DMG ICE Special Report.

The following was thrown together in hast; because the information contained in it is important. That explains the low quality of this HTML. Sorry about that.

"Nintendo has been lying to us!"
By Philip Wesley 1999

You read that correctly. Nintendo has refused to release games that would be potentially HUGE sellers. Sadly, it took a leak at Nintendo to allow me to enlighten everyone on the sad state of business at Nintendo. My source was fired after Nintendo got word of this news story. I was threatened with possible legal action if I ran this story... but it's just too important. The game that we all would love to see; a port of the first two NES Legend of Zelda games; does exist! As does a number of other projects. Sadly.. these two cartridges have existed since 1995. Nintendo was first testing whether or not a 8 megabit cartridge could be used on the original Game Boy. As part of the testing, three Japanese game developers under the watchful eye of R&D 1; developed a chip called an "MBC 7" chip to toggle data flows and trick the Game Boy in to displaying more information on screen than it did already. The chip was meant to up resolution in games. The MBC 7 chip was done and Nintendo planned to release a Legend of Zelda and a Legend of Zelda 2: The Adventure of Link port for the Game Boy. Using the new technology; Nintendo made the game. Only one run of product was manufactured; before Nintendo's President call the project off. The finished game would never be announced to the public and 10 the first 30 copies of the game were locked away. The remaining 20 were destroyed. Nintendo was left with out an MBC 7 showcase game. The only copies that remained were five of the Legend of Zelda cartridges. The games were even rated by an early form of rating system; that Nintendo had been making to match Sega's own system of. The rating was orginally planned out and later sold to the ESRB for a handsome amount of money to replace their inaccurate "K-A" rating. The MBC 7 project was scrapped and replaced by a more overwhelming project called: "Raise Atlantis".

This brings us to where we are today. The game cartridges are kept and different locations. There is one of each game on the mantelpiece of Mr. Shigeru Miyamato's fireplace in a nice glass container. And there are two copies of each game on display inside Nintendo's "Mole Bunker"; a secured basement below the "Fortress" at Redmond, Washington. For those who don't comprehend NIntendo lingo. The "Fortress" is the nickname given to Nintendo of America's headquarters and main offices in Redmond, Washington. My leak was nice enough to snap a picture of the game cartridges and sneak a quick screenshot of the upcoming Pokémon Yellow. But, sadly, Nintendo's "Fulgore Team" found him. "Fulgore Team" is the name given to Nintendo's security. They traced his e-mails to me and I fear that this may be the most important scoop I have ever given.. if not, sadly, the last. Here are the screenshots. Nintendo has filed a warrant out in Missouri. I was given prior notice and the Missouri state police will be arriving soon to confiscate my hard drive. Here are the pictures that brought us down.

Drool...Legend of Zelda GB.

Why? Nintendo.. Why?Legend of Zelda 2 GB
Look. Color!Pokémon Yellow
It would appear that after all our faithful and diligent purchasing of Nintendo products. Nintendo has been lying to us all the time about these games. All the denials were a lie and so was this. Happy All-Fools day.

Nintendo and related mentions, indicia, etc. are their copyright. None of this is real... okay.. some of it might be... I just can't say anymore about it...