned, sometimes igniting dead, blackened plant life around it.  Its tail was made completely of fire, and its whole body was flaming, but the fire that burned in its eyes was the worst of all.  The heat that emitted from it made the acid from the leech seed I had used after the bike crash felt like it was as much
on fire as mewfour was.  I knew it was looking for me.  The flames on its head got was using its psy power.  It closed its eyes, and began to slowly walk toward me.  It got right next to me, aimed its closed eyes at me, and opened them.

Chapter Eighteen

"Ah," it said, "How ironic that looking for pokémon to enslave and to defeat us, I found you, and somehow blocked off your heal waves, leaving you helpless to The Mew's power.  We will destroy you like we will all other pokémon trainers."  What? I thought.  What are "heal waves"? and they called themselves "The Mew"? I have to get up and fight it!  That's what I do, fight pokémon...I fight pokémon...what about geodude?  It was very strong.  I had kept it from evolving because I liked it how it was.  I wouldn't have a chance...It had to take mewfour by surprise.  I felt a rumbling.  I panicked. What if the volcano is going to erupt?  It would destroy one mew...but me, too, I thought grimly.  Then, not ten feet behind mewfour, arbok came out of the ground!  This was just the distraction I needed.  I send out geodude. What luck!  It landed right on mewfour's head.  "Geodude, do...something!" "geodude!" it said, and started to pound on mewseven's head.  No!  That was probably a normal-type attack!  No good against fire.  "No, geodude! a rock attack!"  Geodude immediately went to find a big rock.  But when it came back, it didn't have the advantage of a surprise attack.  Mewfour let out the strongest fire spin I had ever seen, melting the rock out of geodude's hands! Just then Cammie popped out of the hole arbok had made.  "Hey, Corby," she said.  "The funniest thing happened down there..." then she noticed mewfour. "I guess you have a better story to tell than I do," she commented.

Chapter Nineteen

Mewfour spun around.  Geodude saw this, and got a bunch of rocks ready. "Another pokémon trainer, as you call yourselves.  A better word may be slavedrivers. or maybe--" Geodude tossed a first rock, then a second, making mewfour fall to the ground.  mewfour got ready another fire attack, but geodude hit mewfour in the head with a rock.  Mewfour hardly flinched, and got up by jumping twenty feet in the air.  Geodude went up with it, and
punched it even higher.  It was falling to the ground, and geodude punched it from above.  mewfour hit the ground with a rumble.  Cammie took out the level pokéball, and shined it on the fallen mew's back.  At first it was over a hundred, but was actually falling!  I had never seen a pokémon's level actually fall before.  Mewfour got up slowly.  "I will destroy you first of all.  Just wait till the battle starts." It flew into the sky, smoking like a fire about to burn out. 

Chapter Twenty

"What exactly happened while I was gone?" Cammie asked.  "Well, you didn't miss much.  Even though it's a fire pokemon, it still has some psychic powers. Not enough to read people's minds with, though.  Let's go.  We don't have anything to do here.  You did catch that ground pokémon, right?"  "Well, that's the funniest thing.  I was fighting a dugtrio and send out ivysaur. But what came out was this ratatta!  It kicked butt, though, and I caught the dugtrio."  "Well, I'm paralyzed for the moment, and if I don't want to be, I should get back to mewseven."  I sent out pigeotto, and told it to fly me to seafoam islands.  "Cammie, you get your onix.  And--" Then I saw gravler. "What?" Cammie said.  "Well, it seems that geodude has evolved.  gravler's pretty cool looking, huh?"  Cammie nodded, and pidgeotto flew me to seafoam. 

Chapter Twenty-one.

As I got closer to seafoam, I could fell a little strength go into my legs.  I didn't know what the heal waves mewfour talked about were, but I figured they had something to do with mewseven, and how I could use my legs.  Once I got to seafoam I asked mewseven about those.  "Well," It began, "Some scientists at silph were doing experiments on me, and I listened to their thoughts.  They had figured out that I sent out heal waves.  You see, Mewtwo has a move that can restore its health, and some pokémon send out sleep waves.  I didn't get either of those, but I have sort of a mix of the two.  I send out heal waves that can heal some injuries in humans."  Wow.  This was bad news.  I couldn't just keep coming back to mewseven again and again.  "Cor," he said, "I will release a lot of my heal energy on you, for the next battle.  It will keep you walking.  You will battle mewsix.  The electric.  It lives in the power plant. Now go outside and wait for Cammie."  I went.   There were three ratatta munching on the cookies I had set out there before.  When they saw me, they bolted, except one that grabbed the bag of cookies and walked clumsily away. I laughed.  Then Cammie appeared on the horizon, surfing on a squirtle.

Chapter Twenty-two

Cammie got off when they came to shallow water, and walked to shore, getting her pants all wet.  "Squirtle!" squirtle said.  "Squirt!" "Have you got onix?" I asked. "Yeah, right here."  "Dugtrio?" "Yep.  Where are we going next?" "Power plant.  Since you didn't bring pidgey, I'll send you to the power plant with my pidgeotto.  Then it'll come back and get me.  Go, pidgeotto!" pidgeotto and Cammie disapeared just as she had appeared with squirtle.  That left another problem.  She left squirtle here!  "Squirtle, you're coming with me.  Go, pokéball!"  squirtle put up no fight to the pokeball and stayed in there.  It wasn't long before Pidgeotto was back and I was outside the power plant, Cammie standing next to me.  "I'll have gravler ready," I said.  I started to walk up to the door.  "Wait!" Cammie stopped me. "Dugtrio was just in battle, with that ratatta, right?  So was gravler.  Thery're weaker than they would be normally.  I've got some heal, only enough for dugtrio.  Gravler shouldn't go into battle."  "Yeah...good point.  But I've got my own.  I made this stuff myself.  Heal pills."  I took the container holding the pills out of my pocket and took one out.  "Gravler, go!" I tossed the heal pill into gravler's mouth.  Cammie took out dugtrio and sprayed some heal on it. "Gravler, return!  Let's go, Cammie."  I opened the door.  There was a voltorb waiting right there!  "Voltorb!" it said, and exploded.  "Man, Corby--"  "No, call me Cor."  "Okay, Cor...yeah. watch out for voltorb.  They will self-destruct if you get close."  I walked ahead.  There was a hallway that I saw that looked important.  "Gotta start somewhere," I commented, and walked down it.  As I walked past a door I heard a boom and smoke flowed through the cracks. 

Chapter Twenty-Three

I paid no attention and kept on going until I came to the door at the end. The light had almost run out from here, there were no working light, mosly we had relied on windows for light.  I opened the door and there was no light at all in the room.  I took a step in, and stepped right on a voltorb!  It rolled from under my foot,  into an electrode and then exploded.  There were a bunch of voltorb behind the electrode.  All the spherical pokémon started to slowly roll toward us, and kept getting faster.  "RUN!"  I yelled, and then followed my own advice.  We ran through  the hallway I had just came from, and into a different one, with the electrode and all the voltorb following us.  I turned into another hallway, then another, but the pokéball-like creatures kept up the whole time.  I took a door that I hoped led to somewhere where I could hide, but it led to a closet, with a voltorb in it!  I couldn't slow down, or the electrode and voltorb would come close and explode.  Suddenly I had an idea.  I grabbed the voltorb in the closet, and threw it right at the leader of the group, electrode.  As soon as it hit they both exploded! All the voltorb rolled away as fast as they could, half of them exploding on the way. "Way to go Cor!" Cammie congratulated.  I said,  "Well, All that exploding may have warned mewsix, and destroyed our advantage against it.  Let's go find it."  "We may not have to.  Listen."  I did.  I could hear mewsix talking. Wait! There was another voice!  Mewfour?! "Uh-oh.  We'd better run.  We aren't prepared for this."  "Yeah, two fights...let's get outta here."  as we walked away, we tried not to make any noise.  That meant walking slowly.  I could hear mewsix and four talking again. "First we go to Celedon.  There are loads of trainers there."  then it stopped for a second.  "There's someone here. No, two.  I believe one of them is your Cor, mewfour."

Chapter Twenty-four

Cammie and I broke into a run.  The mews were right at out heels.  I came to a door.  I put my hand on the doorknob, but before I could turn it mewsix shot a lightning bolt right at the doorknob, electrocuting me!  It hardly even hurt, though.  I wondered why.  I proceded to another door and successfully got through that one.  But where was Cammie?  I was in a closet.  Mewfour burned down the door in less than a second with flame thrower.  I ran through where the door used to be and into a huge room.  I ran toward the stairs, but mewfour thundered the stairs, blackening them.  If I walked on them they would collapse.  Cammie suddenly came through a door and toward me.  I ran toward that same door she came out of.  Cammie followed.  I went through the door, and into a closet.  The mews hadn't followed yet, so it would take them a few seconds.  "Look," I told Cammie, "That time mewsix electrocuted the doorknob, and me?  It could have easily killed me.  When mewfour flame throwered that door, it could have kept flame throwering and fried me.  They're just playing with us, Cammie.  Once they're done having their fun, we're history.  We have to fight."  I could hear the mews coming into the hallway outside of the closet.  I boldly stepped out.  "I challenge mewsix to a pokémon battle." 

Chapter Twenty-six

Cammie came out and whispered to me that I couldn't win alone.  She then said, out loud, "Uh, so do I," Mewsix just smiled and said okay, but it was much more fun just chasing us.  I said "Gravler, go!" and Cammie yelled "Dugtrio, I
choose you!"  Mewsix yawned and gave dugtrio a thunder punch, and gravler a thunder kick, all as fast as lightning.  Well, it actually WAS lightning. "Dugtrio, swift!"   "Gravler! body slam!"  Dugtrio swifted mewsix to the ground, where gravler body slammed it.  Mewsix got right up, and did a move I had never seen before, and looked like an electric fire spin on gravler. Lightning spin, maybe?  Gravler was on the ground, moaning "Gravler, gravler...." "Gravler!" I yelled, "Give it your all! This is where it really counts!" Gravler got up, wearily, and tried to rock throw mewsix, but mewsix didn't even pay attention because it was on dugtrio now.  It did a electric move on it, making two of the three dugtrio heads unconscious.  "Try a thunder shock, mewsix!" said mewfour from outside the battle.  Mewsix thunder shocked dugtrio and it was K.O.'ed.  "Dugtrio! Return!" Cammie brought it back to its pokeball.  Mewsix then proceded to thunder shock gravler, leaving it hanging on to consciousness.  No! this couldn't happen. mewsix was so much stronger than mewfour was...gravler had given it its all, like I said.  It had nothing more to give...unless...NO, that move was only for very serious times...but this was one. "Gravler...explosion!" For the first time, mewsix didn't look so cocky.  He was wondering what an explosion from gravler would do to would do some damage.  Gravler obeyed, and followed a bigger explosion than that electrode earlier.  When the smoke cleared, I immediately brought the fainted gravler back.  WHAT?  Mewsix wasn't even hurt! "What a wimpy pokémon!" mewsix said. "Now on to Celedon!" and mewsix and four flew through the roof. 

Chapter Twenty-seven

"We have to stop them, Cammie."  "Why?"  "Because they're going to try to kill every pokémon trainer in the world."  "Oh.  Well, then, let's go."  "All right, who will go first this time?" " can go first...I don't mind."
"All right.  Pidgeotto, go!"  pidgeotto grabbed on the back of my shirt and hovered me about five feet in the air, waiting for instuctions.  It didn't know where celedon was, so I told it to follow the trail of smoke from mewfour.  And I was off to celedon.  It was getting dark, so the lights were on in most of the houses.  Then they were off.  Not all at once, though, one by one.  I looked like a power outage...of course! Mewsix had used its electrotechnic powers to somehow make all the lights go out.  I immediately told pidgeotto to go where it started.  As I got closer, I could see mewsix holding a wire it had pulled out of the telephone pole and sending electricity through it...way too much.  That's what was making all the electricity go out. I told pidgeotto to keep its distance, I didn't want to be seen.  I wondered where the fire mew was, until I saw one house that was on fire!  If I squinted I could see mewfour going in and out all the windows in that house.  I took out cammie's squirtle and said "Squirtle! Put out that fire!" and flew up
close and threw the pokeball in the chimney.  That's when I noticed my legs go numb.  "Uh-oh..." 

Chapter Twenty-eight

My legs weren't working abymore! I was going to have to fly for a while longer... Then I noticed mewfour fly out of the window and fly away.  Luckily it didn't see me.  Then I heard sirens, and there was a ambulance and a fire truck headed toward the house.  I could see a whole bunch of smoke...I hoped squirtle was okay.  Fire fighters came out of the truck and in their fire proof suit thingies went in the house, carrying an empty stretcher.  A few minutes later they came out with the stretcher, anly this time there was a six-year old looking kid on it.  Some other fire fighters took out fire hoses and stared spraying the house, while the go-in-house ones put the kid in the ambulance and took the now-empty stretcher in again, this time coming out with a woman, not on the stretcher, but walking out of the house.  I could hear the people who saved the boy and the woman saying something like "I think we got everyone.  I didn't see anyone else." the other said; "We had betterr double check."  "No, I'm pretty sure I got every room." then they started back toward the fire truck when I heard sqirtle!  "Squirtle!" it said.  It ran out of the house, carrying a man!  Squirtle brought it back, and put it in the ambulance! No one had even noticed it.  They would find him in the back of the ambulance later.  I could just see the headlines on tomorrow's paper..."Pokémon saves man's life"... 

Chapter Twenty-nine

"Three killed in fire".  That's what the headlines read.  I was sitting in the celedon hospital, reading the paper.  "During an unexplained blackout yesterday evening, there was a fire in a celedon house.  Firefighters  managed to get the three people that lived in the house out, although one fireman had a different story. 'I was sure we got only two people out,' the man said, 'but when they got to the hospital, there was three.'  The doctor's attempts to save their lives was (Continuation on 1D)."  I turned to 1D and it told about how the cause of the fire being unknown, and about an old man who was dead sure that it was the legendary moltres. I was in the hospital waiting room, waiting for a doctor to do something to heal my leg.  "Can I have the comics?" Cammie asked in the chair next to me.  I took the comics and handed them to her.  I had pidgeotto get her last night from the power plant.  I kept reading the article, and it mentioned something about the two adults were pokémon trainers.  Exactly what I was looking for.  I knew they would be pokemon trainers, that was why mewfour had killed them.  "Cor Schemeketa?"  A nurse called my name.  I took a pokeball from my belt. "Ivysaur," and Cammie came up to me with a wheelchair.  "Aw, man!  Cammie, I am not going to--" "No pokemon allowed, ivysaur can't carry you,"  she told me.  I reluctantly got into the
wheelchair (Which wasn't very easy, considering I couldn't use my legs), and was pushed by Cammie into the doctor's office.  Oh, well, at least it was more comfortable that being held in ivysaur's tendrils.

Chapter 30

I came into the office, and the doctor asked me that I was in here because of my legs, right?  I told him yes, I was.  "And how long have they been like this?" He asked, and I answered, "Well, I'm not sure if it was since last night, or for a few days."  "What?  I don't think I understand."  "You wouldn't believe it."  I said.  He just stared at me.  "All right," I said, "Have you ever heard of mewtwo?"  "Heard of it? I helped create it.  I used to work at silph until recently."  Wow.  That was surprising.  "I guess you might believe me after all.  Mewseven healed me, with heal waves."  "MewSEVEN?  I hadn't even heard they made a five yet!  I'd better take a look at your legs." He examined me with his doctor machines, almost all that I couldn't name, and finially, when he was finished, I asked him what was wrong with them.  "I can't quite tell.  And if I could, I couldn't heal it.  Could you bring mewseven here?  I'd like to examine it, and see if I can get a cure for your paralysis."  Cammie immediately voluntered. I gave her pidgeotto's pokéball. "But how am I going to get mewseven here?" she asked.  I handed her an enpty pokeball and told her it would probably stay in there.  She went off and was back by the time thirty minutes was over.  Cammie handed the doctor the pokeball that now held mewseven, and he went outside the room, and later came back with a beaker full of a carbonated-looking white substance.  "Essence of mew," he told me jokingly. "I'm guessing that if we inject this into your blood, it will heal your legs.  Let's try."  He put it into a seringe and injected it in a vein in my leg, and almost immediately I could feel my legs working again.  I stood up to try them out and they worked!  "All right!  Now it's time to save the world!"

THE END?? (Don't you just love this....)