(Well, a guess at the story any ways.)

By The Avardancer 1998

                    This is a text file for all who wonder upon the story of the Legend of Zelda Series. It is just my theory on the story given reference to the games. It should go under fun writings. It's not real fan fiction. It is in a way, Just a part of the Mudora. This part of the Book of Mudora, explains in small detail the Legend of Zelda. There are many more Legends that collect into this Great Tale of The Rise and Return of the Hero and His victory against the Great Shadow of Darkness. Whatever, enjoy.

Chapter 1. (Creation)

                        In the start, when the Three gods descended from a faraway star to create the world, they created it as one. And after they had made this one world they created a symbol of their power, the Triforce. But, they were not alone from their star. There also was an evil power known to many as "A Shadow" They hid the Triforce in a separate realm after the evil appeared. This was to avoid the object of power from falling into the evil clutches of the weakened and worn Shadow. The Shadow disappeared for some time as magic thrived on the land. The Shadow only emerged in the hearts and minds of those it could manipulate easily. Now, there was a great war among the Hyleans, long before the legends of old. This legend war was sparked by the evil in the hearts of a few, then grew to divide the Great Hyleans into two clans, after the split of the Hyleans; those who had the evil lost their Hylean powers over time. The loss of the power was caused by the Shadow's evil. It was slowly regaining power. It needed the power of the Hyleans to destroy the seal that kept it from the Triforce. The weakened Hyleans, became known as Hyruleans. Eventually the Hyleans and Hyruleans intermarried and thus all the power began to fade due to descendancy. A feudal government was established in the Land of Hyrule, as the once great kingdom had become to be known.

Chapter 2. (The Legacy)

                        The first line of the Kings and nobles gave birth to a prince, the prince longed to rule the land with grace and goodness. So he studied ancient documents and discovered a way to the hidden land. He went through and retrieved the Triforce unchallenged. He did this in secret and thus it was not known to the Shadow as of then. The king ruled wisely. He married and his wife gave birth to a son and also to a daughter whom he called Zelda. Now, when the King died he knew that his son was not worthy to receive the Triforce in full, so he secretly placed the Triforce in the Hidden Land again and with it a terrible curse upon whoever entered. He then sealed it with a spell of music from an Ocarina he had retrieved. Then hired a few soldiers to hide the stones of the Ocarina and the items the King used to reach the Hidden Land away; where no mortal could ever find them.

Chapter 3: (The Legend.)

                        Around that time a member of the court became close to the Prince. This member was a magician possessed by the Shadow. For the Shadow can not exist without a host. The Magician told the Prince of his father's secret. The prince wanted the Triforce; for he wanted the power that his father had. On his death bed, the King told his daughter Zelda of the way to open The Hidden Land. She swore to keep the secret. She retained a bit of her Hylean power; so she knew of the present evil that lurked upon the grounds. The Magician visited the Prince on the day after the King died and said that Zelda knew of the Triforce. The Prince questioned Zelda and she said nothing. For she knew that the Prince and the Magician's intentions were evil. The Prince gave up and the Magician carried on. Frustrated the Magician started to put Zelda under a sleeping enchantment. The Prince tried to stop him and was unable to. After Zelda fell under the enchantment, the Magician's body was so bruised that the Shadow left him and the Magician died. The Prince was deeply disturbed and proclaimed that from that day forward, EVERY female child born into the royal household shall be named Zelda.

Chapter 4: (Gannon appears.)

                    Years passed and the story became legend. Many generations passed. Then a child was born of the King of Hyrule, out of wedlock. (So he had Hylean blood as well as Hyrulean blood.) His name was GannonDorf Dragmire. He was exiled to hide the King's shame. And he grew up as a thief. Fearful of this bastard son, the King arranged a group of advisors known as the Seven Wise Men, and a group of Knights known as the Knights of Hyrule. Know, one of the Knights, a brother of the king, had a son known as Link, this long lad and the young Princess Zelda became good friends. One night Gannon, or rather Mandrag Gannon, broke into the castle to kill the king. The king awoke and fought Gannon and placed him in the dungeon of the castle. There Gannon founded his ring of thieves. In the dungeon of the castle, Gannon also found a hidden chamber that used to belong to the magician. From the scrolls there he discovered how to harness dark powers and at that time the Shadow entered him. When it entered him, it found out about Zelda. Confused, the Shadow; which had been dormant for so long, thought that it may be the same Zelda. Gannon broke out of the dungeon, and the King fled with Princess Zelda to a hidden sanctuary. As they left, Link frightened by the commotion, went to see what was happening and there he saw the King ride off with Zelda and came face to face with Gannon. Gannon sensed a bit of Hylean spirit within the lad, and decided to try and kill him. Link's father saved him from being trampled only to meet with an untimely death. One of the servants, a kitchen maid named Marin, witnessed this and stole Link away into the night. At that time Gannon took over the Castle and used it as a place of operations for his band of thieves.

Chapter 5: (The hero's rise.)

                   Time changes things and memories fade. The servant raised Link as her own. When he was of age, she took him to see a tree of wisdom that grew there, and from the tree he would receive a fairy to help him in life. One of Gannon's minions had heard that the tree possessed a powerful stone and that stone may be able to open the Gate to the Hidden Land. The soldier of Gannon's went to destroy the tree. When Link arrived at the Tree of Wisdom, the Soldier attacked and killed many of the fairies. The Soldier than stole a piece of the tree. (There was no crystal in the tree.) The tree was a member of the court of the first King and had been turned into a tree by the Magician. Link hid during the attack. After wards, he noted where the Solider had gone and was going to follow him. Suddenly, he heard a thin frail cry. It turned out to be a small wood fairie named Navie that had hidden during the attack as well. She offered to help Link recover the piece of the tree. (The piece of the tree was what was keeping the tree alive.) Link followed and defeated the Solider. When he held the tree shard, it spoke to him about a man that had been imprisoned in a cave away from there, and that he must find three stones to free him. Link was confused by what the tree was saying, so the tree then showed Link pictures of Link's past, the tree showed him Zelda, the King, and Gannon.

Chapter 6: (The Hero's death.)

                       Link searched through the valleys and mountains and found the stones. He then took the stones to the cave that was at the top of a mountain range called Tal Tal Heights. (Don't laugh, I'll explain it, later.) The old man told Link about his past. And said that he must destroy Gannon and restore the King to power. But, to do this, he must find the Ocarina of Time, the Stones of Time and enter the Tower of Eagles. The Tower of Eagles is the resting place of a map that pin-points the spot where the two worlds merge. Link fought hard and found the Ocarina, the Stones, and the map. Gannon left his castle to follow Link. At that time, the Knights overthrew the Thieves and regained the castle. Link had not heard of this yet. He arrived at the Gate. The Gate was at the top of Tal Tal Heights, in a place called the Turtle rock. Link played the Ocarina's melody; and the Gate opened. Gannon, and the thieves he took with him, suddenly ambushed Link! In the fight Gannon, Link and a handful of thieves fell into the land.

Chapter 7: (The Gate.)

                        Inside the Hidden Land, the curse was activated, Horrible creatures showed up and Gannon, Link, and the thieves changed into to animals. Link was changed into a large Whale with wings that ride the wind. Navie, who fell in as well, became an owl; but was promptly killed by Gannon. Gannon had become a giant swine. Enraged by the transformation, he tried to kill Link again, but Link took to the skies. Link then spotted the Triforce. He flew toward it, unaware that Gannon had seen it too and was heading toward it as well. Link thought that if he could just touch it, he would be restored to his former self. Link arrived at the summit only to find Gannon there as well. Gannon quickly grabbed the Triforce and the sky turned blood red. The Shadow and Gannon split. The Shadow reached for the Triforce; but Gannon had it now. Gannon cast Link and the Shadow out of the Golden Land. Link remained a Whale after he got out. He wandered, and gazed at the people he would never know again. The Shadow followed closely....

Chapter 8: (The Curse)

                            The Kingdom was restored, but the hero was no where to be seen. The King then ordered people to find the Hero. But, they searched to no avail. All they found was Link's sword, which had been forged by a few of the Wise Men for Link. They named the blade "The Master Sword" and laid it in a stone as a memorial. They did report as well, that they saw, many times, a giant Fish that sailed the Wind. Thus began the legend of the Windfish. Link, aka, the Windfish eventually lighted upon a spot in the ocean and fell asleep. The Shadow, seeing a chance, trapped the WindFish in a giant egg to rest. The servants that had raised Link, swore that to honor his memory, they would name every first-born male child that was born into their family, Link.

Chapter 9: (Return.)

                            The kingdom prospered. But, suddenly monsters showed up again and the King suspected that the Gate Link had used may still be open. The Knights and the Wise Men joined forces to destroy the army that was flooding out of the Gate at Tal Tal Heights. The closed the gate; but many of them died. So, to discourage people from going there and to honor the battle; Tal Tal Heights was renamed the Death Mountain. This was the Imprisoning War. Years passed. Then suddenly bad things started happening again. The King called for the knights to check the Gate. It seemed to be all right. Then a Wizard, who bears a similarity to the Magician appeared. His name was Agahnim, which in Hylean means: Servant of gods. He gained the kings trust and then killed the King, banished the remaining Wise Men, and started making the descendants of the Wise Men disappear, one by one...

Chapter 10: (Link to the Past.)

                            A descendent of Link, named Link. Was betrothed to Princess Zelda. (The youngest Princess of the Royal family.)
One night, he is awakened by dreams of Zelda calling him. He rushes off to save her. He saves her and takes her to Sanctuary. This delays Agahnim's plot. Link is instructed to stop Agahnim. To stop Agahnim Link must find the Master Sword. In order to do so, he finds Sasharala, a descendant of the man on Death Mountain. Sasharala tells him to get the medals of Virtue to obtain the Master Sword. Link gets the medals and obtains the Master Sword. As he holds it above his head, he hears a plea for help: "Awa-ken me..."  It's not Zelda. Link just forgets it, and starts toward the castle. He then hears another cry for help! It's Zelda! She's in trouble! Link rushes to the Sanctuary to find the Keeper of the Sanctuary dead. Zelda was captured!

Chapter 11: (The Servant of gods.)

                            LInk fights his way to and through the castle, when gets to the top of the castle, he discovers that he is too late! Agahnim sends Zelda into the Dark World, as the Hidden Land is now called. Link fights Agahnim and wins. But, Agahnim sends Link to the Dark World with his last breaths. Now, in the Dark World; Link receives a message from Sasharala; Sasharala tells Link to rescue the Princesses that are imprisoned in crystal around the Dark World. Link rescues them, and they help him get to Gannon's Tower. Then Link enters the tower and fights his way to the top. Link fought Agahnim once more, only to reveal that Agahnim is actually Gannon, the god of thieves!

Chapter 12: (Till death does come.)

                    Link fights off the threat that is Gannon, and recovers the Triforce. Link uses the Triforce to destroy the Golden Land and restore Hyrule. Link basks in his glory for a while. But, the people are restless. So, Link decides to go on a voyage to hone his skills to perfection. On his way back, he is beset upon by a storm. The storm sinks his ship and all goes black as he sinks beneath the waves...

Chapter 13: (Link's Awakening.)

                   Link awoke in a soft bed. He had washed ashore on an Isle named Koholint. (Lore from the Mudora states that Koholint was the Floating Isle from which the Great Darkness descended.) Link was puzzled about that, but put it to the back of his mind as his task of now was to get home. He left the cabin in the town and set about to find his sword, when he found his sword, Link was met by an Owl. The Owl told him that he could not leave the Isle, until he awoke the WindFish. Link then is told by the Owl to go to the Woods. Link goes to the woods, and meets the Owl. The Owl tells him to retrieve the Eight Instruments of the Sirens. (These are fabled items from the "Tale of Onericus." According to Ancient lore from the Book of Mudora, Onericus used the instruments that he stole from the Sirens to kill the Great Dark Dragon.) [But That is a different tale.]

Chapter 14: (Dreamscapes and Nightmares.)

                            Link battled hard to find the instruments, and I will make a note upon the Key to the WindFish Egg. It is an Ocarina found in the Shrine of Dreams. (The Shrine of Dreams is where, Fairies go to die.) As Link battled on the Owl and the Monsters seemed to hint that Link was part of the Windfishs dream. And that the Windfish is connected to The Hero. (For that part, go to the Owl Statue in Link's Awakening that is close to the Face Shrine. It explains who the Windfish is. It states: "The Windfish slumbers long... The Hero's life gone.") Then finally, Link had collected the Eight Instruments and would now awake the Windfish...

Chapter 15: (Secrets lie...)

                            Link used the Ocarina and the Instruments in front of the Windfish's Egg. And it cracked open to reveal a thick maze of tunnels deep into the Mountain on which it rested. Link wandered around the tunnels, until he came to a pit. He through himself into it, and landed on something strange. To his surprise the strange creature spoke. It was a living Shadow, made of the essence of the enemies that Link and his ancestor had fought. Link fought hard and he beat it. The Shadow, for fear of death, retreated in to an oblivion. And there the Shadow came upon the Wandering Soul of Gannon. Seeing an opportunity, The Shadow slowly planned his revenge...

Chapter 16: (The Windfish awakes.)

                            After beating the Shadow, Link awoke the Windfish and the island disappeared. Link awoke in the rubble of his ship, he wondered if it was all but a dream. Then the Windfish sailed over him, and confirmed that it was not a dream. Link floated into a nearby port and started on his quest toward home. But, all was not right at home. The followers of Gannon broke into the the castle to steal the Triforce. The Knights tried to stop the Dark Intruders, but it was too late. The Triforce had been broken, The Force of Wisdom was shattered, the Force of Power destroyed, and the Force of Courage was stolen. The pieces were then taken and hidden away by the Knights to insure that no one would find them. Gannon then reappeared at the front of the castle. He turned the inhabitants of the Kingdom into rocks, tree, bushes, and monsters. The source of his power was unknown to the world. Only a few people escaped his wrath. They sealed themselves away in caves or fled. Gannon captured Zelda, purely to lure Link back.

Chapter 17: (Rematch.)

                            A servant named Impa had escaped Hyrule, and she told Link of the evil that now controlled the land, she told him of the Triforce's Demise. He set about to find the pieces of the Triforce of Wisdom. Link found the pieces and beat Gannon. He saved Zelda as well; but it was not over yet. Gannon was still alive! Gannon once again stole away Zelda, and Link realized that he must also find the Triforce of Power, to destroy Gannon completely and restore Hyrule. Link found through the hidden dungeons of Hyrule and recovered the Triforce of Power. He beat Gannon and rescued Zelda. But, when he killed Gannon, he released once again, the Shadow. With no where to go, the Shadow searched for a reasonable host, but found only the old man Sasharala. In a fit of hate, The Shadow possessed Sasharala and retreated to an ancient cave to wait and plan.

Chapter 18: (Peace?)

                        With both parts of the Triforce, Link thought that the threat was over. The people wondered what would happen next. A group of evil creatures was rising, and reports of attacks rose. A group of monsters gathered just to kill Link and use his blood to revive Gannon. Then one day, before Link's 16th birthday; a mark appeared on his hand. This birthmark was the crest of the Ancient King. It was proof that Link was indeed of the lineage of the Hero and the King. Impa, the servant that told Link of the destruction of the Triforce, took him to a room in the castle and showed him the Sleeping Princess Zelda. (The first one.) In the room was a map showing the secret hiding place of the remaining Triforce. This place was where, the Triforce of Courage was hidden. (This map was not made the Ancient King or the Knights; it was made by The Shadow to lure Link into bringing the other Two parts of the Triforce to the Shadow.) The Shadow had placed a shield over his final resting place. And to test Link, he made his minions guard the statues that would break the spell.

Chapter 19: (The Finale?)

                        Link fought hard through the land of Hyrule and beat The Shadow's minions. When he came to the Palace of Death. He broke the Seal, and entered in to fight the Last Guardian and win the Triforce. Unknown to Link, another battle was raging inside the Palace. Sasharala had revived and mentally kicked The Shadow out of him. Weakened by his mental battle, The Shadow was forced out; then Link arrived. In a last ditch effort, the Shadow changed to become like Link. It didn't work. The Shadow was defeated and the Triforce completely restored. Zelda woke up due to the Triforce. The End?

Chapter 20: (Epilogue...)

                        Is the Shadow gone? What of the Windfish? If the Shadow was completely destroyed, than the curse is over and The Windfish will have regained his humanity. Only time and maybe a few games will tell. Because the final chapter in the Legend of Zelda is not written yet.

            This was a text file that is just for fun, but I think it does a pretty good job of filling up the story line for the games. This isn't the REAL storyline; but it is dangerously accurate to the real thing. As if anyone KNEW the real storyline. ; )
 The Avardancer