The PokéMan
(Book One.)
by Mountain Dew Guy

Chapter One:

"Geodude!"  Came the call of the wild geodude, gloating at its victory. My arbok lay on the ground, motionless. I took one of my pokéballs, and aimed it at my injured arbok.  "Arbok! Return!" I yelled. A red beam bursted out and brought my fallen arbok back to me, again captured inside the pokéball. I was angry, furious. Arbok was my first pokémon, my favorite of the large collection I owned. I rushed up to the geodude. Taken totally by surprise I took him in my hands and tossed it against a nearby tree in rage.  The geodude lay on the ground more confused than hurt. It threw a fake punch, and when I tried to shield myself it head butted my stomach, a move that brought me to my knees.  It started away, retreating.  Don't want a fight, geodude?  I tried to say.  But it came out more like, "Don't wan...ahh...figh....ohhh..."  I took a pokéball, and threw it at the geodude.  Not to capture it, but to buy me time.  I got up from the ground painfully even as the pokéball flew through the air, and ran over to the geodude, took a deep breath, and waited for the flash of light.  Whoops!  There it went.  I kicked geodude before it could react the second it came out of the red and white sphere.  It skidded across the ground.  Running up to it, I kicked it again, this time injuring it badly.  "Ha HA, Mister Geo!  You're MINE!"So I took out an empty pokéball, pushed the button, and threw it at the geodude. It opened up, and trapped the geodude inside. "YES! I caught it!" I had gotten the pokémon that injured arbok.  I sure taught it a lesson! "Okay arbok, now to bring you to the closest pokémon center, in..." I paused to look at my map. "Cerulean city."

I stopped my long walk, to sit on a rock. I was very tired. "I wish there was some way to get you to the pokémon center faster, arbok." I said. I suddenly heard a squeaking. squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak. I covered my ears.  What's that? I thought.  I saw a bike coming toward me, going the same way I was. It stopped as soon as the guy on it was close to me."Hey, kid!" he said.  Suddenly I didn't like this guy very much.  I didn't reply. "Hello?"  He asked. "What do you want,"  I asked, anxious to get going again. " I see you have some pokéballs.  I'm challenging you!" he said, then hopped off his bike. "No way, I'm trying to get my pokémon to the center in cerulean!" "Really? Me too. I just got my butt kicked by some weird samurai kid. these people in this viridian forest are so strange."  AAh!  Why couldn't he understand? "I NEED to get to the pokémon center!  Can I borrow your bike? It's my arbok. it's not doing good."  I didn't see one bit of sympathy in his face. "No, you can't borrow it.  You can rent it, though." "Oh, man, I can NOT believe you!" I said.  Anything for arbok, though.  I  took some money from my pocket and held it out. "That's it? " He grabbed it out of my hand and studied it. "All right. Be at the entrance of the pokémon center in cerulean with my bike at dusk."

squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak. I was being chased by a bike with no rider. The bike was squeaking like crazy. As I ran faster, the bike kept growing larger and larger, getting closer. FLASH! Suddenly I was an arbok. Squeaksqueaksqueaksqueak. The bike just kept getting closer to me. It then said, "I'll eat you, and your trainer, the washer-dryer!" Then a lightning bolt tore through the sky, and shocked me out of my weird dream. I was out of
breath, sweating. "Where am I?" I thought. then it all came back to me.  Geodude!  Fight!  Arbok hurt!  Catch Mister Geo!  Run to center!  Bicycle!  Ride!  Heal arbok!  What happened to his bike?  He had probably took it while I was asleep.  Even if he hadn't, I didn't care one bit.  I decided to go into the center to see if my arbok was okay.  I walked into the Center and asked the woman at the front desk if my pokémon were okay, she said "Oh, yes. The arbok kid." she said as if it were all my fault.  And kid again.  She then handed me a few pokéballs. "Your pokémon should be fine now. Just remember to try to increase its power level a little before fighting any tough opponents." "Okay. And thank you for healing arbok." She nodded and returned to her work at her computer.


I was smiling as I left the Cerulean city pokémon center, happy that arbok was alive, happy that I'd never see that annoying kid again. And I wasn't expecting a giant stone serpent to come out of the ground a couple feet in front of  me. "AAARRRAAAARRR!!!!!" It said, with a voice like nails on a chalkboard, before falling to the ground in severe pain. And I was screaming in terror the whole time. After screaming for about another full miute, I suddenly knew what to do. "Pokéball--go!" I said. A second later I had myself an injured Onix. I ran as fast as I could into the center the same woman was there as before, except this time she looked very surprised. After that she looked very accusing. "You didn't put your arbok in another tough battle, did y"..."No!" I cut her off. "This is an onix emergency!" her face went white. She looked terribly worried. "Where is it?" she asked. I took out the pokéball and handed it to her. She snatched it out of my hand and ran as fast as she could down the hall. Now it was my turn to be worried. What exactly was wrong with it? Why was she so concerned about that paticular pokémon? It seemed as if she was also a pokémon doctor. If she was, wouldn't she have to deal with this all the time? I decided to find out more. I started running down the same hall that she had. "Where had she gone?" I thought. "In that door." I told myself. I stopped at the door. It said "Staff only" in big letters. It opened up into a room big enough to hold three onix. I went inside. Inside there were the the person and the onix I had been looking for. The woman was pouring what looked like melted rock over a big chunk that was missing from  the onix's rocky flesh. I knew enough about pokémon to know that heat would not hurt the rock pokémon, but I  wasn't sure the magma would help at all, either. "I'm doing this to heal the injury," she said when she saw the look on my face. When she had finished pouring it  in the hole, she told me her story. 

Chapter Three:

"It was just yesterday night," She began, "And I was eager to get home from work. I was hoping that no one came in with an injured pokémon because I was tired. Someone did come in with a pokémon. She looked very worried about it, even though it was a minor injury. I told her that it would take a while, so she might as well go home. She went, and so I started to work on her onix, the same one you see here. It was hard work, I was very thirsty, so I picked up my glass of water, and I accidentally spilled the water all over onix's wound. And you know what water does to rock pokémon." Then she broke off and started crying. She obviously cared about pokémon. "Please," I said, "Don't cry. Is onix okay now?" "Yes." "I'll bring it back to that girl for you." I said.  she took out a piece of paper and wrote down what looked like the directions to the girl's house. I took it and examined it. She said to ask for Cammie. Then I took out the pokéball that had held onix and said "Onix! Return!" The red beam engulfed onix and brought it back into my pokéball.

I was walking through the rain blindly. It had long ago washed all the ink off of my map. Luckily I had memorized her address. I came to the end of the street, it now turned to the right and left. I looked at the street sign on my right. Genger st. it said. finally, the right street. the third house on the left matched the description, so I knocked on the door. A girl about three or four years older than me answered it, and I asked her, "Are you Cammie?" she just looked at me like I was a weirdo for a minute, the yelled at the top of her lungs, "Cammie! Come down here!" and walked away. after waiting for a few seconds, A girl about two years younger than me came to the door. "Who are you?" she asked. "Here." I said, holding the pokéball that held onix. "I brought you your onix." She immediately slammed the door behind her and slugged me in the jaw.

Chapter Four:

"Are you CRAZY?!" she asked me, a little less than calm. "Hey," I defended myself, "I wouldn't be talking." She then grabbed the pokéball from my hand, and pushed the button, summoning the onix. She pointed at the onix. "See that?" she asked, "Pokémon." then she pointed at her own face. "See this? Nine-year old. Get the picture?" Now it was my turn to ask her. "Are you CRAZY?!" I said. "Your'e going to get in trouble with the law! Don't you know pokéon training without a license is illegal?" "Of course I know that. When I was little, I was just fascinated by pokémon. I envied anyone who was a trainer. I thought It was wrong to keep someone from something because of their age. I tried to be patient, wait until I was old enough. I couldn't stand it. One day I took one of my sister's pokéballs, and went out into the forest in search for a pokémon that I could catch. I caught a weedle, fought it with my bare hands." "Just like me," I thought. "I then captured it, and that feeling was like none other. I took it to my room, hid it and put my sister's pokéball back where it belonged. I have since bought my own pokéballs, and captured sandshrew, paras, onix and zubat. When I had only a weedle, I brought it into the forest, and had it do some of its moves against first small trees, then larger ones, and then it could even break large rocks onto little pieces. I have trained them all, and now they all are at their most evolved forms. beedril, sandslash, parasect, and golbat. I know that once I get my licence I will fight other trainers and maybe I will even become a gym leader." Now I understood why she had punched me. If some one had heard me, she would have lost her pokémon which she had loved so much. I told her to be at the entrance to the forest first thing in the morning. I wanted a match.

Chapter Five:

It looked at its fellow pokémon, waiting, waiting. It wondered how much longer it would have to wait. Its waiting would not be in vein. The evil would come. Just keep waiting, it told itself. Keep waiting.

I walked into the forest, eagerly expecting to see Cammie warming up her pokémon on trees and rocks. Not just sitting on one. She wore a heavy coat and a haunted look. "What's wrong?" I asked her. "Shh." she said, very  quietly. "I'm being watched." The breeze blew her jacket up enough so I could see some pokéballs strapped to her belt. "SCREEEECH! SCREEECH!" I heard just as a zubat came violently out of a tree, and lunged for one of Cammie's pokéballs. Just as quickly, Cammie reached out and grabbed it by the throat. "So that's what was watching you." I said. "No." She answered. "There are more." "SCREECH!" Out came another zubat. I ran up and kicked it out of the sky, then grabbed it. What looked like a huge swarm of zubat and golbat flew out of the tree, and flew away as fast as they could. I looked at the one in cammie's hand. "Evil." it choked. "Evil!" and it flapped its wings as hard as it could, but Cammie held tight. "What the heck?" I said. "A talking zubat?" Cammie set the zubat down. It didn't fly away. Instead it looked at me and said "Zubat, ground." "What?" I asked. "GROUND!" it repeated. "He means put the zubat on the ground." Cammie said. I put the zubat on the ground. Zubat said "Evil take zubat from place of trees." "What?" I said. "Who's evil?" "That." It said, looking a Cammie. "That evil. SCREEECH!"

Chapter Six:

"Look," Cammie said. "I may not be doing this legally, but what I am not is evil." "Wait! I said. I know what to do. Your golbat likes staying with you, right?" I grabbed her pokéball. and pressed the button on it. the golbat and the zubat screeched a conversation. "Golbat say it better than here." It looked at Cammie. "You fool golbat into staying." "No I didn't!" She said. "It really DOES like it with me." It opened its zubat mouth to screech again, but I tossed the one I had into the air, and grabbed the other one behind its neck. It tried to bite my hand, but it couldn't. It got out of my grip, and promply bit my arm. It hurt like nothing I'd ever felt. "Be careful!" Cammie said. "Zubat's a blood-sucker!" I took a hold of zubat's little body and ripped zubat's teeth out of my bleeding skin. I threw it into the air, and it dove for me. I was lying on the ground, so I rolled to my right. The zubat hit the ground on the left. It started dizzily toword me on its puny wings, and I tapped it on the head. It promptly fell to the ground. And I fainted for loss of blood.

Chapter Seven:

I opened my eyes, expecting to see rocks and trees. What I did see WAS rocks and trees...from fifty feet in the air. "AAAAAAAHHHHHHHH!!!" I screamed in surprise and terror. Have you ever woken up to seeing pidgeys flying at the same height you were? It's scary. "Stop with yell!" I heard a voice say. Then I heard the most annoying sound I'd ever heard. Like sneakers squeaking on vinyl flooring mixed with fingernails scratching on a chalk board. Times ten. mind was fogged up...what am I doing? I thought. I'm flying...I must have wings. Yes, wings. Had them for a long time. I've always liked flying.
And that girl Cammie, too....I like her...she's nice...has neat purple wings...I also like shiny things...I wonder what it would be like to have a big yellow nose? Then everything went black again.

When I woke up again, I was in a cave. Well, I thought it was a cave, because it was pitch black and I could hear water running in the distance, an underground river. I started walking one way. After only three steps I tripped over something. I landed on my back and got the wind knocked out of me. Once I was okay again, I searched around with my hands, trying to find whatever had tripped me. I felt it. It was...a piece of wood! That's sure lucky... "Charmeleon, Go!" I said, and my charmeleon came out of its pokéball. Its tail flame was too weak to light up the cave, so I held the piece of wood up to its tail and it was like a torch. "Return, charmeleon!" the torch lit up the cave...I was ready to go explore. 

Chapter Eight:

I started to walk through the cave. Even now, I could tell it was like a maze. I Had three options, left, right, or foreword. Right. Turn, turn, dead end. I went back. Two ways. Left. Turn, turn, dead end. I went back again, now there was only one way to go. I went down that path. Uh-oh. The path split into two ways. This didn't just seem like a maze, it really WAS one! That was no problem, though. I had once caught a ground-type pokémon, and it had told me...well rather shown me that in a maze, you can almost always get to the end if you put your hand--I was going to use my right--on the side of the maze, and never took your hand down, you could walk and you would eventually get to the end. Well, I'd better start, I thought.

"Corby!" Cammie yelled. She sat down to take a rest. She had been searching and calling in the way the zubat took him for what seemed like a lifetime. She remembered...Corby had tried to fight the zubat, and it bit him, and sucked a lot of his blood right out of him. Then two golbat had sunk their claws into his shirt and flew him away... and now Cammie was searching in that direction. "Yes!" She said. She had come to a cave, and Cammie knew that the golbat would've taken him in there. But it looked so dark...she might never find her way out. She took out one of her pokéballs, and pushed the button. "Onix, go!" the onix came out. "Onix," She said. "Go in that cave and if you find a human  in there, bring him back to me." She was worried, but she would just have to trust onix.

Chapter Nine:

I felt a rumbling.

Like the whole cave was shaking.


I heard.

An onix.

I knew what that  sound was. The zubat and golbat must've sent it here to kill me. My torch would attract it to where I was. I needed another distraction. "Go, geodude!" and the geodude was freed.  "Okay, geodude." I said. "Go the opposite way as me. Distract onix. Just keep that killer pokémon away from me and you don't have to get back in the pokéball, you're free." "Geodude?" it said. "Just go!" I told it. And it did. I watched as the onix--or rather the  rumbling I felt came closer to me. Onix finially came into my vision, and geodude did its job. Onix never even saw me. When it saw geodude, it let out its call, and then there was a conversation of a pokémon type. Come on, geodude! I thought. I told you to get that pokemon away from me! Then the onix lunged right for me. Geodude had betrayed me! I tried to run, but before I knew it I was on the back of the onix. I tried to get off, but geodude kept me there. Then I started wondering. Why hadn't it killed me yet? That was when I saw the light at the end of the tunnel. Onix brought me outside. The light was so blinding... "Corby!" I heard a voice. Onix set me down. and there was Cammie.

Chapter Ten

"What are you doing here?" I asked her. "Saving your butt." She replied. "Oh." I looked at the ground. "C'mon," Cammie told me. "Let's get back to Cerulean." "Why?" I asked. "Well, uh... aren't we supposed to?" "Actually, I was going to camp out here, and look for some pokémon tomorrow. And soon, too, it's getting dark." "Well, okay. Bye, Corby." "Bye." Then she hopped on the back of onix, and said, "Come on onix, let's go home." And so they went.

End of Book One.
The Epic Pokémon Adventures of Corby, and Cammie will be continued!
Were will they be? Same Pokétime, Same Poképlace!