A set of unusual tales
from the book of Mudora.
By The Avardancer. 1998
Upon the outset of our journey into the lore of Hyrule; we pondered upon the Legend of Zelda. One of the more popular legends of our time passed down through many generations. There are many more short stories, fables, and legends I have yet to tell you. This, dear reader, is a few of the remaining tales of the Mudora.
The wise Zola
(A fable of Hyrule)

Upon the eve of the Feast of Matomiya (A celebration of the Harvest.), a Raven happened upon a bit of mutton. Snatching the mutton, the bird flew to a high height overlooking the a great pool. In the pool lied in slumber an old Zola. The Zola was starved, seeing as no one had fallen into his pool lately. The Zola spotted the Raven and it's mutton. The Zola arose from the pool and began to discourse with the bird. "Oh, beautiful Raven; angel of the Hyrulean skies, and forerunner of the Triad gods." Having never been spoken to this way before, the Raven clutched the meat in it's bill tighter and stared at the Zola. The Zola continued in his discourse. "If only thy voice is a resplendant as thy vanity!" "Please I beg of you, sing and fill the air with your radiant song." The Raven supposing this to be true opened it's mouth and let out a brazen "Ki Kaw". The mutton tumbled out of it's mouth and the Zola promptly devoured the mutton. "Bade thee well of this, dear fool." Said the Zola. "Never trust a flatterer; for thier palaver is the downfall of kings.!" ("Palaver" is a fancy word for "Idle talk meant to decieve or flatter.")

A Psalm of the Triad
(It's a minstrel song shewing the victory of the Triad gods over the Great Shadow.
It explains the missing part of the Triforce.) :
  For as the valley pulls forth grain.
  And the Triad's power dwindled.
  Was such a cause for curse dismay.
  As the Weaver of Heavens spindled.
  For the bourne of light and glorious might.
  And as the balance turns away.
  Tis the Shadow of light that frays tonight.
  And the Triad's fell away.
  For upon the great precarious star.
  The Triforce developed a hole.
  An imperfection, a shadow, a place of light thus stole.
  For as they pressed for the cause of good.
  Evil must still exist.
  For as they wound it only now.
  Just the death of death can resist.
  Forced from the whole, the fourth one be.
  Cast down from glory for fool ambition,
  Leaving there, only three.

The tale of Paradise Lost

(The Legendary Hero describes his trip to the place the Triad gods came from: Koholint. Which is the Hylean equivalent of Heaven, Nirvana, or Greater Narnia. It is where Hyleans wish to be after they die. The opposite of this would be YnosAges. A pit of evil is Ynosages. The "Y" is silent. This is what the hero had to say of Koholint, from his travels. The hero of Legend states this as what the island told him of itsself. This is written ad verbatim from the Hero's story.) "In my journey to this realm I was told by the great shrine of the isle this poem."

The words.
"Though I am still unsure of my experience there, was I but still dreaming? Was it the sun on the water. Maybe it was real. But, then again; how do we know we are not a dream in the mind of some being as of now?" (The hero also claims to have seen the Windfish; but scholars still debate over the truth in thier sceptical hypothesis.)

Of the Creation of Faeries and Moblins.
(A small account of what supposedly happened to the Great Dream Shrine of Legend.)

The Great Dream Shrine, the sanctuary and temple of the Triad gods, was once located close to the Tower of Hera. Once a great cavern where many chose to rest and dream of Hylean things. It was a place of reverance to the Hylean people. In the middle of the Temple was a great statue left incomplete by the Triad gods. The statue was of a women holding a book with the words "Than Tira". ("Than Tira" means "Hidden Helpers" in Hylean dialect.) The
statue was missing eyes and had a slot in it's forehead. Many wondered upon what it meant. Then one man named, Kain Gareet came to the temple. Kain is a descendent of the Great Knight Dragus who helped Onericus slay the Great Dark Dragon and restore the Temple of Mudora that, according to legend, was part of the Triad valley. (The Triad valley was consumed by the Earth; during the Wellspring of Tarus before the rise of the first King.) Kain Gareet, went into deep repose. An evil spirit of the Shadow's kind entered his mind. Kain then began to dream. In the dream, he was met by a great goddess named Venus.
Venus informed him that he was meant to fulfill the Three Tasks of Than Tira. The Three Tasks were: 1. To retrieve the Crystal Eye of Health. 2. To retrieve the Emerald Eye of Truth. and 3. To retrieve the Great Black stone of prophecy. These treasures were said to be hidden beyond the shores of Hylea. Kain arose and left. He searched the high seas and faraway temples guided by his dreams. Unaware of the true nature of his quest. He retrieved the items from castles far away. Having only needed to buy the artifacts from the castles; he was disappointed by his quest. On his way home though, his ship was beset upon by a strange creature of the deep. The creature was of a slimy nature; having many tentacles and a large bulbous head. It had one great eye and shot forth strange rocks from it's mouth. It sank the ship. Clutching the three artifacts. Kain was swallowed by the creature. Inside the
creatures cavernous bowels; he discovered that his ship was not the first to be consumed by the creatures hunger. Many of his crew members were still intact and so was the few small vessels the creature had devoured. The only thing left of Kains ship was a large metal mast with the symbol of the Triforce on it. Seeing no way out of the creature. They slept. That night in a dream, a strange winged woman told Kain to kill the creature. Kain woke and
arose while his men slept. He hoisted the metal mast of his forsaken ship in his hands and slowly climbed up the inside of the creature. He came to a strange mass of throbbing muscle eventually and a voice urged him to plunge the mast through it. The mass it seemed was the creatures brain. He tossed the mast at the creatures brain and it bounced off. The voice told him to cut an upside-down triangle into his hands. Kain obeyed the voice. And did so. The voice then told him to grasp the creatures brain and rip it apart. Kain grasped the slimy muscle and tore it apart. Suddenly the creature burst! It changed into many small red creatures that swam away. (Octorocks.) Kain swam to the freed ships and gathering up the rest of his men, sailed toward the temple. Inside the temple, Kain replaced the three parts of the statue. The statue glowed and shattered. A strange Beast appeared and said that he was imprisoned in the statue. This creature was the Great Moblin. It changed Kain's men and the others in the temple into moblins. And cursed Kain to forever wander the earth as a ghost. Ashamed at what he had accidently done; Kain fell to the ground. Then a strange winged woman named Venus appeared out of the rubble of the statue. She said that with the darkness; Kain had freed the helpers of the Triad: Faeries. She said that she was the queen of all faeries. Kain sought vengence against the Great Moblin and trained young knights how to beat the descendents of the moblins. His lessons on the weaknesses of the creatures of Hylea and later Hyrule has been a valuable lesson to many. As for the queen of all faeries. Since they could not reside in the place of thier origin; they hid among the trees and caves of the land. For since they are magical creatures they can not exist in whence they were formed without dying. And so it has been for many centuries that faeries upon becoming old and frail; embark on a pilgrimage to the shrine. Kain's curse was to be a wandering spirit uncontent and restless; torn between Koholint and Ynosages. (You run into him in Link's Awakening.) And from that tale we see the birth of Faeries, Moblins, and OctoRocks. It is rumoured that the great spirit of Kain can communicate in one's dreams and if one has a descerning heart; even the trees speak with his soul...

A bit of clarity on the Fourth Force.

The Fourth Force was forged in Ynosages by the Weaver of Heavens. It symbolizes the evil in the heart of good. For as The Forces of Wisedom, Power, and Courage are the epitome of
good; the fourth force, The Force of Ambition, is the epitome of flaw and was thus forced out by the Triad gods. (Why is Ambition the epitome of flaw? Read Macbeth, The Tempest, or many other great works to discover the answer. Ambition, if not controlled, is the death of virtue.) This is as described here; thus it is written; thus it is done. And shall be done for as long as eternity rests.

Honour among thieves.

It is said by the Wise: "The love of Rupees is the love of death." There sat three knaves upon a stool. At Tavern Hall in Lower Hyrule. They sat them down and sake they drank. Then the death bell tolled and thier light hearts sank. Who hath the Death-monger claimed today?" "'Tis a young man and your good friend." "Since whence has he been stolen?" "Over there beneath a tree." "Twas a sudden loss and death's dear gain, I am afraid." "Is death there still?" "Nary, the beast hast departed!" "Then my brothers, I wager let us three; find this foul demon death and smite his brains." "Yes!" They cried in drunkards rage. "Let us smear its entrails on the cobblestones and mount Death's foul head on a post!" "Hear say!" "Let us cast this demon from Hyrule once and forever!" So thus they went upon the roads searching high heights and low valleys for Death. Upon thier way they came upon an old man. "Say thee, good young fellows; where dost thou speedily flee?" "For the sake of your age, we tell thee privy man." "We seek Death and seeing as he hast been most kind to you; you must know his whereabouts!" "Are you seeking Death to die?" "Nary, we seek Death to live!" "Then Death you shall find at yonder hill." "Fare thee well, old one; may ye avoid Ynosages!" Then they alighted to the hill. There they found not Death but a pot of
Rupees. Several thousand to be exact. "Quick!" one of them whispered. "We must hide this good fortune." "We will wait here until nightfall and split this horde into three and live like kings!" "Hear say!" "Let us have ourselves a picnic to pass the merry time and celebrate our fortune!" So the youngest of the three left to the tavern to get sake. Meanwhile on the hill, the other two contemplated. "A three way split is fair; but a two way split is fairer still!" "Hear say." "Let us kill the young knave when he comes back and steal away with the treasure." They agreed and thought of ways to do so. In the village, the youngest purchased goblets to drink from. Then a thought crossed his mind. "A three way split is fair as fair; but no god decreed that I should share!" "I should poison the other two and keep the great profit." So, he purchased a potent poison, a rather potent Keese poison; and laced the goblets with it. "I'll propose a toast and they shall drink up and I shall not!" "Then they will die quick and painful." "They shall meet Ynosages soon.." He speedily left to the hill. When he arrived the other two set upon him and slit his throat; then they laid upon him sixty-four gashes and tossed him into a nearby ditch. They ripped his garment and scattered it about. They removed his liver and entrails and hung them on a tree. "When he is found; it will seem that a Gohma has set upon him." "Hear say, let us celebrate our new fortune with a bit of sake." Then they returned to the hill and filled the goblets. After they had drunk the sake down. Thier throats tightened, and they died. They had searched for Death and they found the creature. It's name was "Fortune".


This hast been the first installment of many tales from the Mudora. I shall give them to you in supplements of six tales each. They are the immaculate Fan Fiction and I promise that you shall see a great deal of them. They are Dmg Ice Exclusive for a month after they are posted. I must be contacted after the month at (wwesley@internetland.net) if you want to post them on your site. Then I will go to your site and give you a thumbs up/thumbs down. (I'm not very picky.) A few of the stories are taken from old stories from many different  cultures. For instance "Honour among thieves" is really a reworded version of Chaucer's "The Pardoner's Tale." If anyone has ideas on stories you would like to see. (I'm working on the tales of Onericus for the next one. Though there are many of them.) Maybe you would like to hear how the Dodongo got it's skin or scary tales of the Gohma, Stalfos, etc. Send in requests! After all, Legend of Zelda is not a game; it's a lifestyle. (Though I think people will stare at you if you tell them to "Go to Ynosages"!) Ynosages is pronounced NO-SAY-GES. Or "No sages".

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